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2017: Trump Peddles Climate Doubt in a World Sold on Action


2017: Trump Peddles Climate Doubt in a World Sold on Action

Zahra Hirji

President-elect Donald Trump may dismiss the Paris Agreement and pack his cabinet with climate deniers, but once he takes office, he will face a world that takes the climate crisis as seriously as he does not.

He will enter a complex web of diplomatic relations, where issues like trade, finance, migration, security, poverty, food aid and disaster relief are all intertwined and all have important links to the climate agenda. It's a world already dealing with significant climate impacts and sold on climate action.


While the world including the US (states and cities) will continue to fight climate change (what choice do they have, failure means utter destruction) Trump with his insane policies given the threat we are facing could be a real obstacle. Of particular concern is that he probably will balk at providing money for developing countries to mitigate and adapt. If this can't be overcome it spells big trouble. Also, he will give opponents of action in other countries more ammunition as they will be able to say that the US federal government is doing nothing. Even if Hillary Clinton had won and the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress things would still look bad because it is so late in the game. Strong action was really needed a couple of decades ago. With Trump being elected (it still seems surreal) our prospects to avoid catastrophic climate change as 2C is beginning to loom ahead are that much more dismal.


One thing never mentioned is the huge elephant in the room of American military, our #1 polluter and user of greenhouse fuel and CO2 emissions. Until the military is scaled back by at least 60% or so the rest doesn't really matter much, kinda like using a finger to plug one small hole in the dyke when the whole dam is collapsing. This is serious and it's never mentioned. One more thing are the atomic reactors that without human help will melt down in about a week or two which is a thousand times more material than all the nuclear bombs in use which will kill most of the life on the planet. Food for thought for those that do care.


And that's because it's the scientists who have been doing all that lying? I don't think so but hey, bring on the data that proves all that science is lying .


Trump is at war with everyone and everything that is not just like him. He is even at war with nature.