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2015 Officially the Hottest Year on Record



A new record for warming? Oops I mean the usual new record year that happens every year these days. Oh but it was El Niño... Oh that's why! Oops I mean El Ninos are caused by seas grown too warm by climate change, so why do they keep mentioning El Niño?

They still try to deny the obvious, scientists included (some anyway)! They throw in El Niño as if it explained an anomaly. El Niño is part of global warming.

BTW ... They didn't feel the need to include the small detail that we are presently in a cooling period and that when it ends that temperatures will get even hotter faster. In effect that this new record's heat is actually being suppressed by other factors which will soon end.

Mentioning El Niño is a minor deception that tends to confuse more than it would appear to on the surface. It seems more that the scientists are unable to say just how bad it actually is openly but instead they continue to try and put a better face on it. Look it up>>> We are in a cooling period that will be ending relatively soon.

It is so bad that they are afraid to say how bad it really is straight out. Which is pretty bad if you ask me!!!


And 2016 will be hotter still.
Sup Ostriches!


The scientists are correct. The El Nino played a big role. The El Nino phenomenon was discovered long before global warming started. The last big El Nino was in 1998 and that year set the warming record by a large margin. Global warming probably does make the El Nino stronger so there is that factor. In any case the important thing is not breaking annual temperature records but the long-term trend in warming. That is certainly occurring and El Ninos do not play a role in that. We are apparently approaching or have even reached 1C. That is really what matters.


Will main street media monopolies cover or will it just be again 24/7 Donald Trump and now nauseating Palin. I won't watch. So please keep me informed.


No one said that the scientists were incorrect. You need to reread what I wrote because you didn't understand what I said. I suggest not reading into what I write and instead reading what I write. My point was simply to point out that mentioning the record temperature and then citing El Niño is somewhat disingenuous as El Niño characteristically shunts off high temperatures in the tropics into the sub tropics. As global warming increases the frequency of El Ninos will as well (as has been born out by the record). While El Ninos are a natural phenomenon that have always existed, they have only recently been recognized and researched (since the seventies mostly). Excess heat in the tropics trigger an El Niño. Why the excess heat? That basically was my point.

Also that we are in a slight cooling trend which as we see doesn't help much ... But we may just find out that it helped more than we ever expected.


From the Revelation: The Global Emergency: Received 10.20.15. MV Summers.
"It is not enough to cease pollution alone. You are going to have to cool the planet--a task far beyond what has ever been achieved, but still achievable. But it will require a radical redistribution of resources, a redirection of human will & purpose, a great utilization of all of humanity's science & capabilities. You are going to have to cool the planet."
"It(the global emergency) will change everything that humanity is doing right now. You will have to replant the forests & restore the soils & cleanse the rivers. People will have to live very simply, for all the wealth of the world will be spent on this."... Revelations of The New Message.


Everyone might want to listen to an interview with James Corbett detailing who's making money off of this and the controls that will go along with it.

The oil companies are behind it. There will be a carbon allowance. Your lives will be controlled down to the finest detail of how you live. The poor will be crushed even further.


You know, this would be a lot easier to buy if the following did not happen like the waxing and waning of the moon. Warmer than usual temperatures in an area " See !!! It's Global Warming you Idiot!" . Cooler than usual temperatures... " Don't you know the difference between CLIMATE and WEATHER you Moron?!!!!" Consistent is important.


Your comment is right on in most ways... but.. .I will have to say... the mentioning of El Nino is important.... I can just see some one who is not so familiar with all the details or in depth aspects of climate change... and if El Nino was not mentioned at all, these people would say, " Oh, it's an El Nino year for crying out loud... that's why it's so warm...not climate change"..... So, you see? Also, it's true that the El Nino, is WORSE because of climate change... that has to be mentioned also... and you are right that overall, they are not telling how really bad it is... how we are behind the eighth ball... you should look up the site... Nature Bats Last... you might find others who agree as to just how bad it really is...


Our lives will be controlled... well, they are pretty controlled now... but I do agree that that poor will suffer... and just where do we here fit in the class divisions..??? I am at the bottom of the middle class... so, really that is getting more and more close to "poor"... but you see, you could only be controlled if you stay dependent on fossil fuels... I say, if millions of us decide now... to just give up the "grid"... give up the addiction to ELECTRICITY.... they won't "have us" to control.... I know... "how" to do that is the question...well lwe figure that out by meeting and gathering and communicating... we cannot keep thinking that electricity is the be all and end all... it's too late to try to come up with something else to replace the energy that makes electricity...it's really too late... the only people that will get renewables to have any electricity will be the superrich... but, they better hurry up, because with the falling oil prices ... they will need to make bunches of renewable equipment right away... before it gets expensive again... Then, begins to be sparse... because, the MIC... will try to take what ever is available.... they will need it with all the global conflict....... ... ...Right now, the total % of renewables around the world is still extremely low... like 3% ... it has risen from 1% since, Well, I forget but it was like two decades or so ago... so, even the rich are too stupid to go with this... AND there are still fights from power companies who are trying to stop the switch over.... even though it would help them keep centralized power.... I mean... we are still NO WHERE in this fight.... we should be DONE ALREADY if we were going to make a difference..... here we are still arguing with concrete heads and trying to pass "pretty please" legislation...... what ever we have done so far... will not amount to a hill of beans... WHY ??? Because we have lost so many carbon sinks... and the Earth now is spewing out her own co2 and methane... etc... Doesn't look good folks... oh and here's something.... https://nsidc.org/arcticseaicenews/
Also,"There is something odd and ominous afoot in Greenland. Did a huge melt water pulse " sorry, didn't copy the link...


Some of what you say may be true but ...'we are in a cooling period'...makes no sense at all.
Not warming as much as it could? Maybe, but hardly a cooling period.


The very fact this story is hardly discussed in the corporate media is a bad sign for things to come. Also, though many on the left are aware of the source of climate change, very few are willing to make any real sacrifice by adjusting their social habits. Sadly, things will get much worse before it gets better.


Future headline?



Thanks ... I'll give it a shot although I am usually worse than they are...lol.


No we are in a slight cooling period which means that these record setting hot years would have been all that much hotter without this extra cooling. In short order the cooling will end (a decade or so) and then the heat will become even hotter.

Just so you are clear. We are in a cooling period which has the effect of making global warming slightly less rapid or extreme but that will end and the NORMAL rate of warming will seem to be accelerating. It will actually only be stabilizing at the normal mean sans the slight cooling effect. The hot will get even hotter... Plain and simple.


The left does most of what is being done. To castigate the only ones who are doing much of anything is absurd. The right is still actively subverting doing anything meaningful about climate change and it is they who should bear the onus of guilt over what their descendants will have to endure. The left at least tries. Personal solutions like recycling and eating less meat and using less gas will not avert climate change.

Only a systemic wide shift off fossil fuels will allow the environment to stabilize sufficiently to avoid seriously catastrophic changes. Instead of thinking >>> use less gasoline... We need to do away with all gasoline using vehicles and use electric ones instead. Like when we switched off leaded fuels (oddly enough the world didn't end) or when we switched to HD TV ( the world didn't end then either).

At the moment we are all waiting for the worst to happen before we commit to a serious civilization wide change off fossil fuels. A massive superstorm that erases Venice or something spectacularly grim. Once such a convincing event like that happens... We will get off our species wide collective tush and save our asses. Till then...

...it's still the twilight zone.


Too early for uninhabitable...lol - but getting there. To be sure though... 2035 will be a year when nobody doubted climate change anymore.


A majority of people around the world are already living very simply - meaning they are dirt poor. A lot of poor people actually strive to live better and often foolishly think that the American lifestyle is something to be inspired by.

McDonalds is losing a lot of money in the US as people are become more health conscious or are too poor to eat there. On the other hand in some countries overseas people who can eat at McDonalds feel that they have arrived and are living in a higher social class.


Yeah, my headline date was meant to be facetious, but nonetheless; serious! Because that headline could very well be a future headline!