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$2 Million and Compulsory Training for President's Children Called 'Poetic End' to Trump Charity Abuse Case

They were home-schooled in grifting, and obviously mastered the subject.


“No one is above the law”, but we sure as hell do not treat people equally under it either.
Once again another of america’s successful criminals (the rich) gets away with a customary slap on the wrist, and the rest of us is supposed to accept this as a triumph of justice.


Hmm, freeze his assets maybe?


I’d say that the Addams Family was far more moral, good-looking and fun than the Trump mutant clan.

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I downloaded the pathetic picture of this corrupt, criminal family and experimented with some Photochop. They are much easier to take with no heads. Wait…it’s Photoshop, right…?

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If the Cilnton’s charity is so corrupt, why arent they being forced to pay fines, and why has their charity not been shut down?

They have not been charged with any wrongdoing because there is no valid evidence of wrong doing, even though there has been no lack of trying to smear them ever since Billy got caught with his package in Monica’s mouth.

If you have evidence convince an Attorney General to bring charges. Otherwise, STFU!

Your accusations are invalid.


If being a child is the essential state for learning manners , then fret not ,there will always be time for them to learn.

What a photo- Trump the tyrant and his compliant offspring .
Hands folded in a pose of respect based on fear of daddy’s reprisal.
The love him and he them , but if they step out of line , he will wield that love as weapon via withholding it.
His children are spineless through no fault of their own , but at some point one has to stand up to daddy and embrace truth . Not likely to happen ,but??
My real blood father whom my mother divorced when i was two was similar to trump.
Charismatic , charming and a tyrant.
His children by another woman were broken and silent around him.
After forty years i connected with him and we started a relationship.
One day after a few years of him getting to know my rebellious nature he said , “ there would have been blood if you grew up with me, i looked him straight in the eyes and said, “ Yeah, yours” .
He nearly came unglued with flushed face and trembling hands , but from that moment on he always showed respect for me.
Not sure what that has to do with the article , it just popped up , so what the hell .


From the closing paragraph:
“… the Trump [Foundation]… gave an impermissible $25,000 political donation to support Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi while her office was reportedly considering joining a New York Attorney General suit against the Trump University,” Bookbinder noted. “Florida did not join. But yesterday, it was announced that Bondi would be joining President Trump’s impeachment defense team.”

FFS, Bondi should be disbarred.

The endemic corruption rot in the US legal system will not be removed until the end of the USA.

The article did mention it, but the sentence structure leaves it confusing:

“According to James’ office, the Trump Foundation’s $1.78 million in assets and $2 million in damages from Donald Trump…”

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Guy shoots a rival drug dealer, gets caught. “I’d like the poetic end option, please!”

“I thinks that I shall never see
A bum wit more remorse than me”

Good luck getting this deadbeat to pay up.

Have you seen his tax statements? We have only his word that he has any money at all. We should all know by now what that is worth. Bout the same value as his promises.

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The article I read about this yesterday on a MSM site, stated the judge ordered the money had to come from Trump himself, and not funneled from outside sources, who knows if it’s true, it did come from a MSM site, and like I stated above, have no idea how it could be enforced if it is true.

Thanks for the humor… I needed that!

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Because fu#ked up morons like you defend criminals like the Clintons. They roam free. Take your NEERA TANDEN, Donnie DOUCHE bullshit and stuff it. I don’t have to provide proof the Clintons are criminals, everyone knows it but you. Oh, and change your cute hermit crab name. It outs you as a TROLL dickhead.

Totally agree. I was comparing them to a “loveable” dysfunctional family. (Should have made that clear - mea culpa.)

This sounds like a fucking joke … anyone else, they’d be serving prison time for fraud and grand theft … https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/07/nyregion/trump-charities-new-york.html