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1984 at the Grocery Store


1984 at the Grocery Store

Jim Hightower

Wall Street analysts tell us that Amazon’s $14 billion buyout of Whole Foods isn't only a win-win for both of them, but also for consumers, for Amazon intends to lower the organic grocer's prices.

Really? Yes, they say, because Amazon will use its amazing computer-driven tactics to cut Whole Foods' cost of selling groceries.

But Amazon’s robotic "efficiency" is achieved by cutting people. It ruthlessly squeezes suppliers, for example, demanding that they give bankruptcy-level wholesale prices to the retail colossus.


Corporate Governance is rampaging ahead, and coming down the pike soon are driverless cars, and the banning of cash purchases.

Corporate Governance will keep track of what you buy, who you talk to, and every move you make.

Once this phase of “inverted totalitarianism” is inverted, if one’s opinions or activities does not comply with the Corporate Totalitarian State, one will get electronically cut off from any privilege.

Barter? That will be a criminal offense, and reporting such activity will be incentivized electronically as well.

Did you download that app that gives you $1,000 credit from Amazon Foods for turning in your neighbor for trading washing windows for food from your neighbor’s garden?

I’m being rhetorically slightly absurd here, but only slightly.

Dark days ahead, unless this Corporate Governance monster is put in check.


Support your local “mom and pop” store" while you can still find them!


Three years into Saint Ron’s regime, 1984 actually marked the end of the era of anti-trust regulation enforcement that kept corporations from gaining too much control, often to the point of monopolizing industries and states’ respective economies. Since then anti-trust laws themselves have been whittled away enabling corporate control of gubmit to burgeon. Since the dawn of the 21st century Wal-Mart has been the largest private employer in more than half the states

Seeing how more than half the US population in Murka is under 40 years of age a majority of Murkins can not tell the difference between ant-trust and ant-freeze.


Another gain could be realized when all other retail operations fire all their employees and replace them with computers. Next the banks, then the restaurants and hamburger joints. Soon, no business will need employees, there will no one working and it will be pure efficiency and profit. The 100 owners of everything in the world will just trade with each other, passing a trillion dollars a day back and forth among them. Libertarian paradise in action.


When businesses no longer need employees,and no one has a job, who is going to buy all the stuff they sell?


There’s always someone who wants to refer to history…and ruin all the fun! (SARC)


What is happening is the banks want everyone to keep their money in a bank where it can be easily stolen. Negative interest rates are a tax. The goldbugs are not crazy. If you can only buy food with a credit card, they have you by the balls. Tinfoil hat time.


Did you see the Visa push to get this cashless ball rolling?

They have offered to pay small businesses, particularly restaurants $10,000 for refusing to accept cash.

Those that sign on, get free upgrades to their card processing systems.

I’m openly wondering here, is it legal for any business to refuse “legal tender”?


So when the media fetes scurrilous trash like Bezos, what is it that they are honoring? His superior “business acumen” and “entrepreneurial genius” or his uncompromising ruthlessness and all-consuming greed?

A rhetorical question and the answer of course is the latter, for that is the “brave new world” in which the msm thrives. There is no genius, no innovation there. It is simply predatory monopolization, exactly the playbook of Wal-Mart. Bankrupt the competition and dictate terms to anyone left standing.

Unrestrained capitalism is a blight and a cancer on human survivability, and it will take a worldwide uprising to reclaim any human future from the clutches of human greed. Unfortunately this system is going to wreak far more misery and destruction before it falls.


We the People must slam our foot on the brakes of this runaway car before it drives itself in the ditch.


Meanwhile, in my neighborhood: http://www.startribune.com/twin-cities-man-blames-autopilot-after-tesla-rolls-into-marsh/434941843/


Yeah, in my wildest dreams I hoped for this! (The kind of crap Libertarians WOULD say). Spread em, everyone, the big bar code readers coming in…Make a great B grade film: Libertarian Prostitutes Having Fun Doing Nothing."


Not that I know of, although apparently it may be legal to refuse huge numbers of pennies as payment. Nothing good can come of this movement to get rid of cash. I can’t wait to see kids taking credit cards at their lemonade stands…


But don’t you folks say that a rise in the minimum wage will destroy the entire economy and cost people jobs? This actually WILL cost people jobs, but that’s a good thing in this case, huh?

The difference being who gets the reward. Just plain evil, all dressed up in fancy language.


The argument I hear is that criminals use cash and this is actually an anti-crime measure.

Of course, there have been plenty of stories about the unbanked and how rough they have it. This would just make it that much harder for them, but they’re poor and have no political power, so who cares?