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19 States and DC Sue Trump Over 'Cruel, Immoral, and Illegal' Plan to Detain Migrant Children Indefinitely

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/27/19-states-and-dc-sue-trump-over-cruel-immoral-and-illegal-plan-detain-migrant

From the article:

“The coalition of states warned the Trump administration’s rule would ‘result in the vast expansion of family detention centers’…”

Maybe that’s the real reason for attacking Flores–a direct subsidy to the for-profit prison industry. Long-term damage to children is just the cherry on top.


Criminal not just civil.

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As the lawsuits and humanitarian disasters wash past our screen with the latest hurricanes, fires, and floods, it’s useful to pull back for the long view of what this process is doing to us. I have little doubt the general outline of the process is entirely deliberate, and mostly bipartisan. Inch by inch, row by row, we become habituated to the institutional reality of concentration camps. Already there’s a concentration camp lobby. If you close the camps, good USAmericans will lose their jobs, down in Texas.

One of the few illuminating moments to emerge from early Dem prezcan debates was when Julian Castro challenged his fellow candidates to decriminalize immigration. Few took him up on that.


Trump being the smartest person on the planet should know what a screwed up childhood could lead to. Look in the mirror buddy.


We’ve been watching this process since the “Supreme” Court appointed the bush shrub president. He had a bunch of concentration camps built and maintained for holding bird flu victims, "or for such other reasons the president deems necessary." Cheneybush did one unconstitutional affront to We the People and the world in general after another.
*We got the same old, “Well, he’s the president so we just have to wait until the next election and vote him out.” Another phony election and, “Well, he’s the president so we just have to wait until the next election and vote him out.”
*Then Obama conned us with redress of unconstitutional actions, reduce the wars, promotion of “civil rights.” When he was elected by a landslide vote, he promptly widened the wars, further curbed civil rights and gifted the banking class with tax breaks and removal of progressive legislation that had stifled the billionaires a few decades ago. People wanted to get rid of him and put the Constitution back in the Halls of Government, intact and functioning. Once again it was, “Well, he’s the president so we just have to wait until the next election and vote him out.” Guess what?
*After another four years of giveaways and widening wars, Obama’s time was up. We got another election, this time between the “Creature from the Black Lagoon” and a greedy, childish, wealthy, mental defective with delusions of grandeur. The only candidate with a real chance of winning against him withdrew from the race.
*Now we live in the Fourth Reich, ruled by an Hitler wannabe with a ruthless SA and SS doing his bidding, with a strong possibility of a Nuclear war in the offing. *The cretin in charge would rather see the world destroyed than have to share any of his ill-gotten gains with any of We the People of the World whom he reduced to poverty, hunger and disease for his own profit and that of the billionaire$ and trillionaire$ that own him.
*If Bernie will stay the course this time, perhaps we’ll win and turn this mess around, assuming that any patriotic citizen will be allowed to win and work his magic, his drive, his hope, without running into a bullet, being hit by a truck, having an airliner crash with him as a passenger or eating a sandwich with “bad” meat, or something else, in it.
*Meanwhile, the Wehrmacht has received yet more billion$ to spread death and destruction around the world for the profit of the ruling Oligarchy. We have fascists and Nazis around the world, being paid by the Fourth Reich to promote terror and destruction to all who do not agree with us or refuse to obey us.
*If we do not turn this mess around, our rapidly approaching mass extinction may be of all, of Earth, herself.
*But, “He’s the president. We’ll just have to wait until we can vote him out in the next four years.” With concentration camps being built to house protesting citizens, immigrants, their children taken from them with no justice, to be kept in black sites, perhaps forever.
*I hope the time is near when two or three hundred millions of We the People will hit the streets, yelling, “We’re mad as Hell! And we aren’t going to take it anymore!” Hopefully they, We, will retake this nation from the fascists and Nazis that now control it and see that real justice is done.
*The alternative probably looks like very bright mushrooms on the horizon or perhaps closer, over the shopping center or school down the road. Those who don’t die quickly from flash burns and radiation exposure will live a life of cancers, organ failures, sickness, mental degradation until they finally breathe their last, on a wasted planet…