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2015 Memorial Day: Praying for Peace While Waging Permanent War?


2015 Memorial Day: Praying for Peace While Waging Permanent War?

Bill Quigley

Memorial Day is, by federal law, a day of prayer for permanent peace. But is it possible to honestly pray for peace while our country is far and away number one in the world in waging war, military presence, military spending and the sale of weapons around the world?

Permanent War




Text of the federal law linked in the first sentence

36 U.S. Code § 116 - Memorial Day
Current through Pub. L. 114-9. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.) US Code Notes

(a) Designation.— The last Monday in May is Memorial Day.

(b) Proclamation.—
The President is requested to issue each year a proclamation—

     (1)       calling on the people of the United States to observe Memorial Day by praying, according to their individual religious faith, for permanent peace;

    (2)       designating a period of time on Memorial Day during which the people may unite in prayer for a permanent peace;

  (3)         calling on the people of the United States to unite in prayer at that time; and

  (4)         calling on the media to join in observing Memorial Day and the period of prayer.


Bush and Obama have made war a permanent part of American life. We now have students in high school who have never experienced a single day when their country has not been waging war overseas, not to mention that our government has done its best to turn LEO agencies on our own soil into standing armies.

We now have a monster, created in our name (and with the approval of a majority of our citizens), that no politician can or will put back in its cage. This country certainly ranks with the most warlike in history, if not THE most warlike.


“… in Iraq over 216,000 combatants, most of them civilians, have died since the 2003 invasion.”

This figure from Iraq Body Count is absurdly low. And according to their site, it is a total of all violent deaths, civilian and combatant. Yet Quigly identifies this figure as being “combatants.” One of the first things we need to do to implement some of the excellent suggestions in the article is to stop soft pedaling the truth about our Empire.


Wow! I didn’t realize I lived in such a powerful country. Awesome! Can we have more of this?


Our fascists armed and fueled Germany to attack Bolshevik Russia. Then used the war and fear to create the CIA shadow government. They have run the country since. JFK confronted them and was killed for it. Obama was a company man elevated to president, as was G H W Bush. One nation under an oligarchy, with all the liberty and justice you can pay for. Of by and for the comfort, convenience, and pleasure of the oligarchs


As usual, the INTENT shown in the above quote is to take what is done through policies run by, for, and through dominators and dominant interests and make it seem that a majority of citizens want that.

A compliant population is one that is:

  1. Job insecure (check)
  2. Lied to 24/7 through the most sophisticated MSM propagandistic apparatus in the history of the world
  3. Told by respected religious leaders that today’s wars are indications of “god’s will”
  4. Seldom to never hears any respectable peace-advocate interviewed on mainstream TV or radio
  5. Is conditioned by an Omni-present sports nexus to view war as an extension of inflamed team combat/competition
  6. Has a military industrial complex “sewn” into each state’s “job infrastructure”
  7. Hears major politicians conflating those who questions State Policy (and so-called National Defense) as being labeled by turns, traitors, conspiracy-theorists, narcissists, losers, etc.

IF the playing field were open, honest, and fair… as opposed to resembling a stacked deck of cards in place to FAVOR MIC interests (since it’s a huge staple of the U.S. economy right now), and THEN a majority appeared to favor martial policies… you could make a case.

To the contrary, using what PROGRAMMING and a variety of economic, social and cultural “carrots and sticks” put in place as basis for asserting public approval of the military’s actions (and uber-existence) is a bull-shit case. It is the type of “hold citizens to account” indictment not just favored, but articulated on a daily TALKING POINTS basis on this site. THAT is suspicious particularly because these days the courts, media, politicians, congress, and academe all march lock-step with policies that are anything but transparent or the workings of a healthy democratic system.

And I will continue to call attention to this meme… an inversion of The Truth.


A correct but incomplete response. To be more specific:
Alfred Sloan and General Motors built German army trucks, torpedoes for use by Hitlers uboats, and the engines that powered the Stuka dive bombers so necessary a part of the blitzkrieg.
Thomas Watson and his IBM punch card and sorting systems helped to organize and coordinate the trains that transported the undesirables to the death camps, the efficient movement of men and materiel to various battle fronts, and the location for prompt confiscation of all property and money of “undesirables”.
Standard oil allowed the third Reich to have access to and manufacture its tetra-ethyl lead octane booster that enabled the construction and fueling of high performance military aircraft able to fly higher and faster than otherwise possible.
These “captains of industry” along with others kept up such supply and consultation with the enemy (as well as with allied governments) throughout WWII. Some limke Sloan and Henry Ford did so because they were as antisemetic as the nazis. All of them wanted war because it provided them a real honey pot of profit by enabling them to make sell to all sides through their wholly owned and controlled foreign subsidiaries.
Nothing has changed in the 70 years since that conflict ended.
Recommended reading: Nazi Nexus by Edwin Black (the jewish son of two parents who survived WWII in Nazi occupied Eastern Europe by living in the woods as young children).

A video ofthe author discussing his book is here:


This is a good synopsis of the book’s content, but the book contains copies of the documentation Black used to validate his conclusions. It is a real red pill experience.