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17 Dead in Florida School Shooting: 'We Should Never Accept These Horrific Acts of Violence as Routine'


17 Dead in Florida School Shooting: 'We Should Never Accept These Horrific Acts of Violence as Routine'

Jon Queally, staff writer

At least seventeen people were killed, and more than fifteen left wounded, after the latest U.S. mass shooting took place at high school in south Florida on Wednesday.


Our Society is a deeply troubled one. And most of the blame lies in the lap of those who have intentionally placed the US citizenry in a pressure cooker, turning up the heat after every episode of screwing them over.

Of course, of course, of course I’m not justifying this individual heinous act, but not even this wretched soul is an island.


I cluck to differ :slight_smile:


As to mine being better than yours. It’s okay, I understand the assumption that this chicken might be in the mood to peck!


Read this a while back. Might explain some of our problems.
capitalism makes us crazy: Dr. Gabor Mate on illness and addiction

Let me know if it doesn’t work, my first time with a link like this.


What if 24 hour MSM coverage of these acts were to include video footage of the children’s/victims bullet-ridden bodies in pools of blood, on every teevee channel every day for a week. Front page color photos in every newspaper and news magazine. Would that help sway public opinion?


And yet another shooting spree at a high school. Another day of horror. Another day that will be forgotten tomorrow as our society loves their guns more than sanity itself. Another day for the government to look the other way. Another day for the NRA to say it’s our right to own guns which means more than life itself. Another day to face the fact that we are a nation of born killers but refuse to do so.

I posted this on my front page, in red…


I am your age, born in 51…thank you for saying what I don’t know how to say…


Reading the comments on twitter makes me sad. More people interested in debating the race of the shooter (white or Hispanic).


We need real gun control in this country. We also need more than 1 counselor for every 500-1000 students. We need counselors whose job is to deal with youth struggling whether academically, socially, financially. NY State is going to incorporate mental health into its K-12 curriculum. A very necessary life skill.


Dear gun-toting lunatic: Please reread the bill of Rights and review American history; your angry, self-serving interpretations and distortions are way off base! And, by the way, if high blood pressure is also a problem, I recommend lots of fruits, veggies, and perhaps some slow yoga.


See here: http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2017/06/22/key-takeaways-on-americans-views-of-guns-and-gun-ownership/ that the majority are for gun control.

The problem is the primitive and ramshackle attempt at ‘democracy’ that the people of the U.S. are presented with:

'First-past-the-post voting systems in single-member electorates that discourage candidates outside of what Gore Vidal described as the ‘choice between the two Right wings of the one party’. (Also not infrequently no choice at all with incumbents standing unopposed.)

The lack of statuary, independent and non-partisan electoral authorities which facilitates partisan ‘gerrymandering’ and voter suppression.

The near 100% fraud in the Internet Age of needing huge ‘campaign donations’ to ‘get the message out’.

Attend to the above and a political culture may develop that more represents the will of a majority of the people.


I and many other parents, do not want our children in a classroom in which the teacher has a gun. You and many other gun lovers always use the argument that more guns will help reduce violence and deaths when there is no evidence of it.
Many of us average citizens are more concerned about recent assaults on our fourth amendment and first amendment rights. For all practical purposes, the Bill of Rights is dead, so why should the second amendment be exempt.


Well, the race is important. White skin = demented poor soul. Dark skin = evil terrorist murderer./snark


Dear gun-toting, meat-eating, hyper-masculine, deer-killing lunatic:

I assume you’re a bot, so I’m just having fun replying to your mindless, computer-driven efforts to excuse or ignore gun-nut lunacy and evil. How does it work? Are you programmed randomly to invoke certain phrases, “2nd Amendment!” “ad hominem!” and “REgressive!”? BTW, since you, like me, apparently favor deontological theories of ethics grounded in rights-attributions, perhaps you will join me in championing the rights of animals, like the deer you consume? XXOO.



Boy oh Boy this thread is hot with anger. How very sad.

A bit of history. The second amendment was written in the manner it was to provide the country with a well armed citizen army. There was not to be a standing army because they are too expensive. So the citizens with guns became the well regulated stand-in. If you owned a gun you defended the country against all attacks. If you understand that and reread the amendment you’ll understand why it is written the way it is.

In today’s world if you own a gun you should be part of the National Guard. Your gun kept there and you serve in time of need. Get it?


2 members of my family signed that piece of paper so I know damn well what I am writing about!


I think the Republican Party should change their logo from the elephant to the skull and crossbones on a pile of dollar bills. No to gun control, no to single payer healthcare, no to keeping fossil fuels in the ground and of course, yes to massive military spending. Looks to me like the party of death.


This is sort of timely to me. I’m in pulmonary rehab - go twice a week - and was talking to the nurses there about depression (it’s their job to assess the mental state of their patients) and told them about how my youngest son tried to kill himself when he was in HS. That was Tuesday and had been rehashing in my mind that period in our little family’s travails. My son had been bullied, and ostracized, and probably exhibited some of the same anti-social behavior this kid exhibited. But what came first - the chicken or the egg?

So this newest episode to me is not about guns, it is about love, or rather lack of it. Of course, why is it so easy for someone not yet an adult to get a semi-automatic weapon and gobs of ammo and go and act out his violent retribution? This kid probably suffered some of the same cruel abuse that my son had. The difference was Cruz turned his despair outward; my son, and others like him, turned his inward to try to stop the pain that just would not end.

Another sad day for a very sad society.


To all the brilliant, compassionate, wise, critical thinkers of common dreams:
stop engaging with trolls. It is just as pointless as trying to convince someone who rejects science and AGW.