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2015 Saw Renewable Energy Boom, Led by Developing Nations


2015 Saw Renewable Energy Boom, Led by Developing Nations

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Renewable energy boomed in 2015, a year that saw fossil fuel prices plummet and ended with a historic climate agreement hammered out in Paris.

In fact, investments in renewables such as wind and solar were more than double the amount spent on new coal and gas-fired power plants in 2015, according to the Renewables Global Status Report (pdf) from REN21, an international non-profit association based at the United Nations Environment Programme in Paris, France.


The climate crime cabal bribed off the scientific community with research dollars to create and maintain the meme that the problem was just too complex and until the exact answer could be found, nothing to be done (to harm the precious petrodollar). Yes, it has been a crime.


Since the 2008 crash, the renewable energy sector in the US has been steadily growing, not even a downturn that almost every other sector has experienced. When I think of the Manhattan Project, which went from a small nuclear explosion in a Chicago lab to two full blown nuclear bombs in just five years, I simply cannot believe this nation won't go for the gold at the end of this rainbow. Not only is this transition a necessity for human life to avoid extinction, there's an absolute fortune to be made. Done right, it's a win-win for capitalists, entrepreneurs, unions, workers, and living beings in general.

FDR would have been all over this opportunity in a heartbeat, and he too was surrounded by some pretty fierce corporatists. There's only way I can think of to make this transition in five years time is with Bernie Sanders at the helm and a social movement in the streets demanding this change.

(One small caveat: I don't support a capitalist system, just sayin'..)


Obama's TPP and TTIP corporate tribunals will make sure they trump anything "of positive worth" that might have come out of Paris.

Note also that Germany did the heavy lifting for the industrialized nations during 2015, letting the other industrialized nations skate.


What we don't need to renew is corporate control of energy, whatever its source.


This is all well and good but there is a well known loophole for any BIG BIZ owner, like Warren Buffet, to purchase ANY alternative energy source, pack the board of directors with schills, send out misinformation to shareholders and LOBBY Congress to change any rules that obstruct their profit making agenda. Just that happened in Northern Nevada where NVEnergy was our energy provider. We had worked long and hard to get Natural Gas as our only fuel to run our energy generating turbines. In addition, we had an active and well used state subsidy for anyone investing in solar for their homes. Buffet comes in, buys NVEnergy, lobbies the state legislature (all Republican), has the subsidy nullified and all those who spent thousands of dollars are now stuck with solar projects and no payback on their utility bills, no money to install, and no incentive to conserve. Nevada was touted by our lying governor Sandoval (Republican) as the leading solar state in the union. We had the largest solar parts producer just east of Reno, manufacturing all their solar products. 1200 jobs were lost, the company pulled up stakes and relocated and all those people who invested in solar were out the money and subsidy. So once again, the middle class gets screwed royally by the oligarchs.