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20 New Year’s Resolutions for News, Journalism and Social Media


20 New Year’s Resolutions for News, Journalism and Social Media

Christian Christensen

1. Avoid use of headlines and writing of tweets that misrepresent and/or oversimplify the content of linked-to articles. Headlines matter as they frame the stories for users.

2. Call racism “racism”.

3. Call sexism “sexism”.

4. Call terrorism “terrorism”, and be consistent in the use of the term regardless of the ethnicity, religion, national origin and ideological motivation(s) of the perpetrator(s).


A step towards realism - I am all in favor !

Trump will soon be president, and the entire operational system of the US is now firmly in the hands of conservatives - in keeping with the frightening times in which we live - people are scared.

Half of the country did not vote; one quarter for Trump at al; one quarter for Clinton et al; and a doubling of the vote for the Green Party.

To a first approximation - close enough.


I think that this is an excellent article.

As for #16, Local News :

In my locality (Long Island Cablevision -" As Local as Local News Gets") it is used as a Distraction from Larger News Events that deserve coverage and are ignored.

One typical M.O. is consistently spotlighting Lower Level Crime and ignoring it at Higher Levels..


Most higher level crime was decriminalized during the past three decades, much of it under the guise of "deregulation".

Many activities essential for a functioning democracy (whistle blowing, for example) were concurrently criminalized, hence we have had no functioning democracy within the lifetimes of half of all Murkins (when you consider the average age of Murkins is in the 30s). Half of all Murkins have therefore witnessed only various degrees of fascism during their lifetimes and have no frame of reference for what democracy is.


One step that must be taken is that the persons that are just agents for the Governmnet and are posing as journalists need to be exposed and purged.

This article describes a book by a British author who claims that MI6 agents have penetrated virtually all of the British Media and are publishing fake news.



When using the term "class war," use it with honesty. Our situation hasn't been "the 1% vs. the 99%." We are rich vs. middle class vs. poor. We are 20 years into one hell of a war on the poor that has taken a toll not only on the poor, but the whole of the economy/nation. It might be useful to start recognizing this fact.


This is an interesting issue that (in the US) goes as far back as the 1980s. We had the Reagan era of mass media mergers/consolidations, rooting out those journalists deemed "left-leaning." In the 1990s, we saw the influence of the Clinton right wing take root in the media (especially online) marketed to liberals, effectively promoting the Clinton agenda to the beat of a rock and roll song. This has divided those who are not on the right wing, pitting us against each other by class and race. Divide and conquer, setting the stage for the final fascist (by definition) takeover of today.