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2016 Election Has Voters Feeling Helpless, Unheard, and Ashamed


2016 Election Has Voters Feeling Helpless, Unheard, and Ashamed

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

This year's presidential primary has left many voters feeling helpless and alienated from their political parties, according to a new poll, which found that Democrats and Republicans alike want to see major changes in the way presidential candidates are chosen.


That is just about how I feel.... alienated and pissed off at the DNC. I have voted Democratic for 50 years - I am 74 years old - but no more. The Democratic candidates know all the right words for the working class but produce "Nothing" of value to our lives. The Republican Party has lost its soul and faculty of reasoning and understanding. I am voting Green Party this election. I don't trust Hillary and her connection to Wall Street and the Clinton Foundation. Trump is not worth talking about.
Bernie Sanders 2016...keep the faith...Everyone thought the Warriors were finished after being down 3 to 1.


Well, Hello. That is the way the system has been designed from the start.
The whole Electoral system in our constitution was created by the aristocrats that did not trust the ordinary voters to make these important decisions.
The Party Politicians have continued this tradition and set their own rules so that they remain in control and they can forget about those pesky voters.

The Republican Party got outfoxed by a clever businessman who used their own rules against the Party.

The Democratic Party (DLC and DNC) had Hillary chosen from the start.
Unfortunately for them and the Democratic Party, the real excitement of Bernie Sanders has mobilized what could have been the future of the Party (the dedication of young voters). Once Bernie is locked out, these and other voters will leave in droves. The down ticket races will also be lost due to both apathy and the fear of what a Democratic Congress under Clinton could do to our nation and planet. If Bernie does not get the nomination, I along with many others, will never vote for the "lesser of two evils" and will instead vote our conscience for Jill Stein.

If Hillary Clinton is awarded the nomination, Donald Trump will probably win the Presidency. And as bad as that sounds, it is probably better than having another irresponsible war-hawk in the White House.


Feel the "Bern" and that feeling of "helplessness will evaporate". YES. Those tied to the bankster class are the culprits for electoral fraud. Voter suppression, pushed by Repub governors is the real political problem and their phony "voter fraud" claims are just now becoming clear to most Americans. The "bluedog", corporatists: Clinton-Obama-Wasserman Schultz are no better.

Bernie will be rallying, today, in Santa Cruz at 2PM PST and Monterey at 6PM PST. Links to the YouTube live streams are not out yet, as of 9:15. The Philly convention will be Yuge. I would give anything to be there! History will be made. Love, not hate, will win the day!


Finally, the people are waking up! The corruption is finally seeing some daylight. Now.....what do we do about it.....


Such massive public disgust with the US political system has been engineered.

The powers that be in the duopoly parties and the oligarchs they serve, have worked diligently for generations, to manipulate, bamboozle, and frankly, defraud the people of the USA.

They WANT us to feel powerless, discouraged, trapped.

In their more delusional moments, they think that in the long run, we will grow resigned to our abject status, distracted by the flashing lights and pretty toys of "entertainment," numbed by the wide variety of drugs they sell to us.

But it seems clear, our buried humanity still survives. People are getting angry. That's the flip-side of powerless, discouraged, trapped.

And the real economic distress, inevitably spreading and deepening in a population that is subject to endless incremental squeezing by the predatory looters who structure the economy for looting, is not some "mental state" that can be distracted, entertained or drugged away. We find ourselves more desperate, and at the same time, with "less to lose."

If this campaign season does not provide a step forward in a more just direction, the mass of popular pressure will only continue to build. The only questions are about when, and in what forms, the pressure release might take place.


Hang in their dude, it's Bernie or Bust for me. I have always supported the democrats but no more. I'm sick and tired of the abuse and scorn heaped upon the average American by the DNC elite. Are you reading this Paul Krugman? Let all the boot lickers rot in their self denial.


Ever heard of the concept of "learned helplessness?"

Hell, even if you don't change a damned thing, it's empowering to get off your duff, get away from the tv, stop tapping away in comment sections, and do something more proactive to try and change things. We are also so present-oriented that we forget we should be thinking of trying to make things better for future generations. If NOTHING else, writing letters to the editor, attending a public meeting, volunteering to knock on doors for a candidate/cause, donating what you can, etc. are all activities that those in power do not want you to do and they want you to feel that those efforts are fruitless. Do not buy into that crap!

As Patti Smith has sung: "get 'em with the numbers!"


The survey, conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and published Tuesday, reported that a full 90 percent of voters lack confidence in the country's political system while 40 percent went so far as to say that the two-party structure is "seriously broken."

The two party system is by definition broken. When there are only two parties (and face it, with rare and notable exceptions there really are only two parties in the US) all one party needs to do to gain or maintain power is to beat the other party. There is absolutely no need to do anything concrete for the voters - the theoretical mainspring of democracy. So elections devolve into voting for the "lesser of two evils," guaranteeing one evil or the other will win and, once again, little or nothing will be done to benefit the domestic economy or our collective well being. All they needed to do to get in power was beat the one other candidate.

The "two party system" is a guaranteed death spiral for democracy

Nothing in the Constitution requires we have a two party system. Nor a capitalist economy, for that matter, but that's another discussion. Or is it?


Arguably, the Repubs had hand-picked Bush-3 and couldn't even get a Cruz. So who out foxed whom? When in the Dem debacle of Wasserman Schultz & Clinton-2, the cleverest of them all - Bernie Sanders, senator from Vermont, explains the whole "Enchilada" to millions of Americans, formerly slaves to only cable faux news channels; he has, for over a year, meticulously explained the whole rotten fall from grace of our two corporate-sponsored privately-owned, duopoly conspirators. From dozens, if not tens of dozens of rallies, of cost-to-coast meet-ups, rallies and conversations in townhalls - he, Bernie is the cleverest, lol. A third party run would have gone nowhere, in these perilous days of corporate greed gone rampant, beyond what this ol' geezer sees as sane.

Oh, as an edit, "Feel the Bern" at the rally - 2PM PST in Santa Cruz and at the 6PM PST rally in Monterey - no live stream details as of yet from any reputable YouTube live streamers.


The powers that be have used the electorate as a cloak for their crimes - voters given a "choice" between Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb - candidates selected for us to vote for, all representing the status-quo and corporate/banker/wall street usury and greed - the 1% rule over a sustainable future. This year the "choice" is between two appalling criminal minds....except...
Now we have a candidate that comes along very rarely and the powers will keep it from happening again. Bernie Sanders is THE breath of fresh air (Jill Stein is also genuine) in an otherwise intense stench of corruption and rule by the 1% and their sycophants. The corrupt and ignorant are doing everything they can come-up with to anoint one or the other and deny the Peoples Choice - The Native and True Challenger, Bernie Sanders!
I will join the millions that will NOT alter my dedication to critical issues, for real change, and vote my conscience, NOT for a "lesser evil"!
Bernie or Bust it all up!


Just in - Santa Cruz Live steam in an hour or two https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zggxh4uhXiQ


Elections have been rigged for generation after generation. This is the first election where I liked one of the candidates.

The surest solution to rigged and corrupted elections is to start very small elections among ourselves, say, electing one representative to every twenty voters, picked in groups of about ten among 200 voters by the single transferable vote method of proportional representation (used to select the Cambridge, MA City Council since 1940, so we know that it works). Then these groups pick larger bodies among themselves, again through proportional representation elections.

We might start with only a bit of power among ourselves, but that's better than nothing. Knowledge is power.

Our current economic system is based on an individual's perception of cheapness in the marketplace. Sometimes manufacturers defraud us in one of a number of ways. Sometimes community goals and objectives are ignored by the marketplace, to our collective sorrow. By having small community governments that are eventually able to link together into a large community government, we put community values back into power in a way that's difficult for anybody to rig or to corrupt.



The primaries were not rigged but people should remember that political parties can select candidates any way they choose. The Libertarian Party just used a convention to choose Gary Johnson and Bill Weld. Both are pragmatic candidates, the purists did not get who they wanted. The Democratic Party includes people with a wide range of views so of course many people are going to be unhappy with the outcome. But the rules at the start were not changed and it appears the majority of people who voted will get the candidate they voted for as the nominee. Only five people ran. If voters could not find any candidate who they really liked then they will wind up dissatisfied.


"The survey, which was conducted May 12-15, comes as voters on both sides of the aisle have expressed historic dislikefor the two leading candidates, GOP nominee Donald Trump and Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton."

I like all except your comment to vote Green if Bernie doesn't make the establishment Democrat nomination. Bernie has more than earned his name on the ballot. Hillary is not the People's frontrunner. Please quit perpetrating this propaganda! The super delegates are just the establishment Democrat's way of controlling elections reminiscent of the the old Soviet Union's Central Committee of the Communist Party; they only allowed one person on the ballot, theirs. We in the US in effect allow two, the establishment's, and the establishment owns their delegates and controls the election process. I encourage you not to make their job any easier. We all feel the bern. Let's not let the fire die out. Contribute.


Write in Bernie, or don't vote at all and never look back. Let history show that the American people were in revolution. Some tried, we all died; some while trying. Either vote for who you truly believe in or don't vote. How can government without the support of the people lead? The answer is, it cannot.


Oh you are just adorable Lorax! "The primaries were not rigged..." you say, and trip happily forward.

The funny thing is, is that millions of voters, are witnessing and experiencing, rigged primaries.

You dutifully tap out your appointed spin... but the reality is, millions of people are experiencing, the reality:

The whole system, in it's totality and in its particulars, is rigged.


Before the race began ;the head of Goldman announced he would be happy with either Clinton or Bush.Seems that the way it will be. Time for a third and maybe a forth party. Notice that the corporate news outlets love a conservative 3 party...a progressive forth not so much


Formerly Governor Moonbeam has been Clintoned.