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2015 a Deadly Year as Journalism 'Put Daily to the Sword'


2015 a Deadly Year as Journalism 'Put Daily to the Sword'

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

From targeted bombings to fatal crossfire, the year 2015 was violent and deadly for journalists around the world, particularly those based in the Americas and Middle East, the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) said Friday.

According to a survey by the organization, at least 109 journalists and media workers were slain by "targeted killings, bomb attacks, and cross-fire incidents."


In the US, the “sword” is media consolidation.


Correct, and I think that a better description for such media other than MSM is CSM or Corporate State Media.


Sadly it has not been a deadly year for all journalist, those who only pretend to be journalists, paid corporate propagandists, reading of a marketing and public relations script are doing just fine.
For journalists who seek out the truth and present it to the public, it has been a whole other story, actively targeted by the forces of corruption and abused in many ways in huge numbers, horrifically a major percentage of the best journalists rather than a minority, a minority of the best killed and the majority abused at one time or another, something has gone seriously wrong in the News Corporation era, the propaganda elite, targeting all those who dare seek out and tell the truth.
That positive coverage of law enforcer by News Corporations, Fox not-News is not by accident, let the spinmeister in and kill the truthsayers is their message and it is not by accident, they mean it. That message is purposefully meant to distort law en-FORCE-ing, they are the marketing and public relations experts, they know exactly what they are doing and they want their PR people in the door and real journalists beaten up and bloody, even dead, seriously that is their intent.


I remember watching A John Pilger Documentary named “The War You Don’t See” and Pilger speaking with Julian Assange about War Journalism-Both agreed on the fact that Western Powers listed Independent Journalist right up there with “terrorists and Russian Spies” as far as threats go- “The Truth Shall Set you Free”, or get you killed…