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18 Reasons Why We Must Invest in America's Infrastructure


18 Reasons Why We Must Invest in America's Infrastructure

Carl Pope

In Monday's debate, Hillary Clinton pledged to spend $275 billion investing in America's infrastructure. Donald Trump doubled down, promises lots more.


An elementary public school kid can explain why, and Washington D.C., knows why also. Evidently, the money is being re-directed to the Death Merchants, a lot of money.


I believe that Mr. Pope is referring to the American Society of Civil Engineers.


I wonder if those lead water pipes in Washington are contributing to the Nero complex that affects the USA's makers of foreign policy? Lead poisoning makes people irrational and aggressive.

How many USAian police drink water from lead pipes?


Eliminate all taxes and only tax the superrich at 100% over a net worth up to say, 50 million. Then distribute the rest equally among all citizens. If we did that, we might all afford decentralized solar power for home and business, start our own businesses and afford our life's necessities. But we can't do it because we the people don't make the laws.

If its not direct, its not democracy


I completed my masters degree thesis that addressed deferred maintenance of infrastructure three decades ago, concurrent with the Democratic Leadership Council's (DLC) first major accomplishment...bipartisan 1986 tax reform, the most regressive tax reform in history that assured ever increasing corporate welfare at the expense of infrastructure and other "domestic programs".