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160 Groups Oppose Trump Medicaid Policy That 'Cruelly Punishes and Stigmatizes Low-Income People'

160 Groups Oppose Trump Medicaid Policy That 'Cruelly Punishes and Stigmatizes Low-Income People'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

On the heels of a similar action by scores of lawmakers, 160 healthcare, criminal justice, and civil rights organizations have come out against the Trump administration's allowance and encouragement of s

This is a policy in furtherance of euthanasia.


It would be better to see these heartless cretins actually work for their living for the people who they are supposed to represent as opposed to their corporate handlers.


Not a single ‘pro-life’ organization has spoken out about how all of the above austerity cut-backs to make up for tax giveaways will harm and, yes, kill many of the most vulnerable in the United States.


That’s because their not really “pro life”, just pro birth. Ask any of them “how many children have you adopted”, overwhelmingly zero will be the answer.


Trump will have to be impeached out of office to stop this BS. He wants a government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. Of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations. If Republicans are buying into this BS in 2018, they need desperately to be reamed out. But it is up to all of us Americans and Common Dreamers. But some of us will not come out supporting Trump 100 percent, but they will not hold him accountable for slob policy decisions favoring the rich and corporations. This is at a point now that Republicans need to make a public decision other than endorse Trump 1000 percent for a horrific performance as president in his first term. If they cannot renounce him they need to go down with him 100%.


It’s systemic. This is how fascism works: The most marginalized, the most disenfranchised first, then those who dare dissent, and then the rest that doesn’t fit their fascist agenda…


I really clucking hate it when wealthy jerks beat up on poor people.

Go cluck yourself jerk.


I’ve lived in pretty conservative areas all my life, but the level of straight indifference, if not hostility, to poor people seems worse than I can recall.


Better resources go to productive citizens than to useless eaters.

Scratch the surface and it’s pure hypocrisy.

Trump doesn’t like non White Americans or non rich Americans. He is racist and sexist. How does someone become president as basically a white supremacist, racist, sexist? The president is supposed to be there for all Americans. That is Trump’s epic failure. He does not belong in the White House. He is totally unqualified if he is unable to relate to and serve ALL Americans. Not just his White Supremacist, racist, right wing voters.


And you think Mike Spence would be an improvement? How?

You are right and that is the problem. We are ruled not by elected representatives but by their corporate handlers for their profit first, second, third and always. We have to break corporate rule and it starts by recognizing that the are evil, in control and that people die everyday as a direct result of their greed and heartlessness.


If that’s how the ‘go to’ distribution works trollie, then Trump and rest of the human impersonators he calls his administration would be the most deprived life forms on the planet. Anything else below your ‘surface’ you want to scratch?

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I have no idea what you are saying. You are defending Trump’s anti-poor people policy?

My point is Republicans are pro-life until that life is actually born into the world. Then they could give a single fuck. I call that hypocrisy.


Where’s is Politifact and alikin rating Trump broken promise?

Regarded as a moral issue — a subjective perspective, I acknowledge — I find his view so astonishingly evil as to be unable to read it as his position, seeing it rather as a wish to be provocative.

Taking him at his word, and without being judgemental, it is a call for euthanasia, aligning him with the Nazis.

Addressing his views purely from his chosen perspective — what policy will maximize the productivity of the social group — it is so wildly misinformed and off the mark (the results actually obtaining from the writer’s policy being the antithesis of those he seeks and champions) as to be laughable were it not for its moral dimensions.

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Obviously Pence would be a worse disaster as a replacement president if something happened to Trump. That is probably why Trump chose Pence, a fundamentalist Christian right wing extremist basket case. It is a real stretch of the imagination to read what I said above and interpret it as me having no issue with Pence. Pence would be horrific. But Trump currently is very horrific but is more functional than Pence…

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Do not forget that the GOP Supreme Court quickly gave states the right to not expand medicaid which was a central part of the ACA. I do believe the attacks on all social programs after the massive tax cut that also helpe off-shore people and corporations is a form of genocide.