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1984 Arrives Thirty Years Late: Say Goodby to Privacy Forever if This Bill Passes


1984 Arrives Thirty Years Late: Say Goodby to Privacy Forever if This Bill Passes

Diane Ravitch

Legislation called “The Student Right to Know Before You Go Act” has been introduced in both houses of Congress. Nice name, no? Don’t you think you should have “the right to know before you go” to a college or university?

What it really means is that the federal government will:


You are a wise “old soul,” Diane Ravitch. Many people only see what is right before their eyes. They lack the intuition to recognize the applications of today’s data streams and the rationale behind this form of group-psychological plumbing.

Today’s article by Glenn Greenwald explains that military intelligence has bored itself into on-line chat rooms in order to ensure conformity to specific memes, official narratives, and related talking points.

Individuals possessed of clout–like Cass Sunstein–have published academic papers that describe those who question government authority–as individuals possessed of psychological disorders, defects, and impairments. This is pretty much the former recipe used in Soviet Russia to lock up political dissidents.

Although there are profit-oriented applications that can be mined from this data, I think a lot is based on tracking “radicals” before they have a chance to amass a rebellious following.

It was not until Clinton was elected President that his dossier was discussed. People don’t know how to think backwards; and by that I mean, before Clinton had any political status, and was still a college student, what made him enough of a person of interest to warrant that level of data-collecting?

Between McCarthy’s witch hunts (and all the careers of writers, poets, academics destroyed) and the Church Committee’s findings and rulings, this nation’s right wing thugs had (and still have) a history of trampling over the lives, rights, and livelihoods of those who are smarter than they are, hold a far more egalitarian vision for human beings; and abide by philosophies that are not respectful towards top-down, father-knows-best, military-like hierarchical government institutions.

Thank you for sharing this latest offense of the new Fourth Reich.


Ms. Ravitch is trending toward one issue beside just privacy and government misdoings. As an educational historian she is writing about how hard it is going to be for all levels of education from kindergarten through university level not to become simply corporatized factories, with the role of educating citizens taking a distant second to the further development of those who receive education being more or less a credit rating at whatever level they are at.
Please read her observations on K-12 education in the United States regarding the Common Core requirements and how by design they invite the private sector into the classroom at the expense of children receiving well rounded, healthy educations. This is the moment, right now, when the United States makes it’s choice to continue with privatization of all levels of education, or puts the brakes on a business community gone mad with acquisition of any and all public resources. In this case, the schools and colleges.


Under the mission to inform it should be understood well beyond any left/right considerations what continues to appear ever more clearly that the entire construct of the e-universe is to expose, entertain, encage, envelop, eschew, erode, extort, exempt, entomb, erase, and expunge every human right from any individual making any possibility of advancement or a accrual of freedom impossible without prior consent and approval from certain arbiters of the status quo, whoever they may be.
It appears George Carlin’s ‘Club’ reference was not merely a convenient stream of consciousness performance for a few laughs. I urge just-minded folks to research Martin Armstrong’s incarceration and eventual release through the Marcus Vetter documentary, The Forecaster, and Armstrong’s writings on the cashless society.
A cashless society is where we seem to be heading. It makes sense that to extract every penny of profit and taxation it would be necessary to control access to and knowledge of the most intimate details of every individual’s existence. No financial transaction of any kind would be possible without the appropriate iPhone, Android or other e-chip to swipe, completing every purchase at a specific time and place while completely identifying and documenting every such event.
This is where one sees and begins to make sense out of such statements as 'deficits don’t matter anymore,'and ‘who needs taxes?’ Once the International economy crashes, as is occurring locally in the Euro community, all tangible assets such as gold, silver, blah, blah, blah, truly become irrelevant as far as any formal money or currency. Certainly, the rigors of the Patriot Act fit hand in glove with this grab going on.
So, the upbeat portion of this statement is that it only occurs if we accept it.
The Wars must end. The insider food supply feeding the appetite for war must end.
The struggle, fight and eternal endeavor for the individual human rights of every person must become the bedrock fundamental basis upon which we construct our future.
But only if we accept and act on it.