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16 Years After 9/11, Muslims Still Central Targets in War With No End


16 Years After 9/11, Muslims Still Central Targets in War With No End

Jessica Corbett, staff writer
As the nation on Monday mourned the nearly 3,000 lives lost 16 years ago in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the lifting of restrictions on the Trump administration's "Muslim ban" by the U.S. Supreme Court served as a timely reminder of how Muslims in the United States and worldwide continue to suffer from the so-called "War on Terror" launched in the wake of the 2001 attacks.


Anyone who has researched 9/11 knows that an airliner couldn’t fly into a building such as the World Trade Center buildings and have the nose of the plane come out the other side.

Ask a structural engineer.

The story of the alleged 19 Saudis that committed the 9/11 attacks was a well planned prelude to the declaration of war on Iraq.

The war on Muslims is a diversion away from the real culprit.

Our government.


When the Neocons first published the PNAC (Project for a New American Century), they laid out a program labeled “Full Spectrum Domination” of the world by Military and Financial means. It required enormous enlargement of the military, to be able to fight major wars on multiple fronts for uncounted years. It required unheard of methods to contain and control the finances and resources of the nations of the world. It required enormous expansion of domestic surveillance and control to keep the people in check, should they protest the increasing poverty, hunger and homelessness that the program would require, to build and maintain the new Wehrmacht.
*Near the end of the document it said that one thing was lacking to make it work. the people had to fall in with the program and support it. “What is needed is ‘a new Pearl Harbor’ to get the people behind the new program.” Does 9/11 ring a bell?
*Since 11 September, 2001, millions, the majority of them Muslims, have died or been turned into refugees, nations have been destroyed or their governments subverted by “friendly dictators” who support anything the US orders.
*Our Wehrmacht is now the most powerful war machine in world history. Unable to overcome the freedom fighters in small nations around the ME and now much of the world, it is preparing for war with Russia or China. That will mean the end of the world as we know it, but the Oilagarchy is already counting the profits, just like they are counting the profits from bulldozing hurricane wreckage in Texas and Florida and building lots of cheap housing to be sold at great profit.
*But, we have our allies. NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization), which works closely with the US Fourth Reich in destroying small countries and encroaching closely upon the borders of Russia to threaten them into war, Saudi Arabia, which kills Yemenis and beheads its own people if they disagree with it. (It also sells us lots of oil) And Israel, which is nuclear armed and kills, tortures, and imprisons Palestinians, destroying any means of livelihood they may have, and taking or destroying their homes in the Israeli designated ghetto called Gaza, and in Palestine in general.
*When I was a kid, We the People cooperated, and fought, and died to rid the world of the “Axis,” Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan. We finally won and looked forward to Peace. Unfortunately, the profits of peace were far less than the profits of war, so new wars were started.
*Now the world is facing a new Axis, the US Fourth Reich, NATO, Israel and Saudi Arabia. What will it take to eliminate this new scourge from the world? How many lives? How much money? How much waste and destruction?
*I’m 80 years old and hate the thought of spending the rest of my life, living "deja vu all over again."


Nail on the head, ol’ Hoss.
;-}) and Mrs. ;-}).


“What will it take to eliminate this new scourge from the world?”

Well old timer, I don’t know for sure, but, We the People could start by convincing the Joint Chiefs that maintaining this Empire is unsustainable.

The amount of fossil fuels necessary to maintain 700+ Military bases worldwide is literally killing us, our economy and the planet.

Their days are numbered and I am pretty sure they can see the writing on the wall.

There is absolutely “no” honor in killing innocent men, women, and children as they are currently doing in several countries around the globe.

Bringing our service members home after closing all of these military bases and using them to help in the rebuilding of the crumbling infrastructure that permeates our entire nation would be a boom to our economy and the perfect scenario for the widespread installation of renewable energy sources.

This movement towards Peace would bring stability to the world.

I don’t want you to feel fear as you enter your golden years. I want you to feel the joy that Peace brings to your heart.

We the People are going to be called upon soon to make a choice.

I remain positive We will make the right choice.


Well, I hope we do!
I don’t feel any real fear, (nor do I see much gold in my Golden Years :wink: ) but I am feeling rather disgusted at the willingness to tread water that I see in this country. It is way past time to swim for shore and the sharks are getting closer.
*I am lucky to have survived my radiation exposure during the tests, but I have known so many who died of cancers, and families cursed with birth defects and still births because of that. We’ve already had WW-III. It lasted from 1945 to about 1998.
*The only difference is that instead of lobbing them at our neighbors, we all just kept shooting ourselves in the foot. During that time, there were 2,053 nuclear tests. The US set off 1,032 of them. The Russians were runner-ups with 715. A huge number of people suffered illnesses and cancers, many of them “downwinders” in the US, and people in the Marshall Islands. I would imagine Russia can say about the same for their people. Then there is Chernobyl, Fukushima, and numerous lesser accidents and spills, many in the US.
*The bil/trillionaires make even more money by deferring maintenance on power plants. If something goes wrong, the Government pays for the damages, out of our taxes, not the bil/trillionaires that own them. The bil/trillionaires make still more money by keeping the “cold” wars just short of turning “hot.” Trillions in research and manufacture of even more deadly weapons when the current bunch in the storage dumps could make this planet glow for a thousand years, if used.
*When is somebody, Fourth Reich, China, Russia, Korea, India or Pakistan going to feel they are in a “use it or lose it” situation and push the button. The blast is observed and the automatic launch responses kick in and it is all over. Militaries all over the world are trained, “Ours is not to reason why, ours is just to do and die.”
*It ain’t going to be pretty.
*But, who knows? Perhaps We the People of the World will get up on our hind legs and call this all off, and destroy these weapons, hopefully thinking up a way to safely store or destroy those thousands of tons of highly radioactive metals that were in the weapons.
*These are my thoughts on 11 September 2017, sixteen years after a black op brought disaster and horror upon the world, which had already seen too much disaster and horror in the 20th Century.
*This link is to Hashimoto San’s program on the tests. Well worth the watch.
*Live long and prosper, Ol’ Hoss!


Never forget the 3,000 innocent people that died on 9/11. I agree. That statement is mentioned over and over again, but what is never mentioned, in honor of those victims of 9/11, lets never forget to investigate the truth, because the governments official conspiracy theory is an insult to their memories!


Thanks for that horrific video. Now I know why I have never wanted to travel to the southwest.

You have been blessed with life, and knowledge of things that most never learn.

Please continue to enlighten those who cannot see.

Impart the gift of knowledge you’ve been given.


Nine Eleven was cooked up in the US and carried out by 3 other participants or more appropriately 3 additional partners in crime. The CIA provided the planes, Israelis outfitted the planes with drone capabilities, Saudi Arabia provided the 19 sacrificial lambs who had no role whatsoever in hijacking the planes since the planes could no longer be controlled by the pilots. Pakistan created a diversion by wiring large amounts of cash to some Al Qaeda affiliates in the US so as to put the blame on Al Qaeda. Osama Bin Laden was framed for the blame but he never owned up to it, neither did the Taliban in power at the time.
Osama may have been threatening to spill the beans so Pakistanis set him up for the US to capture and kill. Pakistan is and always has been a close ally of the CIA since it’s inception in 1948.

We are not fooled, this is not 1960’s.


As i am sure you know tons of money was made during the 2007, 2008 phony banskters deliberate collapse of the economy and the subsequent taxpayer bail out to the tune of some 13 trillion according to latest figures… The hurricanes and the devastated landscapes are prime target for the wealth 1% who made out like bandits after the banking collapse. They are grabbing prime real estate all over the country for pennies to the dollar after millions of bank foreclosures.