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17 Crosses for 17 Victims of Florida Massacre Dangled From Gun Show Billboard in Kentucky


Space –

Very interesting – and agree …

The result is that the U.S. has the highest murder rate on the planet. More people died last year in the U.S.
from gunfire, than casualties in the Ukrainian Civil war. On average 30,000 Americans die each year from guns. By comparison Europe, roughly the same population as the U.S., has had less than 30,000 gun deaths in the last decade! But the NRA has brainwashed Americans so thoroughly, that even if 20,000,000 Americans blew their heads off each year, the NRA would request MORE guns out there to the delight of corporate America.

You may not like the history behind the U.S. obsession with guns, but the truth is this is a recently manufactured phenomena designed to distract us from a collective desire to have government that represent the 99%.

Where would US “terrorism” be if there were no NRA “Wild West America” here?
The reality is there have been no enemies except those which the US/CIA has created since the end of WWII. The very real corruption of our government which we began to see in the McCarthy Era and the Cold War had a great deal to do with the rising of the CIA based in very questionable and secret circumstances.

And the CIA has only proved since proven the depth of its evils and danger to the people and democracy.

Obviously, the rise of the Civil Rights Era in the 1960’s, as well – and the long standing hope of Hoover to cause an uprising among AA’s here in order to slaughter them – were part, as well, of this obsession with guns for profit and murder. In unraveling this NRA we may find out just who has backed it, just what its source of staying power has been, and the roots of its fascist agenda.


I don’t know if conservatives who act like animals can call themselves people. Every serial killer and mass murderer calls himself a conservative.


Neither Guns nor the NRA will ever be “fun” – except in the minds of the few.

The American public now stands ever more firmly against the NRA and it’s desire
to spread gun violence across every town and every city – every American community.

And, of course, increasing the murders of our citizens – and especially its children.


“…there have been no enemies except those which the US/CIA has created since the end of WWII.”
Truer words have not been spoken. The demonization of the “Enemy du jour” has always had the tacit support of our corporate media as well rather than calling the U.S. government out on their immoral decisions to punish those who interfere with the neo-conservative, right wing agenda. While the MSM continues to suggest the horror that a foreign government has interfered with a U.S. election, there hasn’t been an election since WW11 that the U.S. hasn’t interfered with. From Italy to The Philippines to every country south of the Rio Grand, the U.S. has sponsored coups, supported ruthless dictatorships, armed every death squad and lied to the American public the whole way.
We need to have honest government and in MHO we must toss out any politician associated with either of the corrupt parties unless by some miracle the Democrats replace their corporate allegiance to wall Street with progressive candidates that support democracy and an end to the farce they call our ‘elected representatives’.


I haven’t read a better “Call to Arms.”


That’s pretty much what happens when your “free press” is AWOL and has been for generations.

See: CIA Operation Mockingbird


Why look what’s crawled out its bunker, reeking of booze and gun oil - it’s MMini-Lame-brain the dumbass.

“When the Second Amendment was ratified, civilians had the exact same weapons as the military.”

Yea, every farmer had a cannon in his barn. Thanks for sharing. Dumbass.


“the local citizenry blamed government forces rather than the extremists”

But the non-local majority in the U.S. that want more gun control blamed the extremists and supported hanging the dumbass criminals by the neck until dead for treason against the democratic U.S. government.


“You think blacks are going to roll over?”

Well, now…it is true African American gun ownership has spiked since Trump…probably because he ran a racist campaign and - since his election - blacks believe they have more reason to fear dangerous, out-of-the-closet dumbasses like you.


“I’m not sure what you are talking about.”

I’m not sure if he’s vague because he’s caching illegal weapons and plotting armed insurrection, or if he’s simply a delusional dumbass.

I’d guess the second. But I’m contacting the FBI to be safe.