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2017 Financials of the Koch’s Dark Money Network


2017 Financials of the Koch’s Dark Money Network

Anna Massoglia, Kaitlin Washburn

Charles and David Koch maintain an extensive, powerful network of nonprofit organizations to further their libertarian and conservative ideological values.

Four nonprofits at the crux of the network — the Charles Koch Institute, Americans for Prosperity, Americans for Prosperity Foundation and Freedom Partners — bring in millions each year to further the Koch brothers’ agendas.


The U.S. is full of sell-outs. They would sell their grandmother if it advanced their career or wealth. People in the U.S. are trained to be self-serving and self-interested. Those are the ones who in business, politics, etc - have their careers advanced. When you talk about community or helping others or the poor - you are a fool. You are supposed to step over the homeless in the streets without the least concern or maybe making the comment “why don’t they get them out of here.” All of us are surrounded by this, some of us have participated or have the “self” mindest. It is a problem. The Koch brothers have invested in this and they are now getting their pay-off. The progressive movement has not invested in developing for the future therefore we get people like Pelosi who have been playing the same game for 40 years.


They have a lot of “paid” people who will say nice things about them.