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200+ Health Experts Urge Biden to Reduce 'Dangerously Overcrowded' Prisons During Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/03/200-health-experts-urge-biden-reduce-dangerously-overcrowded-prisons-during-pandemic

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Hey leopard, drop those spots!


Hey scorpion, don’t sting me while I am ferrying you across the river on my back!


this is like asking a hoarder to get rid of their old magazines, but maybe his guilt will kick in?

Why “urge”?

Why not “demand” ?

The racist architect of Jim Crow 2.0 and the prison industrial complex will say no either way…

Blue no matter who!!!


I’m trying to remember when the private prison industry,
three strikes, lock um up policies and laws came from …
oh, oh I remember. It was the Clinton/Biden regime !!


Prisons don’t reconcile people back to their communities.

If you ever talk to people who wanted some murderer to be executed, and they did execute the guy, these people always and forever will want a do-over, and always with as much additional torture as possible involved. It isn’t about the death, it’s about their own personal satisfaction with hurting that particular guy.

That’s what the U.S. prison system generally brings to the table – the maxed out torture of human beings. Sentences are never about giving a con a skill so that he can be a productive citizen when he is released. Sentences are abusively long. Prison time is hard, notably violent and quite mentally disturbing. Solitary confinement as used in prisons is torture, and the perpetrators could someday wind up in the Hague.

Negotiated sentences are wrong. If somebody is 50% guilty and 50% innocent then he (it’s usually a he) should always be dragged before a jury and tried. Throwing innocent people in jail, for example, the five black boys in Central Park who were railroaded for an upscale white woman’s rape, is corrosive to our democracy.

Having said all this, why shouldn’t cons serve out the last parts of their sentences two to a hotel room rather than being part of the cause of a community-wide covid poisoning? We know that the guards’ wives and husbands shop in our stores. If cons can get credit for fighting megafires, saving our lives, can they get credit for saving our lives in other ways?


Malik Washington, new editor of SF BayView, the national black newspaper, was on Dennis’ show this afternoon discussing the Covid catastrophe in the California state prison system. They’re doing it on purpose, people: out here Gavin Newsom’s prison authorities are deliberately and repeatedly “accidentally on purpose” helping the virus leap from one prison to another, via transfers of infected inmates to prisons where they become patient zero in fresh outbreaks. Over and over, throughout the system. Newsom is guilty of crimes against humanity, in our prison system, rivaling the shocking depredations of all previous California governors. Strikingly heartless plutocrat slimeball: this Gruesom dude. Doesn’t give two figs how many inmates he kills, too busy attending astonishingly-expensive dinner parties – only with their closest friends and dearest lobbyists – out at French Laundry. Not my governor.

Prisoners tend to be older, with plenty of what they call “co-morbidities” – other stuff making them sick. Covid kills them much more efficiently than it does the general population. Nobody seems to care. Among the confined candidates for early batches of a vaccine, nobody ever remembers the incarcerated. Because here in USA, prisoners are officially subhuman. Crumpling up and throwing away some people, like garbage, is our exceptional heritage out here at the Hotel California. (You can check-out any time you like. But you can never leave!)

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(viral) bloom no matter whom!