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16-Year-Old Greta Thunberg Cheers 'Beginning of Great Changes' as Climate Strike Goes Global


16-Year-Old Greta Thunberg Cheers 'Beginning of Great Changes' as Climate Strike Goes Global

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The world may be edging toward "environmental breakdown"—but 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg sees signs for hope.

Pointing to global walkouts planned for March 15, Thunberg—whose "school strikes for climate" helped galvanized similar actions worldwide—said, "I think what we are seeing is the beginning of great changes and that is very hopeful."


Thanks Greta for putting Theresa May where she belongs.

In the Political Penalty Box.


Just amazing Greta Thunberg; just amazing!


“ May be edging?” People including Greta need to read the Science Journals… 11 years from now, if the Green Deal ever does happen, she will be 27 and most Seniors reading this will be long gone. She can figure out what do with what’s ever left of this Planet if it’s still here. No one has a Crystal ball as to what will happen: WW3? More Superstorms, Crop Failure, Fires and Starvation? Little Greta might not be here either. Call me a pessimist? That’s ok because there is nothing good on the a Horizon that I can see. My bet is the proverbial can will be kicked down the road as usual, because the Elite are afraid to put technology to good use. They want to keep hoarding there wealth and are too afraid to lose one penny. So what does she expect to change? She’s a good kid, but does not know how evil the people are that want to thwart her plans. My vision of the future is Soylent Green.


Too little, too late for Greta? What is life and living without hope?


What kind of private life will Greta Thunberg have when she grows up? She must be a huge drag at parties. Precocious and stuffed with white guilt enough to stop a horse, that’s a terrible way to spend one’s childhood.
While the white western world comes apart, China is now the present and future.

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What a nice thing to say about a kid with Asberger’s.


AOC’s Green New Deal outline needs to be made into a legislative framework ASAP. It’s great to see the youth of this country and the world taking an active part in demanding the changes that will bring a chance for a better, sustainable, peaceful and just world.


March 15 is going to be monumental.


Yes, I guess it would be better to spend her youth obliviously partying and going to football games until it’s too late for her generation to even grow up and have a family of their own. Chinese children won’t be inheriting much of a world either. Let’s hope they too are joining in to save their future.


What was Greta’s line?: “Once we start to act, hope is everywhere.”


Screw you. What an idiotic thing to say. She’s calling you out, not suffering from any form of guilt. She’s bewildered at your lack of guilt.


I am once again astounded and appalled by the sadistic cruelty of the liberals, who stab us all in the back to preserve Capitalism by pretending Capitalism is something other than our species’ ultimate Evil.

Thus the Ruling Class attempts to suppress – most often with total success – the sure knowledge of our hearts that Capitalism is so sadistically malevolent, its atrocities cannot be ameliorated even by the most minimal reforms: witness the ongoing, near-total extermination of the New Deal.even as public cries for its restoration as Medical for All and a Green New Deal achieve an all-time high. .

Under these circumstances (or anythuing resembling them), to disseminate utterly false, utterly deceptive optimism – for example to promote the politically crippling Big Lie we are at “the beginning of great changes” – is actually the very worst sort of pro-Capitalist brain-warping. It is intended to protect the Ruling Class by deceiving us, the Working Class – we who are the perpetually targeted victims of the Ruling Class – that it is possible to better our lives without the long, hard and dangerous work of revolution.

Wake up, people. Without real revolution – hopefully Gandhian non-violent but revolution nevertheless – ANY progressive change will either be co-opted or betrayed by the Democratic (sic) Party.

Real change is therefore impossible as long as that class-traitor party remains viable.

Hence what we should be doing is working day and night to develop a genuine socialist party with true revolutionary consciousness – and most of all the ideologically disciplined courage essential to maintain it.

Instead far too many of us continue sitting about diddling our cell phones and absurdly congratulating ourselves for non-existent victories.

The hideous truth – the truth too many of us refuse to face – is that such episodes serve only as the deceptive pampering intended solely to maintain the ever-more-wretched and ever-more-undoubtedly terminal Neoliberal/Nazi/ChristoNazi World Order until our overlords deem themselves enough divinely impotent to crush us all.

Hint: the Original Nazis in Germany played exactly the same game.

Such deliberate deception is in fact the political equivalent of the serial pedophile’s grooming of his next victim – nicey-nice seduction followed by the literally unspeakable horror of its fulfillment, whether individually by rape or collectively by mass arrests and genocide.

Wake up, people; we have no saviors but ourselves.


This comment was posted in error. See below.


Thanks, RMV. I didn’t want to go ad hominem, so may I share your spot with you…and Skeptic?


Guitman…My vision of the future – if indeed there is any future at all – is of another post-Roman dark age in which (just as it did then) some minimal iron technology such as basic agricultural tools that can be made by village blacksmiths will survive. In fact the extant technology will most likely resemble that of the 18th Century, horse-and-mule transport and flintlock firearms included.

The one difference between then and now is this dark age, denied the (suicidal) escape offered by slavery and capitalism, will last for the duration of human existence.

Life will be physically harsh, unimaginably so to the vast majority of us who in our definitively “American” anti-intellectualism and hostility to knowledge remain pridefully ignorant of history.

However the psychological conditions of our lives will be determined entirely by which religion wins the wars of religion that, as after the Roman collapse, will inevitably follow the political and ecological collapse.

Much as our pre-Jewish, pre-Christian and pre-Islamic ancestors did, we will surely thrive psychologically – and perhaps even spiritually – if our newly emergent, definitively egalitarian, implicitly socialist Goddess-centered paganism is victorious. But if the extant, misogynistically ecocidal, murderously patriarchal Abrahamic religions prevail, our species’ terminal insanity will merely continue until we are truly extinct.


I am always heartened to see all of the nihilists and naysayers come out to explain why hope is hopeless. That, of course, is obviously the reason this web site is called "Common Dreams."


Damnit; got a telephone call in the midst of this posting, hence was sandbagged by Common Dreams’ brutally short interval for making corrections. Managed to catch my worst typos immediately – hence the one editing as indicated by the red-pencil ikon – but I flubbed the dub on the truly mortifying 8th-graf “impotent” (which my out-of-control computer substituted for omnipotent"). Then there is “Medical for All” (which looks like an idiot’s rendering of Medicare for All), and “anythuing,” which for some reason my Spell-Check did not catch.

Sorry, folks. My biggest problem is age-induced, post-cataract-surgery failure of close-up vision. I have bi-focals of course; but it’s tri-focals that are essential to run a computer, and of course Medicare won’t pay for them. On the open market they cost at least $500 per pair, which means for me they are forever beyond reach. Hence on-line editing – save when I can zoom the text up 200 or 300 percent (impossible with CD or any comparable website) – is always a struggle, and since I was once an award-winning reporter and a notably competent editor, my failures invariably doom me to painfully vexing embarrassment. Again my apology.


Ecomomagic – posited with the greatest respect – surely you know the difference between blind hope and reasoned, disciplined intent. All we have in the Moron Nation of the United States is the former; what we need for victory but so desperately lack is the latter.


Not aimed at you, Loren. On some days you are Polyanna compared to certain regulars!