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2017 Elections Mark the Dawn of Change


2017 Elections Mark the Dawn of Change

Laurel Wales

Tuesday’s wins point a path towards even greater gains in midterm elections next year, which can deal a death blow to Trump’s heartless agenda.

"But the real story of 2017 is about a movement, one that People’s Action has been proud to nurture and support. It’s about people of color, immigrants, transgender people, women and young folks moving from protesting in the streets to contesting for governing power, and taking their rightful places in city halls and state capitols all across this country."


And the DNC will use this as a mandate to get a Hillary clone (if not Hillary herself) as the next nominee, thus guaranteeing the re-selection of Trump for four more years.


I fear you are correct. Despite all of the very positive outcomes of the Tuesday election, highlighted in this story - and they ARE positive - the DNC and Democratic Party will not be changing. It will be remaining as establishment, Wall-Street/Corporatist/MIC status quo as ever. All that may change a bit will be the rhetoric. That is unfortunate, because it is obvious that more and more people are dissatisfied with the status quo and really do want serious progressive change. They won’t be getting that from the Democratic Party. And when the Rethugs throw yet another repulsive fascist Neanderthal up for a candidate, the Demos will be using the ole’ “defeat the Neanderthal at all costs! You must vote Democrat! Don’t repeat the mistake of 2016!” and LOTE, LOTE, LOTE - we’ll be right back where we started, with the country slightly more rightwards than it was before. Lather, rinse, repeat.


You do know that election of US presidents are just a tiny part of politics, right?

The negativity of the lonely bitter old white men who seem to comprise the commenters here is positively gob-smacking…


True, but federal offices cause the greatest impact. They direct how many foreign brown people we drop bombs on, maybe lobbing a few nukes on a foreign country, whether Medicare, Medicaid, C.H.I.P.S., Social Security, etc, are gutted or privatized, whether domestic jobs will be more easily exported, whether U.S. citizens who get screwed by a hurricane will be helped or not helped so much (TX vs. Puerto Rico?), whether our water will remain safe or not, whether our workplaces will remain safe and non-discriminatory or not - etc, etc, etc.

I do hear you. I’m VERY glad to see the victories on Tuesday. But I wish we could see the same thing occurring on the national level.


Actually not. Just compare fracked-up and totally environmentally trashed, minimum wage Pennsylvania with the State of New York to see how much important local governance is to day-to day lives.


If the momentem of last Tuesday is to be sustained, we have to fight just as hard against the DNC / Wall Street / Centrist / Clintonist wing of the Democratic Party. If we dont exude the same level of urgency against them as well as the Republicans, then all of the gains made last Tuesday are for naught.


The movement politics the author is so proud of seems like nothing more than cramming leftists into the D-Party big tent. You know, the big tent where liberal policies go to die.


Let’s agree to disagree and leave it at that. I’m not getting into a debate with you.