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15 Years Ago, America Destroyed My Country

15 Years Ago, America Destroyed My Country

Sinan Antoon

When I was 12, Saddam Hussein, vice president of Iraq at the time, carried out a huge purge and officially usurped total power. I was living in Baghdad then, and I developed an intuitive, visceral hatred of the dictator early on. That feeling only intensified and matured as I did. In the late 1990s, I wrote my first novel, “I’jaam: An Iraqi Rhapsody,” about daily life under Saddam’s authoritarian regime. Furat, the narrator, was a young college student studying English literature at Baghdad University, as I had.


…“I knew that the actual objectives of war were always camouflaged by well-designed lies that exploit collective fear and perpetuate national myths.”

Americans would do well to study the history of the Committee on Public Information the purpose of which was to foment hatred of the Germans (characterized as subhuman Huns) to guide the US into the Great War (WWI). By studying the participants, such as Edward Bernays (nephew of Sigmund Freud), it is possible to uncover the means by which the shaping of the “public mind” is to be achieved in a “democracy”. The process is very similar to the manner in which Trump fomented resentment toward the establishment* and secured an electoral victory (hanky panky included). Until Americans can learn to think for themselves, America is stuck with a dysfunctional political system, comprised of an electorate of useful idiots primarily choosing Coke or Pepsi.

*I loathe components of the establishment, but submit that Trump is no proper alternative.


Wonderfully said! It’s axiomatic, that whenever a politician starts spouting moral reasons for doing something you should ignore those (for the consumption of the gullible public) and look to the real geo-political, self-interested reasons beneath.


They would have to use that photo. That image has never left me from the moment the somnambulistic GW Bush woodenly walked up to the podium and announced the commencement of the United States’ latest War Crime.

I felt like I was falling off a cliff into a deep abyss which I could not see the bottom of. I’m still falling, and the bottom is still shrouded. At that moment I saw this moment, and all the moments in between, and all the dwindling moments yet to come. When I wrote my Senators before we jumped off the cliff, I closed my plea with: “History, if indeed there will be anyone left to record it, will lay the blame for this catastrophe squarely at our feet. Please do not let this happen.”


From Asia Times:

“Francis Boyle, professor of international law at the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign, who in 1991 filed a class-action complaint with the UN against President George HW Bush, concluded that no less than 3.3 million Iraqis – including 750,000 children – died as a result of economic sanctions and/or illegal wars conducted by the US government, and assisted by Great Britain, between 1990 and 2012.”

Every leader the U.S. doesn’t like is branded “New Hitler”. Well the real New Hitler is Washington, DC.


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“15 Years Ago, America Destroyed My Country”

Oh, we’re not done yet.

I understand this completely. I also want to recognize that you have seemed pretty “true and honest” in your presentations here. So, thank you.

Let’s look at the bright side. The devastation of Iraq is good for Israel, as is the destruction of Syria. We now need to move on to devastate Iran with sorties and sanctions - to weaken or end its resolve to support the Palestinians. Our beloved leader and the neocons are on top of this. And screw morality, especially if you can privatize someone else’s oil.

If anyone wants to see how Iraq was before the US tore it to hell, a good movie to watch is “Children from Heaven”. It’s a good movie that was filmed in Iraq before the US attacked it.

There is no doubt that what the US did in Iraq is full of war crimes and crimes against humanity. If anyone should be sitting in Guantanamo - it should be Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. While most americans were unconscious, some of us knew that this incursion into Iraq was illegal and a recipe for disaster and human suffering. What a terrible waste of resources and human life. But believe you me - the oligarchy has no concern or compassion for the lower classes.

Living in the US can be a pretty lonely place for someone with honesty and integrity.

Certain commenters here need to stop this “I was a lone voice in the wilderness” bullshit. There was almost certainly a city near you with antiwar resistance activities you could have gotten involved with. I presume most commenters here did that.

Millions of us tried to stop the war. We filled the streets, we engaged in direct actions. For me it was DC, Pittsburgh and NYC - too many times to count between late 2001 and March 19, 2003 - then many actions trying to stop it after that. None of it worked. The only thing that would have stopped it was an overthrow of the US government - and that would have taken tens of millions not just a couple million willing to sacrifice everything. That didn’t happen.

Nope… credible estimates are nowhere near a million…

Iraqibodycount .org which is a UK run organization - less than 250,000 from 2003-2011
PLOS Medicine Study March 2003 – June 2011 puts it at 405,000
The highest is the Lancet Study - 604,000 but the Lancet Study is the least reputable of the studies and has been disputed.

Also Bush was rehabilitated due to his creation of PEPFAR which has saved 15 million lives and is still saving more… not just because.

The US didn’t destroy Syria - it own bloodthirsty leader did.

And you do know that this “the US armed Daesh in Syria” is just a conspiracy theory, right?

Iraq was enemies with Iran… Iraq was Baathist and not islamic, same with Syria…
Iran is seen as Israel’s primary threat… so no… this was not about Israel.

Do you really think Palestine is the reason for Iranian sanctions???.. if so wow.

Also oil is silly reason for a war… South America is the US’s largest supplier of Oil…the US is on the path to become the world’s largest Oil producer in 2018 surpassing Russia.

…Children from Heaven is an Iranian Movie filmed in Tehran.

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This is also the seventh anniversary of the Assad’s start of the Syrian war - when he brutally beat and tortured two preteen boys for writing anti-Assad graffiti on a wall. Then there wer massive peaceful protests and Assad;s brutal crushing of those protests. Everything followed from that…

Eva Bartlett on the lies about Syria,


I don’t believe U.S. policy in Syria, in for example aiding the moderate rebels was altruistic. For the neocons, Assad “must go” because he was a conduit of assistance from Iran to Hezbollah and the Palestinians.