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20 Minutes of Action


20 Minutes of Action

How to choose the most odious part of the Stanford rape case, wherein a "once-promising" white boy and star swimmer raped a drunk woman outside a frat house. Is it his pricey lawyers claiming consent from the unconscious victim? His laughable vow to lecture about campus drinking? His father's tone-deaf plaint his "not violent" son doesn't enjoy steaks anymore? Or the six-month sentence? All. Read the victim's stunning statement to see why.




Demon rum, fraternity/sorority parties, and hubris make toxic cocktails. Sad that two young lives were so irretrievably and and tragically affected.


The key is prevention, especially for women. One solution that ought to work is for female students to go to parties in pairs and at least one of them pledge not to imbibe a drop of alcohol or other intoxicant and refuse to allow anyone to separate them. In the event that the drinker become inebriated, the non- drinker pledges to get them back to their dorm.


Saying that you are not blaming the victim does not match the tone and content of your comment. Yes, the culture of excessive alcohol consumption leads to bad behavior. We already know that. But I don’t recall ever seeing a story about a woman raping a drunk and UNCONSCIOUS man. Rape culture does not necessarily involve alcohol. It often does, but behind the drinking behavior is still the belief that it is a man’s right to take what he wants from a woman. Also, rape is an act of violence, not sex play that got out of hand, especially when one person is UNCONSCIOUS. Rape is an expression of power and dominance over a person who is unable to defend herself. I’ll even go so far as to say that it is a bit like a living death sentence to the victim because, as you may have read from the woman’s statement, everything that defines who she is, what she holds dear and sacred, her sense of self has all been violently stripped from her. Most rape victims live with devastating psychological scars for the rest of their lives.
I hope it is true that it was two men who caught and hopefully stopped the act. Because it is more than time for men to take a leading role in understanding that it’s their responsibility to dismantle rape culture, to not look away or rationalize that it’s not them doing it, to not be afraid to speak out against it, and to fully embrace that women are the equals of men, therefore they deserve the same amount of respect. If you are a man, imagine how it would feel
for you to be violently raped by a man that you could not defend yourself from. The very horror you would feel is
also the horror a woman feels. And that horror is with you the rest of your life.
Don’t even get me started on the father. He is obviously a huge part of the culture of rape and the ownership of women.
And let me just say this…there are many many men out there who do respect women and who don’t buy into the culture of rape. And I applaud their courage and integrity.


Please read my comment to Seatower.


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Those are concepts that everyone who thinks rape isn’t a big deal or that women invite the rape need to understand. Please keep spreading the awareness. I’ve been a victim of a pedophile. So, I can certainly empathize. I understand this subject from my own experience.


Your post appears to be a rather ignorant statement. Perhaps you could elaborate?


One solution that ought to work is if identified rapists actually suffered consequences for their deplorable behaviour.

Telling women they shouldn’t participate in society without a guardian is a bullshit solution.

Men are the cause of the problem, and men need to do more to solve the problem.


What the fuck?


Its to bad people buy into the media hype and so little facts. I saw some reporting by a women who was in the courtroom----thank you UTUBE.

The first real question to ask is-if this kid was black would he get the same sentence???And if he was a poor white kid would he get the same sentence or defense???

But some facts not discussed----The lady cannot remember anything that happened–witnesses saw them together and leave together. They were both intoxicated–tests show that nothing was put in her drink----here is a clue-if you go to a frat party and guys are handing you drinks-----there is a reason for this???And if you don’t understand this maybe you shouldn’t be at Stanford???

I think its amazing how people think 6 months in jail is nothing. And when this kid gets raped in jail will we hear the outrage of the elitist media-----how many get raped in the prisons daily and the silence of the elitist media drones on.

How about a real discussion why people at a college level see others as objects???and that goes for both sexes.


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Who said anything about god (or God, if that is your implication here)? In fact, you seem to be implying (if I may b so bold), that we are nothing more than programmable entities with no free will to choose between right and wrong, and that this sexual predator is only following his instincts, and we other people should not get overly emotional about it.

I asked you to elaborate on your original statement but all you did was come back with another rather useless statement.