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'$2.5 Trillion Theft': Study Shows Richest 1% of Americans Have Taken $50 Trillion From Bottom 90% in Recent Decades

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/15/25-trillion-theft-study-shows-richest-1-americans-have-taken-50-trillion-bottom-90


Again, these people do not “create wealth”. They are not “wealth creators”. That is an entirely bogus statement that they continually try and drive into the peoples heads through the media and Governments that they own.

These people STEAL wealth and even as they steal it they claim that when their ill gotten gains taxed that it is theft. This is the same as it ever was. Remember this the same class of people that once openly owned slaves from whom they stole centuries of labor from, and then demanded compensation for lost “property” when those slaves were “freed”.

Their zealous defense of “property rights” from which they claim all “Liberty and Freedom” evolves is so as to ensure that what they steal from others always remains theirs.


"… Richest 1% of Americans Have Taken $50 Trillion From Bottom 90% in Recent Decades … "

This IS the model of U.S. “capitalism”!


Reminds me of the old story:

A rich capitalist and two union workers sit at the table around a cherry pie. The capitalist cuts it into 12 pieces, takes 10 for himself, then whispers to one of the union guys “watch out, that other guy is trying to steal your slice.”


The wealth of the world and its resources rightfully belong to all the worlds people.

Ownership is a human construct having nothing to do with ultimate reality.

Share and share alike .
Live simply so others may simply live.


That’s an awesome piece of writing their Suspira …
If we could just have a transparent visible monetary system where all transactions were open to the light of public scrutiny.

“Nothing changes inappropriate behaviour faster than the light of public scrutiny.”


With the worsening of the morbidly vast wealth gap and big business gaining advantage over the worker, I don’t see how very much can be realistically done towards any notable progress for the little guy (e.g. via a strong social pendulum shift).
Unlike with a few social/worker revolutions of the past, notably the Bolshevik and French revolutions, it seems to me that contemporary Western world’s virtual corpocracy and superfluously wealthy essentially have the police and military states in their pockets – and thus the absurdly unjust income inequities persist.


Neoliberalism began to shoot up in the 70s (remember Allende’s fate in Chile in 73?). Friedman and his Chicago boys made this theft much easier at home and abroad. Most administrations have danced to the tune overtly and/or covertly. And hence, the likes of Bezos…


There are no moral or material justifications for wealth.

We live on planet Earth, not planet Man. The Earth sets the limits. Nowhere in the natural world did any species evolve so as to take thousands and thousand of times more than it needed from its environment. We didn’t evolve to do that, either, but unfortunately we have the thumbs and the brains to be able to make that choice.

Our belief that as long as we are “talented enough” and willing to “work hard enough,” that we have a moral right to wealth is complete delusion. Self-serving, grandiose, sociopathic delusion.

We made it up, and it’s wrong. It’s a lie. We don’t have that entitlement.


That’s ok little people, you just worry about blacky and the mooselambs, and the socialists. We’ll fleece you from on high.

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I just read a story on christians and how a growing number believe in demons and they also believe Trump is the Messiah. I don’t know of any word to adequately describe this stupidity.

Now we are told how the capitalists have fleeced us, stolen from us and used us.

Folks, it seems evident to me that the fucking christians and the capitalists are destroying our lives and the health of the world. Greed and rank stupidity.


Can i have mine back please.

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This must be a joke, no rich guy would sit down with two union workers. :))


I have to give Nick Hanauer credit, he has for some time been trying to warn his fellow 1%'s of the inequality.

“Beware, Fellow Plutocrats, The Pitchforks Are Coming” / TED Platform


"Banned TED Talk: Nick Hanauer “Rich People Don’t Create Jobs” / Zubenelgenubiii Platform

There are others.


You are in the wrong forums. You belong in “Fascists are us”.

Capitalism externalizes costs and claims that what was once common property now belongs to an individual. Thomas Paine recognized this when he pointed out that allowing some small few to OWN land under “property” laws excluded others from garnering benefits off the same. I could go on in much greater detail but I know your “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps” types. You are all full of yourselves.

Just as a starter I would suggest you review how Bill Gates gained Control of the MS Dos Operating system,. Here is a clue. he did not develop it. He had really good lawyers.


There are quite a few countries where the wages have kept up, it seems. They are basically living the American Dream while we aren’t.

Sure, things are expensive, but they have lots of essentials paid for so the large numbers of people who arent working go to college or live fairly well working less. Those countries, for example, the nordic countries (not the UK where too many poor people are literally starving to death) arent like the US, people are happy and arent constantly living in fear of some accident that puts them in the hospital.

The lying politicians need to step down.

Because this is my country just like it is everybody’s country who cares about DEMOCRACY, and the people who stole the Democratic Party are going against every single important thing. They literally are stealing the country and world from all of us. And its caused a massive amount of misery. Isnt anybody going to call them waht they are, thieves?

How, do you justify making it so all of us are wasting our time trying to get changes that they silently gave away, no traded away in irreversible treaties. bending over backwards to create the most elaborate lies imaginable, deceiving millions of young people. Shame on all of you.

So why dont you and the people who had the gaul to trade away this country’s jobs, (only beginning, but potentially huge) democracy, policy space and future, go to those countries whose oligarchies continued dominance they considered to be so important its worth trading away the middle class for.

Something that not a single one of us it seems except for a tiny number of very creepy people ever it seems gave them permission to do. Trading hgher drug prices for jobs has actually killed tens of millions of poor people.

You dont know what I’m talking about, well make it your business to know what “your government” is doing in your name or it may bite you in the ass sometime soon. Dont say I didnt warn you. You have no fucking idea.

If you did you wouldlikely agree with me, they are almost certainlly hiding it from you too.

Amazon kills 2 jobs for everyone it creates. You know that. Amazon underpays its workers leading to many of them having to rely on Government programs to survive very much like wal-mart. You know that. Bezos maximizes his profits by cutting labor costs to the bone. He profits off the labor of others. You know that. Amazon has driven thousands of businesses into bankruptcy and has in fact caused more Job losses in the USA then has China. You know that.

The number of peoples living in extreme poverty (less then 2 dollars per day) has risen. In 2013 it was at a high of some 6 million according to a US study from the Poverty center… The UN puts this number much higher today estimating as many as 18 million in the USA live in extreme poverty.

To Bill gates. MS Dos was based on code stolen from another firm. Gary Kidall could not afford the team of lawyers that Gates could when he tried to prove MS DOS code was based on code he had already developed.

Capitalism IS theft. When something is owned in common and then sees that ownership transferred to a single person it IS theft. As example if there a fresh water spring all people can equally share in using that water. When that is turned into PRIVATE property then only the person who deems to now OWN that water can use it. That private individual did not invent or create that water. That it was privatized and monetized is what gives it value. This is not wealth creation.


Search: “The Coming Financial Storms”:…
Jobs and work in the future will be only for essential goods & services. People will not have money to spend on non-essentials. Many will be out of work, as their jobs are non-essential, too expensive or un-needed. It will be very different. Earning money from doing work that does not generate value will no longer be possible… People who have money, who are rich will be in great danger from the masses who do not. It is best that they use their money while it still has value. It will be a time of giving… Our current world of finance will no longer be possible… A house of cards, a facade it is… You have time, some time to prepare but not much time. Pay off your debts. Learn practical skills… We are living in a new reality, there is no back to go back to…

Jobs in the future will just be done by machines or guest workers.