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'16 Shots': Chicago Police Shooting Footage Raises Questions and Outrage



So true. The news media is nothing more than a propaganda arm of the elites. Facts are questions and lies are truths. The American people are kept ill informed and scared. So much so that we are becoming sick. We cannot even act in a concerted afford to save mankind. That because our media put doubt into everything. Global warming, healthcare, police brutality, torture, wall street etc.. Money is their God and they worship it fiercely. To quote our media," or as some would say "...


Obviously, Officer Van Dyke "feared for his life" 16 times over...


The inclusion of a "small knife" as being a salient object in the event of the teen's murder is utter horse shit.

I carry a Swiss Army (Victorinox) knife around with me to cut thread, saw pieces of wood, open wine and beer bottles, tighten screws in my sunglasses, etc. I'm 70 years old and white, and don't consider the knife on my person any more a weapon than I would a hammer or a cane. If I were a black male I would think twice about carrying one. I know of few places in the US, or for that matter in European countries, where carrying a pocket knife is proscribed. In fact, the only time I divest myself of my handy knife either in North America or Europe, is prior to getting on a plane when it is in my pocket or in my carry on luggage.

How many times must we hear that "the dead black youth was carrying a small knife"?


"a white Chicago police officer unloading 16 rounds on an
African-American teen, who though armed with a small knife appeared to
be trying to get away, police said. The video captures 15 seconds of
shooting. For 13 seconds of it, McDonald is lying on the street".

How many think there is a parallel with that hospital in Kunduz run by MSF and shot to blazes for two hours by a USAian gunship, despite MSF informing the US powers-that-be where the hospital was and what was happening at the time?

Both say something very unfortunate about the mentality of some in the USA.


The FBI began a very carefully worded "investigation into the officer” NOT “the killing” or cover-up or any other aspect of Laquan McDonald’s shooting 6 months after the fact, an investigation that must have been known to the Obama WH.

Obama and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel are both from Chicago and Emanuel was Prez Obama's ex-Chief of Staff. The delay in indictment and in any FBI report are failures of justice and connections between Obama, Emanuel and Chicago politics are suspect and may have played a roll in delay and denial of justice at the Federal level. IF Chicago and FBI investigators worked together for 12 months, why was the indictment only issued the day before the forced release of the murder video and why only one charge for first-degree murder brought? Since the FBI and Chicago AG worked together and both Mayor Emanuel and AG Alvarez claimed delay in indictment was caused by the FBI-AG's office joint investigation/collaboration and "ongoing investigation" where is the FBI report?

All those officials in Chicago, Mayor, AG's office, Police Chief, and others, saw the murder tape and surely were briefed on the police deletion of Burger-King video evidence, coercion of at least one witness by CPD, falsification (read lies) of the facts, including the victim "lunging" at police, clearly at odds with the video evidence, and still not one high official publicly called-for an indictment? They all have had time to "get their stories straight". All Chicago players tried to delay and conceal the tapes until forced, not work for justice! The press, especially in Chicago, is also complicit, parroting police lies and justifications, fearing for their jobs and access.

The WH probably knew the facts being so close to Mayor Emanuel, but also did not call for, or bring, any serious action, and only now, like all those who tried to cover-up and delay and manipulate, crying crocodile tears and saying how tragic the killing was - I call BS on them all!

The silence of ALL officials involved is part of the cover-up and conspiracy! ONLY the forced release of the murder video caused these people to respond to this despicable crime at all, except cover it up, not notions of justice or their sworn responsibility to the law - now a transparent joke.

The one indictment ONLY tells the story convincingly. No other cop, no evidence tampering/deletion, no coercion, no conspiracy, nothing but the highly-suspect first-degree murder charge against the ONE cop has been brought by Chicago officials up to their necks in this cover-up! Justice delayed is justice denied!

ALL are complicit in a conspiracy of evasion, destruction of evidence, falsification of facts, coercion, and pre-meditated delay to sweep the execution of Laquan McDonald under the rug to protect the killer and CPD/Chicago politics.