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16-Year-Old Greta Thunberg Cheers 'Beginning of Great Changes' as Climate Strike Goes Global


You are one crooked old fossil my dear…what Greta is doing takes courage…and determination…but it will also pay dividends in her life, which I suspect will be much more interesting…and joyous, than I suspect yours has been.
Shooting other people down, while doing nothing yourself to push for a sustainable world, can’t bring much sense of achievement…or pleasure either.
At any party I might attend, let there be more Greta’s and fewer do nothings…I socialize to be stimulated, not part of moronic put downs.


More of us adults need to join the children…find solidarity…and begin working for a sustainable world. There’s lots of ways to do that…speaking against war, regime change histrionics, donating to climate action, refusing to fly for vacations, growing food…

But likely the most important one just now, is to speak up…insist climate catastrophe is coming fast, refuse to be silenced by the fossil fools…become politically engaged…

We’ve left it very late…and stood idly by while the criminel minority among us trashed and looted the commons…admitting we’ve been too passive, admitting our growth economy is a poverty creator…talking sense to power.

We can all do that…and support Greta and all our young people in their actions, by acting where we are, as best we can.

God bless the children.


Didn’t think you were, Economagic, but my editorial mind wanted the clarification nevertheless. As always, miss our dialogues from before RSN went Hillaryite, very much hope you and yours are well and thriving.


Maryinga – apart from the reference to “God” (the infinitely sadistic, immeasurably hateful Mother-Earth-and-woman-despising deity of the Abrahamic religions that are the ultimate perpetrators of all our present-day horrors) – I am in total agreement. Our children (and grand-children and great-grandchildren) are surely reacting appropriately, and we should just as surely join them.

The tragedy – the most likely terminal tragedy – is there is no longer a Soviet Union to teach us the ideological discipline essential to victory. Dating from the doomed Decembrist rising, it took the Russians nearly a hundred years to acquire that discipline, which means our species will most probably be gone long before Moron Nation’s (Christianity-induced) anti-intellectualism can be overcome to the point We the People are capable of such an evolutionary leap forward.

(This is not idle speculation. I was very much a part of the Counterculture – was in fact one of the founders of the alternative press in Tennessee, New York City and Washington state – and can attest with eyewitness certanty that what killed the Counterculture was its selfish anti-intellectualism, specifically the metastasis of Ayn Rand moral imbecility even unto allegedly progressive quarters. Tragically – though surely not surprisingly – the same toxin killed Occupy, of which I was also part. Worse, it has already killed Medicare-for-All and the Green New Deal, chiefly by their proponents’ pridefully ignorant refusal to follow the primary dictum of Sun Tsu: before you start a war, truly know your enemy – then, like the Viet Cong, at least you have a real chance of winning.)

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I have a book recommendation for not just our young people who are wonderful but all of us who are going to awaken .

Its called Awaken The Species …its an unusual book and the Human race is not without help .

It gives us 16 differences between ours a primitive species (the toddlers of the universe) in reality and Highly Evolved Civilizations or HEB’s Highly Evolved Beings .

As for Theresa May and those in perceived authority …time is up …here comes the Evolution Revolution .

We Are All One


climate and corn flakes. a song.


Thats what the young do ,we must encourage it .
We must listen to them .It is you who has an axe to grind.
You should do some critical thinking ,ask yourself some serious questions about what kind of future do humans want to have . Do we want to be at all ?
We are going to create hell on Earth if we do not change ,its a nightmare already, getting worse each year .

The building is on fire …


I am running Firefox browser on Ubuntu (Linux), but assume it will work in Windows also. You can increase size of text by hitting Ctrl + (Ctrl - to decrease same). Or you can hold down Ctrl key and move scroll wheel on mouse.


LOL! I’ll touch base with you later this weekend via a different channel.


Our future is bleak as we look ahead 50 years. We’ve read this scenario in books and watched many movies on this very subject and none bode well except fantasy. Those that cling to hope within our lifetime and what’s to come may certainly do so. I, for one, look at the facts. With not one shred of good news there is nothing bright that I can see. I’m sure there are many who disagree. I don’t care. Believe what you will. On Common Dreams most like to debate and analyze rather than present answers. All good…as this is only one of many comment sites on the web. Listen to 16 year old Greta… if she makes you feel better that’s fine.


Conduct a Poll on what our world will be like in 50 years. That would at least be interesting to read.


Love from Vermont!


I am trying to get the VT branch of the PNHP to come in solidarity as our issues–a healthy climate, eco-systems and life forms-- are ONE issue.

Hats off to Greta and all those who who fight the good fight!


You go ahead and ignore those whiny young people. Meanwhile, some people, like those who live in Arizona, no longer can:


The realization that others exist in our universe will turn religion upside down and free us from it’s bondage, or like I think you are hinting at, will have us kill one another.

We need to regress to the cave where we can sharpen sticks to go hunting, while some genius in another cave is inventing a neutron weapon. What awesome progress.


Thank you for the link.

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Well in the United States, you are more mired in fantasy thinking, and also in fundamental forms of Christianity…unregulated capitalism is in the process of destroying the living earth, but that makes obscene wealth for some, and obscene wealth is likely the only dream capitalists dream…

As to progressives, here in Canada as well I suspect, as in your country, too many of them are from the old educated, and therefore somewhat privileged middle class…they can’t look at the system, because they were educated to run it…so they make reformist tinkering changes, and continue to vote for one of two options…the lesser of two evils is all capitalism has to offer…but both versions of corporate democracy keep the system chugging along.

Likely it is too late…but there’s an illusory nature to that kind of thinking also. At any time, we could change the system…the trick of it is to have enough of us knowing this.

It is in this sense that the teenagers are on the right track…it is in the total capture of public space, and public speech that the few keep us powerless…street rallies won’t change that, but if we could move from the streets into the living rooms…and do it in love and solidarity instead of in anger and hatred of the mythical ‘other’, than we’d have a good chance.
The anger on the right just now is a bit scary: but what it means at bottom is likely that their world is crumbling…never mind their world view. Trying to remember the stages of grief, and where the anger comes from, but I think its just after the denial fails.

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If any humans survive the coming collapse it will most likely be due to reserved shelters technologically advanced enough to enable successive generations to survive on what is essentially a dead planet.
Technology will likely be the only thing capable of producing sufficient levels of oxygen and sustenance for quite some time.
Of course, it wont be regular people that has access to such shelters, and given the psychopathic 1%'s fundamental inability to form an equilibrium with others, any such shelters will likely destroy themselves long before the planet can be made habitable again.
Whatever shape the coming apocalypse takes, be it massive methane expulsion, meltdown of nuclear plants due to unstable weather, nuclear war, unlivable temperatures or all of the above, it promises to make life on the surface of this planet impossible for human life.
It is likely that we have a lot less time than anyone seems prepared to accept.
In addition to the global extinction that has gone largely unnoticed for over 8 years, we have identified 51 positive feedback loops related to climate destruction, any one of which is a potential extinction level event, and they are all accelerating off each other.
There is also a group of scientist in Siberia right now studying a break in the permafrost that has begun leaking methane. They all agree that we may have between 8-36 months left until the leak becomes large enough to end all life.
Sadly, a “new green deal” is just more of the same moronic arrogance that has defined America’s collective departure from reality.
Good new is, there probably won’t be enough insane monkeys left to start a religion.


Atelios…Ah, Ubuntu – the OS I knew and loved and ran until the computer on which it was installed died and turned to junk.

Now I’m stuck with a low-end Samsung laptop that I truly despise because it is permanently Microfuc’t by Windows 10 – which, to resurrect a bit of pidgeon-Hangul from my military youth, is as “numba ten” as it gets. There are no “good days” with this machine; operating it is always an infuriating, innumerable-ambush struggle because Microshaft now writes all their programs to wage war on open source software – the only software I can afford to use.

Indeed, every time there’s a Windows 10 update, I’m totally shut down for however long --the present record is two days – it takes me to figure out how to circumvent Microshaft’s anti-open-source malevolence.

Obviously the solution is to download Ubuntu, right? Alas, the Nurds all tell me that can’t be done – that Samsung and Microshaft collaborated to build a machine from which the Microshaft OS cannot ever be removed without destroying the whole computer.

I tried your suggestions and – no surprise – they did not work. Nevertheless, thank you very much for the reply.


Maryinga…Unfortunately the “mythical ‘other’” is no longer mythical. It is the One Percent, which by its morally imbecilic greed has literally made itself the enemy of all other earthly life.

“Love and solidarity” are useless against such a foe. Indeed we are dealing with an enemy that, rendered virtually divine and therefore truly omnipotent by its absolute mastery of technology, is infinitely more murderously malevolent than Nazi Germany could ever have hoped to have been.

The One Percenters want this planet as their own country club – with the rest of us either exterminated or reduced to the unspeakable, infinitely worse-than-death horrors of serving them as slaves.

And they are weaponizing terminal climate change to make their Ted Bundy fantasies real.

Which is precisely why no real efforts to combat climate change will be allowed.

That’s also why “love” is no more effective against these monsters than it was against the Nazis.

What we need against them is solidarity, yes – but if we are to win (which is to say, if we are to survive) – ours must be the same solidarity of relentless hatred that defeated Nazi Germany in 1945; a solidarity of relentless hatred that recognizes the One Percenters as genuinely Other; a solidarity of relentless hatred that acknowledges the One Percenters and their allies as an inconceivably predatory subspecies which by its own acts long ago divorced itself from the human family and now victimizes us in every way imaginable…

Quoth Lyudmila Pavlichenko: “I killed fascists, not human beings.”


The tone of your remark is disgusting. Some on the left are as unpleasant as most on the right.