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20+ Groups Demand End to GOP's "Unfair Charade" Targeting Planned Parenthood



"Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives" should be disbanded and all funds allocated for such nonsense should be distributed to food banks in the Eastern corridor so the mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers of those "infants' are fed thus giving the infant the nutrition it needs to get a solid, healthy start in its life. Another House witch hunt that reflects the total dysfunction of that body. Ryan has no real control over the malcontents that have poisoned the House, Senate, and the GOP...there ain't no grand in that party, to be sure. It is glaringly obvious that participants in this "panel" have total disregard for the desires/opinions of the majority of the people in the US that favor a woman's right to choose. This war on women and Roe v Wade has been waged by the GOP for four decades in each presidential election year...like a broken record it never stops turning.


Its very frustrating to see that these conservative morons have all the money and power to rape, plunder and pillage while enlightened progressives have little or no money and are reduced to complaining and begging for justice from them while giving up our guns.


Republican congress tx to Obama. Now neolibs can blame things on the other party.


And was one of those groups the Democratic Party?