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2 Sneaky Ways Women’s Rights Are Being Threatened Right Now


2 Sneaky Ways Women’s Rights Are Being Threatened Right Now

Georgeanne M. Usova

The House has been hard at work in recent weeks passing spending bills to fund the government — but it's no secret that these bills are about more than just setting funding levels. As has been the case historically, these bills are a chance for Congress to show the American people where its priorities really lie.


The Caliphate that is the US is being exposed by its 17th century logic and byzantine legal system everyday.

Its a 101 in Portland right now. The planet may as well boil.


Oh, give it a rest! You are the folks who are also opposed to contraception in any form, in a world where we are rapidly running out of food and water for people. Women who have access to contraception have fewer abortions. Women who are empowered and have control of their biological destiny don’t need to have 12 children. But the Church has spent centuries beating down and outright persecuting women, denying them priesthood and positions of true authority while using their unpaid labor to enrich itself.

Not to mention the fact that, given recent knowledge of how those in positions of authority in the Catholic Church treat those children it insists women have, you have no call to be painting Catholics as defenders of the innocent.


I think the Catholic Church’s history of suppressing women’s rights is not based on a pure love of babies, but rather on male domination and efforts to micro-manage women’s bodies and spirits (which by the way is one sign of abuse). Just read St Paul, St Augustine, St Ambrose. These individuals evidently loathed women, and their position has been enthusiastically embraced by evangelicals, fundamentalists, and right wing fanatics.

A fun mysoginistic quote from Augustine:" I don’t see what sort of help woman was created to provide man with, if one excludes procreation. If woman is not given to man for help in bearing children, for what help could she be? To till the earth together? If help were needed for that, man would have been a better help for man. The same goes for comfort in solitude. How much more pleasure is it for life and conversation when two friends live together than when a man and a woman cohabitate?"


You have a lot of courage to post on a site which mostly abhors religions.

Personally I no longer belong to any religion but am still spiritual believing in a supreme being, or a superior creative principle which made all this possible through evolution. Personally I also believe in reincarnation, find most answers to anything there.

But I do not like it when people become flippant and very nasty towards people who happen to be Catholics, Muslims, Hindus, Sheiks, etc. Neither should people of religion threaten others.

Totally secular societies under Stalin, Hitler have not worked out that well either. America was supposed to be a country where all religions or none religions were supposed to be tolerated. Not any more. Between the Christian evangelicals and the secular none- believing atheists we have a war going on.

Right now the secular sections appear to be winning with abortions on demand all the way up to the seventh month. Gay marriage, atheism, totally approved gender tranformations etc. What some do not realize is that abortions, gay marriages, transgender fixes will actually get rid of the people who support that quicker than people with other believes. Why? Because all the aforementioned practices get rid of people since they will not be able to reproduce, leaving them actually at the mercy of others, good or ill.

Reincarnation explains many things while people come in with tendencies towards the same sex. They have lived as that sex for several lifetimes and transition. It becomes hard. But the purpose of the soul is to learn via several lives to be able to function under various sexes and circumstances. That applies to the transgender people as well.

In the past men have ruled for good or ill for a certain reason. Things are switching towards are more feminine approach which does not mean that women are supposed to become hateful bitches trying to get rid of all males and totally undermine the male or try to get rid of him.


The holy roman catholic church also opposes any and all forms of birth control other than
the rythm method, correct? That is NOT a policy designed to save babies from abortion.
(nor starvation, neglect, abuse and all the other things too many babies means in this world) Never MIND what such a foolish and insane policy does to women (you do know that abortion is safer for a woman, generally, than having a baby? Certainly safer than having babies every year till menopause!)

A fetus is no more a baby than an egg is a chicken dinner. I have total respect for those who could never see themselves having an abortion; none for those who would tell other women what to do with their bodies. Yeah, THEIR BODIES. Unless a woman decides she wants it, it isn’t ‘baby’ till it leaves her body and breathes. PERIOD.


The difference between a 2 year old and a fetus is where it resides, among other differences. The reality is the number of “babies” that are viable at the time of termination that could be “saved” by ending the possibility of abortion is far less than the number of women and already born children who would be severely adversely affected.
No one has the right to make an unwilling woman’s body a life support system for a fetus.
When there is conflict of rights, the already born take push.

One should not bandy about terms like “delusional” in the same paragraph one is invoking a diety for which no one has ever provided proof other than faith. Hows this? I have faith my opinion is correct. Accept it.


Ahhh…so what you ARE is anti-sex.
Sorry, but that is why I am glad to be living in THIS century and not the century that spawned your particular religious bent. Sex may be biologically a matter of reproduction, but in this reality, in this century, real people have sex for alot of other reasons having little to do with their willingness or ability to rear children.
If all you need sex for is to have babies, by all means, and good luck with that.
Deal with reality, not some faith-based fantasy.


Wow. So, in your opinion sex-positive women are responsible for the exploitation and objectification of women and children? Sorry. Wrong again. You seem to want to put all sexual enjoyment (other than that which you personally deem ‘decent’) in the same package as all forms of sexploitation. Tragic, really. Not so very different from the rapists who blame the woman’s appearance or behavior for their crimes.

As far as what I have to learn about true love and compassion for others. 2 years ago, I married the person I have been in relationship with for the better part of 2 and a half decades. I worked for the better part of 4 decades with institutionalized developmentally disabled adults, some of who were blind, deaf or both in addition to their cognative difficulties. I’ve been active in feminist politics as well as LGBTQ issues. I worship, if I can be said to worship anything, the truth, and the science that allows us to ascertain the truth. I worship honesty and lovingkindness. I worship comedy.
I worship debate. I worship ideas.

That which is between my legs has given me lots of enjoyment with people I have loved…so I leave worship of THAT to THEM!


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Oh, heck no! My tongue is intact. I love the back and forth, I just like to hone my skills…or, spin my wheels, as the case may be. I know going in I am unlikely to be the one that changes anyone elses thinking (rather, I tend to inspire the digging in of heels!), but the process really helps me clarify my own thoughts. Nothing like the loyal opposition to give one food for thought!
So, truly, thank you!