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200+ Progressive Leaders: Members Congress Must Denounce Trump's Attacks on Ilhan Omar


200+ Progressive Leaders: Members Congress Must Denounce Trump's Attacks on Ilhan Omar

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As President Donald Trump continued to assail Rep. Ilhan Omar Monday, hundreds of progressive leaders affirmed their support for the freshman congresswoman and called on other members of Congress to denounce the "constant racist and bigoted attacks" she faces.



even though I think she expressed herself inartfully about the 9/11 attacks (like saying the Japanese “did something” on Dec 7, 1941) and I don’t like what I perceive as her needlessly divisive attacks on the American Jewish community, I agree the nasty criticism of her from Trump and the right wing media I over the top and even life threatening for her.
She should be, and can be, criticized, just as any politician but not in a way that threatens or encourages violence against her.



With regard to the American Jewish community, ass she is doing is speaking truth to power.
Her remarks about 911 were edited for the edification of the fanatic right. Paraphrasing here, she said that AFTER 911 “some people” got together to form an American-Muslim organization.



Hi Barry, I think it’s NOT the American Jewish community that is the problem—it’s the Netanyahu and his zealot zionists and so many of the heartless and disgusting settlers that treat Palestinians as less than human.
Did you realize that one setter community took over more Palestine land and the newest settlement overlooked the Palestinians. The settlers, of course , had their recent land upgraded and with all the modern conveniences—except as they were over looking the Palestine land they saw no need to finish he sewer system. Revoltingly----their shit drips down onto the Palestine land. That’s really disgusting----don’t you think?



We will see how deep the dry rot is in the Democratic party. A. B. Stoddart a seemingly harmless chattering head intentionally misquote Rep Omar. Why? Omar has in fact maintained an admirable spine among the spineless, an admirable quality in today’s crop of the spineless. This is how far down our government has sunk. The mantra has been that Omar’s apology wasn’t clear enough. What did she have to do kneel at the feet of that punk. Netanyahu? He and AIPAC don’t represent the Jewish people. A very weak candidate damned near took him out. Would that it should have happened.



This is Pathetic. 200+ Progressives sign a letter protesting the horrendous treatment of Omar.

It should be more like 200 Million Americans send a letter to the President to Stop his Bigotry, Stop harassing Congresswoman Omar and Stop putting her in danger by arousing your violent insane Zombie-like followers who are capable of killing anyone you single out.

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Hopefully every dem that goes to the well to speak, speaks out against racial and religious attacks coming from right-wing-nuts.



actually lerenarde, The Yahoo does represent the Israeli people according to Norman Finklestein, a man renound ( and renounced) for his integrity and intelligence, just as The T-rump actually represents the people of the US. It’s horrifying, but true.