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150+ Civil Society Groups Issue Global Call for 'New—and Improved—Normal' for Post-Pandemic World

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/02/150-civil-society-groups-issue-global-call-new-and-improved-normal-post-pandemic

Have no doubt. After trump is gone we will be living in a new normal, and not going back to the Obama, Bush, or Clinton years. We hoped that trump wouldn’t f -u-c- everything up, but he did.
That’s the question isn’t it. Will we create a new-and improved-normal, or suffer for a country made worse by trump?


Considering Joe Biden is our only alternative I expect the latter.


Any future without trump will be an improvement. It’s a trite statement but it sums it up.

Will the trump voters that wanted to shake things up be satisfied with the shake-up, or are they on board for more of what they may not have expected from trump? We hope it was a one-and-done for those trumpers.

Hi Ticki:
sigh----having no Trump is an improvement—but the trouble is that Joe himself end up being that “trite statement.” : (

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Trump is intending to ever leave office.

A ‘New and improved normal’ for a post-pandemic world based on the same old exploitative, destructive economic system…? I don’t think so. With Capitalism we’ll get one thing: The same old same old.

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Today I had to cross the border into MX. Two young men jokingly offered to come north in order to exterminate the wh occupant. Well it was fun taking with them…

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