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2015: The Year That Black Lives Mattered, At Last


2015: The Year That Black Lives Mattered, At Last

Terrance Heath

Michael Brown. Eric Garner. Laquan McDonald. Sandra Bland. Walter Scott. Rekia Boyd. Tamir Rice. Most Americans have at least heard their names, and the stories of how they died. We have seen videos and images of their deaths, or of the aftermaths. They are African-Americans who have been killed by police, or died in police custody, in just over a year. There are many more.


When the political economy works for the 99s, including BLM, we'll see a new dawning of real justice in our educational system, the state and federal courts and our nation's policing tactics. Ending the concept of " separate and unequal " in our treatment of the poor and working classes is the quickest way to get to some sort of parity in this country. Which means ending Military Keynesianism at home and abroad. And, that involves decades of work undoing the damage caused by The Reagan Revolution, Neo-Con and Neo-Liberal Foreign Policy, Wall Street War Profiteering, MIC/PIC Lobbying and National & State Campaign Finance Reform. When the buyers and sellers of political power are in prison for crimes against the 99s things will vastly improve for all USains. It's that simple and will also be next to impossible to institute in our current dystopian environment. Here's hoping.


Sorry, but among the nations police, especially Chicago's, black lives and poor lives of all ethnicities still don't matter, this ad for BLM notwithstanding, nor the tepid denunciations of Chicago politics, corruption and cover-ups from the author. Justice still does not exist for ANY of the victims mentioned nor for all the other victims of depraved indifference and unnecessary extreme violence by racist cops - cops kill with impunity and walk free almost without exception!!

In this latest tragedy/crime in Chicago a cop shot thru a door (like the angry murderer & liar Pistorius) - "a male college student and a mother of five in an adjacent apartment were both killed" "Upon arrival, officers were confronted by a combative subject (read: anyone that does not instantly grovel and submit to abuse!) resulting in the discharging of the officer's weapon (more BS cop-speak), fatally wounding two individuals"
"You call for help and you lose someone, That has to stop." The family said they (naively) thought the cops would help their disturbed son - have there been ANY cases where cops have helped rather than shoot to kill the emotionally/mentally disturbed??

Why did a cop feel it was necessary to shoot thru a door? Maybe he felt his "life was in danger" (ultimate cop-speak lie) from the boy holding a bat on the other side......why aren't cops trained in martial arts? Why are they allowed to become obese and kill at will?.......BS! Time after time after time and NOTHING is being done (notably in Chicago!) to change violent abusive cop mentality and training, or stop this endless slaughter!!


Update Cops who killed/murdered 12 year old Tamir Rice get off scott-free - prosecutor fails to indict - how's that for "black lives mattered at last in 2015" Terrance?



I was just going to post that under the heading:

How so?

See: http://nypost.com/2015/12/26/chicago-cop-fatally-shoots-two-during-domestic-disturbance-call/


Our real rulers don't give a damn for black lives, nor for most white lives either, for that matter. Nor do they really care if Hillary or Cruz or some other Republican becomes president. What is of concern is any mass uprising in the security homeland while a desperate effort to maintain global supremacy abroad is underway.


Because it doesn't matter that he may not have actually held his hands up and said to the officer that shot him "don't shoot". It doesn't even matter that Mike Brown was not a golden child with a shiny halo. He posed zero threat to the officer. His crime was not obeying while black. The punishment for shoplifting and being rude is not, or should not be death by officer involved shooting. Period. Also, it was important for the movement and the country that people in Ferguson had finally had enough...the Mike Brown shooting was just the latest indignity and cruelty imposed upon the Black populace of that county, where the city and county turned simple traffic violators into prisoner and criminals, usually just for being Black and poor. Whatever the cause, it is heartening to see people rise up and say NO MORE. And BLM seems to have a cogent philosophy, and has made moves that not only made them unignorable, but also maximized at least the acknowledgement that racism ain't over, baby, not by a long shot. In terms of the primary effect, more people using their cells to monitor the policing practices in their own neighborhoods, it reminds me of the early days of the Black Panthers who would gather around Oakland and Berkeley police when making arrests, documenting their behaviors. Except now there is more than just the Berkeley Barb to publish...now they can go viral in a matter of hours or days. Bless you tube and the 24/7 viral news channels. Things are crazy and desperate enough sometimes ya have to find hope in the tiniest signs of progress and forward movement.
Power to the People.


A few weeks ago i read an article about a Police dept. in Alabama that was found guilty of planting weapons and drugs on black citizens for almost 20 YEARS!. They said about a THOUSAND innocent people went to jail. I also read that whistleblowers from within the dept. turned the "bad" cops in. Why isn't this a HUGE story? If it is true there are still hundreds of innocent people in jail or have "convict" beside their names. Has Black Lives Matter heard of this outrageous criminal dept?