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20 AGs Demand Immediate Appointment of Special Prosecutor for Russia Probe


20 AGs Demand Immediate Appointment of Special Prosecutor for Russia Probe

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Following President Donald Trump's firing of FBI director James Comey, 20 state attorneys general have called for an independent special prosecutor to probe alleged Russian meddling in the the 2016 presidential election.


Doubt if Mitch McConnell will lose any sleep because of this letter. McConnell's only concern is is extending his career as a professional politician. If he figures appointing a special prosecutor would increase the risk of his losing his next election he will never agree to it and apparently that is what he believes. Given that he is from Kentucky he is probably right. That is now Trump country.


It would be nice if ANY Democrat would "grow a pair".


.... and Russia did exactly what? ... no, don't think about the murders assassinations bombing wars and election meddling that the USA is responsible for ... cognitive dissonance is just a bit too uncomfortable.


Because none of the AGS that signed the letter are Democrats?


Russia is responsible for a large amount of mass military slaughter in Syria, Ukraine, Chechnya, and Georgia.

The US has been is responsible for a lot of murder too, but increasingly, there are other countries that are catching up. Russia is no more a country the left should support than Pinochet's Chile was.


I'll wager that the Blonde woman person who claims to be the Florida AG was not amongst the ones condemning the Supreme Leader. She best not be he paid her enough to forget all charges against him once before.