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150 Nations Set to Sign Paris Climate Agreement—But Will It Be Enough?



The agreement at least provides some hope because all these countries are finally cooperating rather than lining up on opposite sides. The one really encouraging thing besides the agreement is that within the past year solar has really taken off. I think the biggest threat to the agreement is a Republican winning the upcoming presidential election. It is hard to see all these countries continuing to move forward to do what is needed without very strong leadership from the United States. It was Obama's idea to ask countries to make a pledge to do whatever they can to reduce emissions that led to the Paris agreement. So he needs to be replaced by someone who believes in the agreement and is committed to making it work.


We may just find that these last couple of extremely warm winters are the new normal. We may find that IT has already hit the fan big time. Those four more years of delaying are years ago and we never noticed. Our science may have been unable to discern that the tipping point was reached already and that we may actually be in catastrophic climate change.

Really fast changes ahead. The fools keep telling us we have no proof while the worst may have already happened and we are in a catastrophic environmental crash of extreme rapidity. Science will explain this how? These last two unexpectedly hot years? How do we explain them? We don't.

Our science is unable to predict accurately. F'n 1950's doomsday movie stuff ahead. Holy shit kiddies we are fucked! Get damn scared. If this stays like this it can only get warmer faster. These agreements are bizarre relics that were out of date before they were even signed and we didn't know it! They are a testament to our blind stupidity and vain denials.

To paraphrase a famous quote...what profit a man ...whose ass is cooked?


Agree MHunter. This feels to me like our last chance---- with Bernie and his followers. Stunning that he showed up when he did.

We can argue about who is to blame, what we should or shouldn't do, if humans are simply an invasive species and on and on until our last breaths BUT that will not change the fact that humans have irrevocably altered the biosphere and we (yes, we) are in deep trouble.

Things look very bad. Voting for someone who supports fracking and is funded by fossil fuel industry (HC) or voting for a denier (all repubs) is insane.

Kudos to Common Dreams for your excellent coverage of the environmental crises that we face today---- as Bernie would say----- THE most important issue is climate change.

Another site that is extremely helpful is Robert Scribbler's blog. It is limited to the facts related to climate change and what if anything we can do about this catastrophe that is unfolding rapidly. No climate change deniers allowed.

We can still do many things to help each other. We can choose how to behave toward one another and other creatures on this earth. Kindness is in short supply these days. In between ranting about the sick system and directing anger appropriately at those who abuse their power------we can be kind.


Ah but the insanity is going to war for fossil fuels. Gaining control of them and using them is death. Its like the military has put a gun to its head and pulled the trigger. Its a matter of time before that bullet strikes its target.


Here is the most important suggestion. Stop emitting CO2. Look around your life style. What can you do to cut down CO2? Cut driving in half. Buy local. Think about your life without fossil fuels. How will you get by? There are plenty of things to do. You are smart enough to figure that out.


If one's ass is cooked correctly, with appropriate herbs and spices, one can make a good meal of it. Though cooking and selling horse-meat in restaurants is not kosher in the UK.


Yes, and out of the other side of his mouth have also come the countless permits for the fossil fuel industry.


Vote for H Clinton and a nuclear winter?


S far I undestand that Antrhopogenic Global Heating has achieved an average of a 1.08 deg C rise in global temperature. Assorted unpleasant things are occurring right now, including the northward movement of the zero degree C isotherm with attendant increasing release of methane from the tundra. So what happens when AGH achieves the oft-cited temperature increase of 2 degrees C? A lot more of what is going on right now!


Yes. Yes. We can practice kindness and compassion for ourselves, other humans, all other creatures, and especially our mother, the Earth.
Get in touch with your heart, and teach yourself to stay centered there. Make a promise to yourself to always give the heart the final decision making capacity; on everything. And fasten your seat belt, if you can find one.
To understand something of the phrase ' things will never be the same', is as good a place to start as any. Climate change of the magnitude occurring now,
changes everything.


Cooked correctly? Even British cannibals are noted for being lousy cooks.


Yes kindness/empathy is fundamental for bringing community together - if any coherence is to be sustained amidst the mounting crises both environmental and consequently, social.
Grassroots action; civil disobedience, food coops & so many other group support projects can also create/cement community identity indispensable for coherent social action/reaction in times of crisis. Coherent local action is in itself key to protecting the people from the oppressive mechanisms of homeland sec.
Projected sea level rise in itself will displace millions in the US alone creating a crisis many times greater than the tragic, current refugee crisis not to mention the decimation of tropical mangroves that serve as buffers to the impacts from storms/hurricanes.


Go vegan. Animal agriculture is one of the biggest contributors to global warming.


Anything real that shakes out of Paris will be vulnerable to being dumped by the corporate tribunals enabled by TPP and the other upcoming "trade deals" that the oligarchy is posturing to pass after the November election and before inauguration day in January.


diveshopingoa wrote (to andrewboston):

'Here is the most important suggestion. Stop emitting CO2. Look around your life style. What can you do to cut down CO2?...'

Since an adult male emits 500 pounds per year of carbon dioxide during respiration, that poses somewhat of a problem. So inhale as much as want; just don't exhale!


Let's hope and pray the ink dries on their signatures before we pass that 2C point.

Meanwhile, there are specific things we can do while governments led by Obzama The Spineless, continue their dawdle dances: "(May) Boeve, of 350, agrees (Paris deal only a start), though she sees an alternate route to making change. "The fossil fuel industry is pushing our climate to the brink faster than anyone expected," she says, "as record temperatures are proving, along with extreme weather related events. We are all at risk from a warming planet, so we are left with no choice but to scale up nonviolent direct action."

"As the transition from dirty energy to clean and efficient energy systems grows stronger and faster," she says, "communities and private citizens around the world will continue to hold decision makers accountable to their promises, and to science."

We can go solar without delay. We can directly & nonviolently encourage institutions to divest from fossil polluting corporations. We can refuse to vote for any of the Wall Street Ds or the GOP - Jill Stein is there waiting for the Wall Street Ds to dismiss Bernie, no matter how many votes he wins. We can run for local office. We can do all sorts of things, with nothing more than our imagination's failure blocking us.


Don't worry. We will get to that next.


Your carbon footprint is what you use up. Your carbon handprint is what your hand has done to attack the problem.

I say, we should make some of our own nails for this job.

--We need to drive down the cost of storing solar-based heat for nighttime warming of buildings, say, at 6:00 a.m. on a winter's morning.

--We need better daylighting. We need ripe tomatoes in January with only solar heat.

--We need better solar-sourced electricity storage. I recommend storing low-temperature solar heat because it inherently avoids a number of nasty and expensive engineering problems.

Well, that's a start. Every improvement leads to another.


Why are we even talking about this? None of the COP meetings has ever resulted in an enforceable treaty with real parameters. They are handshake agreements followed with a discernible wink, nothing more.
Besides, our climate ship left the dock a long time ago. It hit the iceberg and sank many years ago. There is no fixing this climate thing now. The best we can hope for is nice accommodations in some bubble city or mine shaft.
"We cannot allow a mine shaft gap!"