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17 Million Americans Purged From Voter Rolls Between 2016 and 2018, Analysis Finds

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/02/17-million-americans-purged-voter-rolls-between-2016-and-2018-analysis-finds

It’s a damn funny kind of democracy that tries to disenfranchise as many citizens as possible.


The interesting statistic would be how many of those purged returned to the rolls? For example, looking at the map, MA, NH, ME and WA (none of which are, by any stretch of the imagination, “red states”) appear to consistently have among the highest level of purging, along with OK and ID. To what extent was this actually cleaning out the voting rolls of those who died, moved, etc., and those who the election officials would find “problematic”? The Brennan Center data doesn’t appear to address this.


And both the republicans and democrats are guilty of this, and no Russians involved! Paging Rachel Maddow…


It might be a good idea if everyone were to re-register to vote to counter these efforts.


17 million in 3 years sound like lot, given that only 2.8 million of us die every year. Is there a context for these voter purges? How many voters were on the list? How many people moved out of the area? How many move in? How many are incarcerated (we are after all the country with the highest rate of incarceration in the world)? How many US citizens eligible to vote live in a county?

Ok, that last one was just a rhetorical question, cuz apparently it not politically correct to ask it.

Some say it is the best. Some say other countries are jealous of our democracy, that is why they terrorize us. Some say it is worth dying for ( even if your name was purged from voting list). Let’s go begin another war to bring the world’s best democracy to them!


It’s a form of Republican Democracy. Been around for a while.

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Some states allow same-day registration; if you are somehow purged from the voter rolls then you can correct that problem when you learn about it at the polls. Every state should allow this, if only in recognition that manipulation of the voter rolls has become a common form of election fraud.


I wonder if the 77,000 votes needed to flip the vote to the dems and away from trump could be found within those 17 million?
Sounds like without cheating, republicans are in trouble.

El Paso, latest shooting by one of trump’s deplorables.
I feel especially bad for people of color in this country, more now than ever before.
White folks are not immune from this violence.
I do wonder if this is another case of "Did we know something was up with this individual?
Also, why are the military there?
Why are whites not referred to as terrorists?

So roughly 1/2 of those removed died. How many moved? Roughly 35M people move each year. Some, I’m sure, stay in their districts, but many others change districts. 17 million stricken over 3 years seems a relatively small number when you consider that.

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I want to know who purged the rolls ? Could there be hacking involved ? We will never know ?

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If we can Get Bernie to the nomination we only need 100,000 more votes this time around and to me that’s a slam dunk. He will blow trump away !

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Man, these Republicans accomplish one mission after another. Were that the Democrats were half as effective.

The ME purge seemed to occur when the governor was a Republican and he appointed the secretary of state. MA was probably the same situation. WA has had a Republican sec of state stince the 60s for some reason. The sec of state in NH is voted in by the legislature but has been the same person since the 70s. He is more complex as he is a democrat but he participated in Trumps voter fraud commission. I think he kind of straddles the centre and swings whichever way that is needed to stay in office since the legislature there changes back and forth.

Some might well be just housekeeping. But we’ve seen it can be weaponized like in TX recently where the sec of state had to resign for going overboard.

In MA, the voter rolls are controlled by the Secretary of State who is a Democrat. Ditto for Maine.