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200+ Organizations Denounce Profound Impact of Latest Trumpcare Bill


200+ Organizations Denounce Profound Impact of Latest Trumpcare Bill

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Groups are concerned the proposal would "decimate the Medicaid program," defund Planned Parenthood, and rescind measures that make care more affordable


“Medicaid recipients—including “one of every five individuals in the United States, including one of every three children, 10 million people with disabilities, and nearly two-thirds of people in nursing homes”—will suffer because the bill halts Medicaid expansion and overhauls how the federal government distributes funding to the states;”

There you have it. Single payer health care by default. 33% of American Children on Medicaid? Given the continued and constant income drop in this country, at some point Medicaid will be the primary care giver. No wonder the Republicans want to abolish Obama care - they would rather see the poor die than provide care.


Tax the hell out of the fat pigs who are diverting attention and taking the initiative from we the people. Why should we suffer when the rich won’t even feel the difference by paying their fair share. Additionally where is the talk about military waste and military spending? I have read that even a 10% reduction in military waste will be enough to pay for free healthcare and free education for all Americans.
Why are we allowing trump and his partners in crime to divert our attention away from the real issues and into Trump’s brain dead reality show.


This is just one of the problems with having the nation’s capital on the East Coast. It makes for a long trip to confront your Congressional representatives and protest against this horrid legislation. And, the trees are smaller there, as well. Most Republicans would hang much better from a Sequoia, you’d think, than a Maple or Oak tree.
And, there’s plenty of folks here who’d like to show America how that speculative guess works, too.


Good question. Cleary the only thing which will get their greedy, blood soaked attention is that we hurt them where they can feel it: Total, non cooperation and it should start in the cities with rent strikes. Renters everywhere are starting to rise up and this will be the logical next step.


Wow, what a grand idea, refusing to pay rent, that should include malls and mortgages too. When enough people participate it will surely get their attention. Because all that stolen money from the 2007, 2008 robbery ended up in buying up cheap real estate and huge apartment building boom.
We must take back what has been stolen from us.