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2000+ Doctors Declare: "It's Time for Single Payer to be Back on the Table"



Well, the nurses came to this understanding first (like Donna Smith and Rose De Moro)... but it's good to see the medical doctors now on board.

This is so patently obvious that it's no wonder that the neo-liberal Hillary Clinton tried to discredit Mr. Sanders for saying pretty much the same thing, as if it were a mere pipe dream:

"The single-payer program would save about $500 billion annually by eliminating the high overhead and profits of insurance firms, and the massive paperwork they inflict on hospitals and doctors."

I waited out the Obama "care" debacle since my state (Florida) opted out, and to me the whole idea of putting an insurance for-profit corporation as middle man between any patient and their health CARE provider is abysmal and insane.

Since the cure to the problem exists and its only obstacles are the insurance companies and the politicians they bankroll, there's no reason why this intelligent use of public funds not establish health care for all.

A media that wasn't under corporate capture would help. Probably 40% of MSM ads refer to some drug that was recently designed to treat some condition that may or may not exist or be naturally occurring.


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Common Dreams, excepted, almost all the sites I've been to today are at least tacitly throwing in the towel. How this admirable proposal gets any legs with Bernie out of the picture, I don't know. And so it goes. Go Bernie.


People should note that when those opposed to single payer as a remedy and wish to preserve the for profit system , they will not cite these 2000 doctors as experts.

What they will do is search for one of those Doctor's that left Canada for the USA to practice.

These are the same "experts" various Senate Committees listen to as well as they give the illusion they work on the peoples behalf to get things right.

The reason those Canadian Doctors go down to the USA to practice is not because they unable to deliver health care to Canadians. It because they can make more money in a for profit model.

Over the past years there a net gain if Doctors coming to Canada versus those going the other way. These Doctors indicate their inability to deliver health care to Americans due to costs leaves them stressed out and feeling helpless. Like many of these 2000 they do want to do what best for their patients.

Which type would YOU prefer?


Yes indeed and here in Northern Vermont I am on my way to make the case for Single-Payer Healthcare not Endless Warfare at our weekly gathering.


Hell no.


The charade of health care "reform' was fixed from the giddyup - even tho many of us fought for single-payer at tea-goon attended meetings, we got nowhere. The Dem establishment/big-pharma/big-insurance for profit corporate team, captained by Obama was fixated on delivering millions to the insurance industry - of course we got sops they could brag about. Now Obama's anointed successor and even worse shill for corporate domination and profits uber-alles, smirks and touts the ACA deal claiming she will "tinker around the edges", but the essential US model of corporate for-profit health-care dominated by a few players is an obscenity - an abomination that treats people as sources of revenue first and foremost!
Only more corporate servitude and people as revenue can be expected from the Red Queen! More speaking-circuit "fees" down the road in payment for services rendered!


Push for Bernie, then. He's the only one who will put single payer on the table.


People are trying to get things rolling on the state level, but we have things like HRC people in the health insurance business working against the single payer referendum in Colorado. Recall that Canada's national healthcare started in the province of Saskatchewan.


On a most basic level, I think Americans fear that this would translate into providing comprehensive health care to the poor. Today's Americans don't want that. Indeed, it wouldn't make sense to provide such health care only to dump the poor back out on the streets, lacking basic human needs of adequate food and shelter. We all know that such deprivation takes an extraordinary toll on human health.


As Obama found out, it can be very difficult to address critical social issues while excluding the poor. What America really wants is lower health care costs only for those who are of current use to employers. Healthy-enough workers are necessary to keep on track with the production goals of corporations.


We do really need this sooner rather than later. The ONE very unfair and horrendous thing about Obama's plan was that he made it illegal NOT to be paying an insurance co for healthcare. So if someone was dirt poor, he had two options. He could do without buying his kids enough food and clothing and make high payments to an insurance company that has a $10K deductible --- or he can go without since he can barely buy food for his kids and then pay the PENALTY every year. That penalty increased greatly this year since they are trying to punish people for not being able to afford health insurance. And, when the DO get that insurance, he doesn't cover SO MUCH and has a huge deductible. This is a very sick system. We need single payer ASAP.


Yes, that means Sanders, FDR, the Four Freedoms, and the 2nd New Deal.


Doctors and nurses are one part of the whole: Big Pharma, Insurance companies, hedge funds, HMO's (and their execs), private hospitals (and their execs), Wall Street all have BIG MONEY tied up in defeating any and all attempts to create a Single Payer system. An example of greed is when an orthopedic or neurosurgeon has a 5 minute appointment with a patient to say that the MRI is too old (8 weeks, which is how long it took to get an appointment) and that another needs to be taken (at $2,600 a pop) and the 5 minute appointment cost $405. Let's see, $5,200 for MRI's plus $405 for appointment with another $405 appointment to come to review the new MRI and already $6,010 is racked up. Lord knows what the impending back surgery will cost. Welcome to the US health care system.... (This happened recently with a friend of mine who suffered a back injury on the job.)


What is this "what America really wants" - who is "America" in you mind?


Now that's already a very reasonable idea!!! Bernie Sanders called for it, so that's the only way we have to go. Hillary Clinton's expansion of Obamacare isn't going to cut it. Single payer has already worked in many countries and should also be used here.


If so, they didn't come out with anything this organized or cogent.

My understanding was some of the AMA was behind Single Payer and much of it... not.


Why don't these doctors look in the mirror? It's their own organization, the American Medical Association, that is the linchpin holding the US back from a humane healthcare system. If the AMA came out for single payer, we'd get it. The AMA has opposed it for 50+ years and there are plenty of millionaire doctors in consequence. The system produces "healthy" profits rather than healthy people. Plenty of doctors want to keep it that way.



Oftentimes, C.D. writers post poll responses that PROVE that Americans poll progressive on numerous subjects, including this one.

It's your job to traffic in these inverted FRAMES that take what is done by Elites and convert it into a message intended to put the blame of citizens, as a whole, or your FAVORITE target the middle Class.

Just as John Ellis relentlessly traffics in an erroneous 50% of upper class/wealthy citizens versus a legendary 50% of lower tiered citizens, you push these ridiculous memes that are based on TOTAL fabrications.