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15 Years After Invasion, Many Americans Still Fail To Recognize Unending Scale of the Crime


15 Years After Invasion, Many Americans Still Fail To Recognize Unending Scale of the Crime

Julia Conley, staff writer

Fifteen years after the illegal invasion of Iraq by the Bush administration—which both UN opposition and massive global protests failed to stop—new polling shows that many in the United States still refuse to recognize the war as a mistake even as Iraqis and people throughout the region continue to pay the price.


From Julia’s article: “(A year ago, I watched Mr. Bush on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ dancing and talking about his paintings.)”
Well. Am I the only one who has this urge to throw a shoe at him…


Seeing that the main stream media never talks about it, no I am not surprised at all.


“Have we learned nothing?”
Who is this “we” to whom you refer? Surely you don’t mean the millions who took to the streets in 2003.
They knew right then that the invasion of a sovereign nation that had nothing to do with 9/11 was bogus.
Can we stop blaming ourselves? Just what control did we have over this? Answer: F*ck all.


Yet another reason to dislike the un-amusing DeGeneres.


The only way that the US can have some relief from the burden on this horrible war and the violations of human rights is to bring justice to those in the US who led us into this battle. They - Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and others should be held accountable in a court of law and, I believe, sentenced to a just punishment with imprisonment at Guantanamo - the prison of their design. They have subverted law, justice and basic human decency. The depth of American depravity with regard to Iraq just seems unfathomable.

Even that justice doesn’t really do what needs to be done for Iraq and its people. Some things can never be made right but there is an obligation to make things better for those who survived.


No you’re not alone, but I’d rather throw handcuffs on him, and cart his ass off to jail.


No, you are not the only one! He deserves contempt for what he did!


Instead of tax cuts for the obscenely rich, there should be tax increases. That money should be used to try to mitigate some of the environmental damage that we did to their country. Also, we should pay reparations


What a hideous gig for DeGenerate. (misspelling intentional)

War criminal image rehab.


Fantasy treatment for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Yoo.

For their own shock and awe, they get dropped from 30,000 feet over Iraq with an automatic parachute system so they must make it to the ground alive. Their names emblazoned on their parachutes and their jumpsuits, Nascar style.

Upon landing an audio device transmits to each one a simple message.

Welcome to Iraq. Good fucking luck.


The public once had a vision of what was happening in their names - at least to a certain degree - in the Vietnam War - the last war any view was allowed. The military and “defense” department, arms industry and politicians learned to never again allow any semblance of transparent reporting or allowing journalists into war zones - they were co-opted and “embedded” by US forces or targeted ad killed as the Israelis do. In addition a “volunteer” military was instituted to remove dissent or independent thought to any degree - trained brainwashed people who view others as “enemy” worthy only to be bombed and killed/maimed, with their civilian works destroyed with no questions asked - also as the Israeli model of racist expansionism and war - a malignant cancer on the Earth.

Yes Dan. The US media/press has been bought-up and muzzled; made into a game show diversion and loaded with rubbish and pablum BS - the latest celebrity or political scandal that very intentionally diverts a malleable ill-educated public from critical issues and who/what drives the war machine - "privatization (read theft), wealth inequality - all to serve the greed and exploitation of the 1% - vulture capitalism and scum like the trump crime family!

Greed and for-profit war now rules America and the wider world, not the Common Good or a sustainable future, justice or moral compass. We are ruled by corruption by evil people using money as their bludgeon!.

Without an independent journalism and media based on truth and public service, not profits and self-interest, dedicated to truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so-called “democracy” is corrupted by, and serves big-money. Mechanisms and instructions that serve greed nearly exclusively, and profits above people and a healthy sustainable environment and future!


I’d just like to remind anyone who may not recall (or was too young etc) that plenty of us knew what was going down and did something to try to stop it. On 15 February 2003, a month before Bush launched his criminal and unprovoked attack on Iraq, about a million of us were in the streets of NYC protesting, and millions more around the world. According to Wikipedia, “Social movement researchers have described the 15 February protest as ‘the largest protest event in human history’”. Those protests continued, along with other targeted political action, but sadly so did the war. If the USA were really a democracy, it might have been different…


Obushma and Trump need to be prosecuted for their war crimes along with anyone else involved, political appointees, civil servants, all military from 2002 onward.

There aren’t enough prisons to house them all unless we release all of the current nonviolent offenders.


we’re #1, we’re #1. that is the #1 terrorist organization in the world. the stupid ones are the American public who pay taxes to fund this bullshit.


Truth my friend.


True. But I’ll bet the gig boosted her viewer ratings a bit. Mysterious how we never seem to lose our fascination with the notorious. Imagine if Bonnie and Clyde or Al Capone were still available to interview…


Honestly, I have no such fascination, but I’m an odd Chicken.


Using flawed and possibly manipulated intelligence, the United States invaded a sovereign nation; slaughtered hundreds of thousands of its inhabitants; destroyed its social order, its environment, its archeological treasures and its economy; and left it open to predations of terrorist religious fanatics. And all of this engineered by one disciple of Satan and a handful of his dupes.