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2017: Corporate Sins of Commission and Omission


2017: Corporate Sins of Commission and Omission

John Buell

Some of the most outrageous, even reckless performances of the year

A fireworks display in London marks the start of 2018. (Photo: Amanda Slater/flickr/cc)


This should get several “awards”:

At least two major companies that publicly announced large bonuses for their employees after the passage of a massive GOP-led tax overhaul — which represented a windfall for wealthy Americans and big corporations — quietly laid off hundreds of workers at the same time.

It’s the same old GOP/Corporate Democrats’ trick: Rob Peter to pay Paul.

Time for workers who actually create the wealth to own the means of production and to do it in an environmentally sound manner. Time for Labor to reclaim its radical roots in the US!

Some ideas from Truthout:


Like the ads for drugs, these (ads for specialist facilities) in effect seek to move specialist referrals away from the primary care physician to the patient “consumer.”

The US is the land of the scam. There are relentless ads for back and knee braces 24/7 now on TV. You don’t need a doctor’s referral. all you need is your Medicare card, and “you pay little or nothing” to get “your life-changing back or knee brace.” I have no figures to offer, but I’m sure these companies are charging Medicare many times beyond what the true cost (let’s not even mention “worth”) of these braces are. This drains the resources of Medicare for actual helpful assistance and has the potential to harm those with serious problems that no brace, or wrap, or snake-oil remedy will never alleviate.

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that there are a congress-critter or two that are investors in this scam. And you know damn well that there is a certain percentage of brain-dead USA’ns that will order anything and everything, regardless of need, especially if it costs “little or nothing”, because they have been so conditioned. Witness the many “shopping channels.”


In my view, society is long overdue for a discussion about just how we go about amending or abolishing the corporation per se.
In effect, we are helpless before it.
Flesh-and-blood humans created it—out of thin air, so those same can revise it…if we want it, that is.