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181 Nations Just Voted to Help Refugees. Only the Far-Right United States and Hungary Voted "No"


181 Nations Just Voted to Help Refugees. Only the Far-Right United States and Hungary Voted "No"

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The United States was a near global outlier Monday at the United Nations General Assembly in rejecting a framework to bolster international cooperation on refugees.


ICE deported Santa!

They said that landing on the rooftop and coming down the chimney constituted illegal entry, and then his name, “Santa”, sounded Hispanic, like Santamaria.


The inscription on the Statue Of Liberty needs to start with: DON’T SEND!


How about this:

Trump’s Wall en-graved with the words (since it’s almost Christmas): "No Room At The Inn."


We are no longer the United States of America.

This current administration, and more largely, both parties of the Duopoly, have divided this country’s people so horribly, we must heretofore be called simply, the States of Division.


sigh— the Preamble says, “WE the People of the United States–” —it doesn’t say anything about the mean and heartless politicians! This nation is made of up refugees----we need an intelligence test before any president or congressional stupidities can be enacted!


Incredibly, Americans have managed to dupe the entire planet with their fake morality and even faker generosity. In a way, Trump is more honest in his nauseating display of narcissism, and his blue collar trash supporters are open about their bigotry. Pretty awful the whole thing.


Americans have the government they chose to have. Their government didn’t divide them, Trump merely expresses what white working class Americans are all about. It is embarrassing, but it is true.


I think most countries realize Trump doesn’t speak for the majority of Americans and in fact only he governs for his supporters. And of course he was elected by a stealth campaign carried out by Russia. The NY Times today revealed the Russians actually used Instragram more than Facebook and particularly targeted African Americans and supporters of Bernie Sanders hoping the former wouldn’t bother to vote and latter either would not bother to vote or would vote for Jill Stein. And the Times also revealed that the National Enquirer may have actually played a bigger role than Russia in getting Trump elected with numerous issues that sit in racks next to supermarket checkout line having cover stories portraying Trump positively and Clinton negatively. Nobody can say for sure how much Russia or the National Enquirer helped get Trump elected but he certainly got help from some unlikely sources.


I don’t see anything fake about American morality and generosity. I think it is real and other countries realize that. But it appears that perhaps all populations have groups that prefer authoritarian rule and the US is no exception. And the US is experiencing it isn’t easy maintaining democracy. Last century we saw a number of democracies give way to authoritarian rule and the same thing is happening this century.


Time to tear down the Statue of Liberty which never should have been erected given what this nation did and continues to do to the indigenous…


So where are 700 Club leaders, the Southern Baptists, the Catholic churches? Where is Father Sarducci for comic relief. Where is Huckabee? Where are any of the right-wing bozos that would gladly give your money to rich folks?


So, is the Orange Pustule also “like-minded” with Hungary’s new strong man, Orban, like he is with Brazil’s new proto-fascist" president? Lucky Donny, another two autocrats that he can get pointers from! To hell with this silly democracy thing! It just gets in the way of the Haves.


“It isn’t easy maintaining democracy”. Is that why the U.S. has actively participated in the thwarting (often with violence) of burgeoning democracies around the world? Honduras is one of the latest examples. If I were one of those countries or someone who is sympathetic to them I would look at the U.S. as an example of chickens rightly coming home to roost.


Or end with the addendum “and we will give you a bargain on soylent green”.


They are Fake Christians just as Pelosi and the rest are fake progressives.


Stop the bogus war on terror and bring our troops home and there will be no more refugees.


Don’t give the Trumpsters any ideas, as we could all soon be eating Mexican food.
Just not the Mexican food you think…


We are simply experiencing the last gasp of exclusive white power in the USA. White Europeans knew thirty years ago that their days as the sole leadership class in this nation were numbered as they were well aware of the coming demographic storm.
Every major policy change since the days of Nixon has had one underlying goal, maintain the white structure for as long as possible. Every policy from red-lining, to mandatory sentencing, to voter suppression, to closing the borders, have been implemented in an effort to limit the rising politcal power of people of color in the 21st century.
And now we see the endgame. The oligarchy has been backed into a corner, and they have responded in an all too predictable manner.
They are pushing the nation towards authoritarianism. They have seen the signs. They can’t imprison them all. They can’t suspend everyone’s right to vote. Unless of course they make the leap to totalitarianism.
But don’t worry. If you’re white and upper middle class you won’t notice any difference. Except you may have to mow your own lawn. Oh, the humanity!


Stopping the genocidal wars on Asian and African Peasants will go a long way. Stopping the wars on South and Central American Nations will reduce the refugee flow to a trickle… yes the US has run continuous wars in South and Central America since Monroe.

Side note: Thanks to Lrx, I now know why I voted for Jill Stein. The un-resistible urge not to vote for Clinton (the designated lesser evil) was caused by the ‘Russians’. The amateurs of the RNC and DNC could learn a lot about interference in elections from alleged Russian ‘interference’.