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20 Years of GM Soy in the Southern Cone of Latin America, 20 Reasons for a Definitive Ban


20 Years of GM Soy in the Southern Cone of Latin America, 20 Reasons for a Definitive Ban


The International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA) has just published its annual report, which confirms that the Southern Cone of Latin America is the region of the world producing the largest quantity of GMOs and having the largest land area under a single monoculture (over 54 million hectares of GM soy in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and southern Bolivia).


The Anthropocene in action.

The Anthropocene consumes nature in vast quantities as it advances.

The Anthropocene is very profitable for a few while yet the land remains under forced productivity, monoculture, feed lots and a deluge of toxic chemicals, insecticides and weed killers.

The thing is that the Anthropocene is using up the land’s natural bounty and forcing productivity to the extreme simply to boost profits. As a result of these forced farming practices, one day that land will become less productive. It is then that the promised bounty for the future will have been lost and the four horseman will ride when there is no longer any place left to hide. Where the Anthropocene has conquered nature, we are left in its wake.

The Anthropocene for profit advances turning the richness of Earth into dust in the desert.

One day the only thing left will be us! Won’t that be fun!

Maybe we should call the Anthropocene >>> the fifth horseman!


Glyphosphate might be carcinogenic – otherwise this article is 99% BS.
Homo sapiens is causing these problems, but you can’t say that, so you have to blame aliens, Russians, or GMOs.


Thank you monitoring all this and keeping us informed.


A serious problem with this article is that about half of the points listed would have occurred with or without GM soy.


Ah, Monsatan, Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland, the pillars of monoculture ag.
The soy expansion in to the Brazilian amazon has been an ecological disaster in terms of land and water poisoned, the forest raped and razed to grow this sh!t.
I have spent time in Brazil and Peru and have seen this horror first hand. The long drought in Brazil was no accident: taking out the forest canopy caused this drought.
Add in the takeover of the progressive govt by Temer (gee, a corporate hitman deal, hmm…) and boom, there go all the hard fought provisions of protecting the amazon forest and indigenous people and their land rights.