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2014 Marked Ultimate Low in Human Rights, Says Amnesty Report


2014 Marked Ultimate Low in Human Rights, Says Amnesty Report

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The legacy of 2014 will likely be that the world suffered a "historic failure" in human rights, according to Amnesty International's annual assessment.

Released Wednesday, the human rights report says that the year had been "devastating" for civilians caught in the cross-hairs of war and that governments "failed miserably" to protect those most in need.


The headline is way too optimistic – it is always possible to have a worse low in human rights.

I do see some sporadic movement in some quarters to start to organize to fight back against the governmental and corporate interests that profit from pain.

So I am not without hope, but don’t kid yourselves that we have seen the worst.

– Zagone


In the US there are 1.5 M NGOs. Amnesty is based in Geneva, actually. But the point I want to make is that the worse things go for humans, oppressed, divided and slaughtered to the millions for the wars of the 1%, the spikes in desire of change is clearly exploited by organizations that are in essence incapable to deliver to our authorities the core grievances that we have. In this case, freedom of expression as the fundamental right to protect human rights and diversification of media outlets, more independent voices is the message that Amnesty should be focused on.
Nobody has had so far the guts to criticize and rebel against his/her own kind, but we’re in dire need to hold accountable the thousands of organizations that are basically just milking us for donations to fund their staff, propagandized by high profile cases, for then seeing exactly news like these.

Howard Zinn said that “people who speak up in defiance of dominant opinion not only to shake up the self-assurance of their enemy but the complacency of their peers, are precious catalysts for change.” The purpose of my reply to this is to shake up your complacency. It’s time for a revolution and a moment of reflection and assessment on how well are actually the voices speaking on our behalf doing their job.

Accountability is not something we need to demand from our Govs and Corps only. We have to weed out the good from the bad NGOs, beginning with the UN. Repeace dot com is a step into that direction.


We the people no longer have ANY say in what this government or
elected officials DO.
They are telling us to go to hell , they will do what they wish…
And this now goes for a large group of elected democrats…

Most of the elected officials are with the ONE PERCENT today…