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15 Years After Invasion, Demands for Iraq War Reparations, New Global Peace Movement


15 Years After Invasion, Demands for Iraq War Reparations, New Global Peace Movement

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Marking the 15th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, a human and civil rights organization issued a renewed demand for reparations for survivors of the war and said a "new, global anti-war movement is needed more than ever."

In its statement released Monday, the New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) calls attention to the ongoing human costs of the war as well as the lack of punishment government officials and corporate entities have faced for atrocities they committed in Iraq.


The Empire went to the Bullpen and brought out relief in Obama, who succeeded in not only NOT bringing anyone to justice for their part in this horrific crime, but yet continued the onslaught there and then in Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc.

Not bad for a Nobel Peace Prize recipient.


Somewhere, his fellow Nobel Peace laureate Henry Kissinger is beaming with pride.



ZIONIST (and Jewish) billionaires Michael Silver and Stephen Feinberg apparently made the decision for Trump to double down on the Afghanistan war. They want the mineral wealth, which is nothing new. All wars are fought for resources and real estate, all of them. God is dragged into the sordid affairs of men for good measure.

The largest oil field in Iraq, the Majnoon, after Saddam Hussein , the Baathists and probably one million more or less innocent people were destroyed, went to Royal Dutch Shell. Shell is about as “Royal” as the Federal Reserve is “Federal” and was founded by the Marcus Samuels family, very close Zionist/Jewish allies of the Rothschilds. Talk to most Iraqis today and I’m sure they’d tell you the Zionist invasion of their country was simply marvelous. They’ve seen the light, as Gen. Butler would put it.

Previously, our military misadventures had a decidedly Anglo-Saxon, WASP-ish air about them. Things have changed. As the man said, those who are last, shall be first.

Is it at all possible the great number of Arabs and Muslims who hate Israel and the Jewish people (unfortunately for the actions of the ruling elite) have some rational basis for that hatred?
Trump has been described as “a philo-Semitic Adolf Hitler” and figuratively in at least one published essay as “America’s first Jewish president.” Maybe that’s why he commutted the sentence of the truly malevolent Sholom Rubashkin.
I know, I know, I’ m a bigot and evil anti-Semite.


“Our role is to expose how ugly and destructive war is.”

Lacking humane means of birth control, nature gave us conservatives and war to control invasive species like ours, preserve species diversity and balance its ecosystems again.


Yeah! Hopey changy Obama didn’t give hope or change a damn thing. Policy as usual with a touch of Libya’s Gadaffi’s head on a stick and Syria in disarray. Yep business as usual with no decent healthcare and my Medicare costs more than doubling. I’m sick of this empire crap.


Let those who brought us this to pay for reparations, Bush and gang. Out of their own deep pockets.

Much like djts vision of the death penalty for drug dealers, who should pay the price? Those that made it happen!


This damn country has been at war my whole life.(1954) Cold war 'till '91, the 'Nam till '75, the two gulf war disasters. What have average American workers gained from all this crap? More debt, escalating medical costs, cut benefits that we all paid taxes for. If this was an investment bank it would have been belly up during the 'Nam. Value for our tax dollars? What a load!


The best term I’ve found for the Zionist ruling class is the Khazars. Maybe not exactly but close. The US government has been in bed with them since the war. (WW II, the last actual declared war.)


Not your whole life, there was a few years in the early 1980’s when we didn’t go to war. I can’t remember who the president was then, they don’t mention him much. But he had a great National Defense Policy, it was to stop the importation of foreign energy, I heard he was a lousy president.


I say, as reparations, We give to the people of Iraq, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and every Senator and Congress person that was complicit in that horrific lie that led to turning our military into murderers.


Obama also pulled off the creation of the New African Black Slave trade where you can get two slaves either sex for the price of an Apple iphone. That and the beginning of Black Lives Matter just heaps on the honor. America. America.


I see no /s after your comment so assume you forgot Jimmy peanut framer Carter. He did not have a great defense policy. In fact he was the one to declare the Middle East as part of our national security. In order for America to be safe we have to make sure the Middle East resources are securely ours.

He was the one to go to Three Mile Island during its crisis to tell everyone “no harm no foul”. No one will get cancer for at least 30 years.

And during his term he had to have his little war as all presidents must I guess. He sent armed helicopters into Iran after Iran took their country back from us and kept some hostages. Sending armed anything into a foreign country without their permission is an act of war. Sort of like what we are doing now in a number of countries. Some countries we, the general public, do not even know some of the countries where American troops act illegally. The helicopters crashed in the desert in Iran so it was a short war. That’s the way we like them. In and out quick and snatch the prize.

Of course, Carter was voted out so only actually served one of the years of the 1980 decade. Its been straight out war for every president since. Americans like wars so if you do not do big ugly many dead wars we vote you out.


Obama would not have been selected for POTUS by the Empire, if ever had any intention of indicting Bush, Cheney, Rice and Powell as war criminals. Obama was not our president, he was their president! Just more proof that unless one is a war mongering, criminal and the empires stooge he has no chance of becoming POTUS!


The points made in this article are the most relevant I’ve encountered in a long time.

Because nearly everyone, Trump included, look back on the War on Iraq and see it as one of the greatest mistakes and tragedies in modern history, an organized call for taking some responsibility could be problematic for any politician to say, “not us, bad idea”.

The potential good that could flow from the major war making country to be embarrassed into owning some responsibility for a war mistake, could be a serious game changer. I can not think of a potentially more powerful anti-war effort.

I wish the article had included some foused path for those who appreciate the concept to engage.


Trump is just the latest fraud made public kingpin. The Pentagon stooge revealed.


Both and more should be tried as war criminals, found guilty, and imprisoned for the rest of their miserable lives…starting with Kissinger whom I loathe the most.


Yeah, you sound like one. Is Cheney a Jew? Rumsfeld? Prince? Clinton? Brown? Kellogg? Root? The Bushes, going way back to Pappy. Ad nauseam. You don’t list them, much less their ethnic or religious backgrounds…and well you could on Prince, at least…Christian Dominionist.

War profiteers are greedy filthy murderous pigs. Period.
I respected you…until today.


Thanks. I was going to correct Molly on no war crap in the 80s. You did a better job than I would’ve.


Just to remind everyone, WE ARE STILL IN AFGHANISTAN!!!

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That lack of reason has always haunted the West’s war in Afghanistan, right from its beginning way back in 2001. Not that no reasons were ever given for the war.
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America’s national debt is currently somewhere around 20 trillion dollars. The driving force behind that huge debt has been our involvements and wars on the other side of the planet. Somehow we have to find a way to stop this huge expenditure of money driven by the military industrial complex and their huge army of lobbyists with bribe money for our legislators.