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2015 Year Ender


2015 Year Ender

Gwynne Dyer

If historical ingratitude were a crime, most of the people writing year-end pieces this month would be in jail.

This year was not like 1919, when 3 percent of the world’s population died of influenza, or 1943, when the Second World War was killing a million people each month, or 1983, when we came very close to World War Three (though the public didn’t realise it at the time). For most people, in most places, 2015 has been a pretty good year.


I note the length of your list of Hilary Clinton's "sterling virtues."


1983? Reagan wanting to bomb Russia? Maybe it seemed worse over there but here it was typical 'Cold War' breast beating although a good deal closer to the edge than usual. Somehow Trump seems scarier. I mean what if they annoy the king? He has a temper after all!

Hillary is not innovative and we need that. She started out a tad but hasn't built on it. That 500 million solar panels idea was a start but she's not built on it. Looks like she probably will not follow through. In any case, she is fairly exciting as a republican. Certainly the better republican candidate!

Dyer needs to remember the asymmetric causes of conflicts. Most notably the effects of climate change in this era. He should analyze conflicts and climate change directly. His economic analysis is of course valid but after the fact. Climate change determines the stresses that push events too and does so in ever increasing amounts. The refugee crises that is only just beginning is a case in point.


It's strange that Dyer talks about the wars ravaging the middle east but is silent about how the US and its client states have instigated these wars.

It's also notable that he says Bernie Sanders is 'interesting,' despite the fact that Sanders promised, like Obama, Jeb and Hillary, to hunt down and destroy ISIS.

ISIS is merely the current villain-du-jour in the never-ending War on Terror, and any politician who willingly plays into this homicidal version of fantasy football is simply going to be another in a series of American butchers.

Dyer used to be rather Left Wing...odd to see him writing something this pointless.


I was also feeling uncomfortable about this piece, but then again I do care about how many Syrian children were bombed to death by the seasonal barrage that started in early December. I wish I had access to some current news on the ground about events and their consequences for ordinary Syrians who are still living (and dying) in Syria right now. It seems like the more bombs that get dropped on Syrians, the less real news on their impact. Maybe nobody really wants to know, or cares?

Peace on Earth and Good Will to all Men (and women of course). (From a none-aligned psychological imperative.)


I must agree. dyer's films on war were masterful, but now he has wound down. No blame for the USA or NATO.

"There is one war in Europe, in eastern Ukraine with heavy Russian involvement,"-no mention of the interference o f the USA, NATO, EU, IMF.....

No mention of Zionist crimes in the ME, or "Christian" murderers including those from the USA.


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That's the only tidbit of worthwhile information in Dyer's otherwise disgusting puff piece.