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16 States File Suit Over 'Fake Emergency Declaration' to Block Trump 'From Unilaterally Robbing Taxpayer Funds'


16 States File Suit Over 'Fake Emergency Declaration' to Block Trump 'From Unilaterally Robbing Taxpayer Funds'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As people took to the streets in hundreds of communities across the United States on Monday to protest President Donald Trump's "constitutionally illegitimate" national emergency declaration, 16 state attorneys general filed suit to challenge Trump's latest move to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.



From the article:

“President Trump treats the rule of law with utter contempt. He knows there is no border crisis, he knows his emergency declaration is unwarranted, and he admits that he will likely lose this case in court.”

Watching Trevor Noah’'s replay of Pwesident Twump’s singsong address, I got the impression that he assumes losing in the lower courts and eventually winning in his stacked, Federalist Society-approved SCOTUS.

None of which is to suggest that these efforts are a waste of time.



I’d love to see Trump impeached before 2020.

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4 simple statements…

  1. Trump is stealing Congress’ constitutionally-mandated spending power.

  2. Trump did not promise to build a wall by taking money that had been legally appropriated for U.S. military housing, he said Mexico would pay for the wall.

  3. In 2014, Trump tweeted that “Republicans must not allow Pres Obama to subvert the Constitution of the US for his own benefit & because he is unable to negotiate w/ Congress.”

  4. Trump stated “I didn’t have to do this (emergency declaration to build his wall) I just wanted to do it faster”.



I can’t wait for Bernie or a Benie like candidate to win, and deem the republican senators, fake senators, and likely the SCOTUS fake as well. At which point a liberal congress could put another 5-10 justices on the bench to even the score, for now.

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I’m still waiting for our Mulligan for the stolen election of 2000.

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And what I have yet to hear what emergency powers are allowed under this bogus emergency. As posted on another thread, here is what should scare the hell out of the American, people:

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We have the Fourth Amendment, right to privacy. I remember Bonzo taking credit for knocking down West and East Germany’s wall. Same ole landed gentry, feudalistic, my knights bigger than your knight’s moat on a nasty, drizzly, cold day. Infantile and so we bask in the insanity of petrified, social deviants. The ole guard wouldn’t be the ole guard if they hadn’t been allowed to control the money in the first place, hence the federal reserves paying the World Bank running the CIA and the rest. Wall is an ecological nightmare which the last ecosystems don’t need. It’s like Baby Huey playing with a nuclear weapon but it’s not funny. Not too much humor from the White House these days and Corndog Huckabee is only surpassed by the Texas Twinkie Kelly Anne selling Ivanka panties in front of the White House Seal with Jesus. Holy smackers! God Bless Big Oil and God Bless Ivanka’s panties. You can’t make it up.

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I see Minnesota, Michigan, and Illinois are surrounding a state that has not thrown in yet. A state that just elected a democrat as governor. What’s up Wisconsin, and governor Evers?



It gets even better.

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And then what will you do to rein in the equally evil & dangerous Dense Pence? Wethepeople need both to go down at the same time.



a so-called “border deal” bill negotiated by Republican and Democratic leaders—legislation which human rights defenders denounced as “a betrayal of immigrant communities” that will “cause more deaths at the border and will separate more families.”

Why isn’t anyone mentioning the problems the USA has been causing in Latin America that causes those countries to be poor and causes those people to want to leave their families and their communities?

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