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2016 Election Lawsuit Tracker: The New Election Laws and the Suits Challenging Them


2016 Election Lawsuit Tracker: The New Election Laws and the Suits Challenging Them

Sarah Smith, ProPublica

There are 15 states with new voting laws that have never before been used during a presidential election, according to a report by the Brennan Center for Justice. These laws include restrictions like voter ID requirements and limits on early voting. Many are making their way through the courts, which have already called a halt to two laws in the past month — one in North Carolina and one in North Dakota.


What an outrage. Where is the FEC or DOJ? Our elections are being reduced to a joke. If this kind of thing isn't stopped we may as well quit having elections. America is crumbling and in deep decline. Laws like these will just drive voters away.


As it becomes more and more obvious that the movement toward oligarchy is increasing, ways of limiting voter participation will also increase. At first I think these initiatives were an attempt to limit Blacks and other minoities from participating, now I think the powers that be understand the greater threat posed by others in the lower economic orders. So it behooves the likes of DLCers and Third Way Democrats to join with the bigots in making it as difficult as possible to vote. Bernie's campaign posed a real threat to the agreed upon, by all parties, economic status quo, as a result, the VSP will look for more creative ways to limit the franchise. It is not in the interests of either major party, as presently constituted, for there to be large turnouts or major registration drives.


It is impossible to be a free and democratic country when we have voter restrictions.


Easily fixed with encrypted online voting by cellphone or computer as an adjunct to the rigged old ways of voting.


America Wake Up Again!, Here in Washington State we do not play these stupid games with voter I.D.s. Also, Washingtonians never wait in any line to vote, ever. We chill, take our time then send our ballot through the mail, or drop it off at the drop box located outside the county seat election office (Postal-Voting). Furthermore, all kinds of checks, and balances, no fraud ever reported. Oregon, Colorado , and Washington all use postal-voting, and you can, too.


I wonder if the Clintons have enough ammo for all this. Keep an eye on their ammo purchases. Trump should ask for an accounting of their hit men, guns and ammo.


Saw your greyed out name and thought I bet this is the next one to be banned.


Looks like Trump is going down the tubes, big time. Hollywood actors are attacking him now. Robert de Nero just said trump is nuts and Brit papers picked it up. It's at the top of google news on trump.

I've watched him mumbling to himself incoherently to his crowd and it's sad. He's going down, I think. He's correctly blamed Obama for inventing ISIS for the MIC fake war machine, but he can't say that in public! The boob tube version is believed whole-heartedly by the masses. So he's dead with that one comment. They are going to Conspiracy Theory him.

All the Queen of War has to do is shut up and let Donald Dump melt down on stage by himself. She's got it in the bag, imho, polling 24 points up in some states. There's also a rumor that Donald does not want to debate Hillary!

Ickabod Crane (Bernie) picked the right horse for performance. Unfortunately, it belongs to the Headless Horsewoman... Hang on Bernie! It's going to be an ugly night! Maybe she'll make Bernie Sec of State and we will be spared World War.

Here's hoping...


Jazzbo your absolutely correct in your response to nature boy. Millions of people can not afford computers, and internet service. Also, The Utah republican party offered online voting in their primary earlier this year. Just as voting machines are well known for vote flipping, computers are well known for being hacked. Postal-Voting; however, has been a big success here in Washington State with no fraud ever reported, for there is careful measures taken to prevent fraud. Every state should look into what is happening here in the Great Northwest, because showing all these different I.D.'s, and waiting in a voting line is so passe.


Governor Bruce Rauner, friend of Rahm, bring in the wine, Emanuel, and billionaire stealth ALEC promoter, vetoed a a bill, this past week, aimed at making voter registration in Illinois automatic when getting a drivers license or renewing such, or when using other state agencies. Rauner trotted out the voter fraud red herring, although there is no evidence of this being a problem in Illinois or the nation, but the bill passed with such overwhelming majorities in both Houses that his veto could be over ridden. Here is a classic case of an effort by the oligarchy to limit the franchise.



"as an adjunct to the rigged old ways of voting" meant in addition to the old ways of voting. Seniors, rural people, people in low income urban areas and folks living on fixed incomes without such luxuries as cell phones or internet access could still vote by the old ways like voting machines and mail-in ballots.

Secure online voting would greatly increase voter turnout. No standing in lines, or any of the current problems with voting. A simple touch on a cellphone or home computer key would send your encrypted vote and allow you to print a copy.


She was very dishonest in her brexit statements and reversal.