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2018 Looks Like an Arms Bonanza

2018 Looks Like an Arms Bonanza

William Hartung

Another good year for weapons makers is guaranteed.

"Trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives later, the primary lesson from the perpetual wars and profligate weapons spending of this century should be that throwing more money at the Pentagon isn’t making us any safer." (Photo: cs2002/flickr/cc)
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Divest from every enterprise involved in arms proliferation.


Divesting from Daddy Warbucks is easier said than done when you consider that the military industrial complex (MIC) has evolved into the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) that draws in businesses of all sizes across the globe.

Trump and the GOP are not abandoning their promised “trillion dollar infrastructure plan”…they have simply redefined infrastructure to be military infrastructure. Although it takes months of analysis and debate to prevent “domestic program” cuts, serial military funding increases are approved carte blanche, no discussion, let alone debate needed.

A couple of months ago 89 US Senators voted to increase the Pentagon’s budget more than the Pentagon requested it be increased. Last I heard there are not 89 GOP Senators, so this is not a Trump or GOP problem, its a money in politics problem that has continued to worsen ever since Saint Ron ascended the throne in 1981.


If you have no conscience, I would recommend investing in the stocks of weapons that murder people all over the Amerikan, Empire.

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Hi what’s the average age of those 89 senators that voted for this budget increase and are most of them men ?
The problem is their world view ,the beliefs of those that are in power is the elephant in the room.

We gave them the power now it’s time to take it back .
For the sanity of humanity and the future of our children do we not have a responsibility for all of it.

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This morning, a radio report on Trump’s decision to grant off-shore oil drilling permits included his comment, roughly (quote please), “I’m into coal and oil and other energy stuff. Putin’s got to hate that.” What troubled me was the addition of Putin. Why would he add Putin? Correct me if I’m wrong, but he also said something about there being “no collusion”. My first thought was that he’s lying and there IS some sort of collusion happening specifically regarding coal/oil/gas interests. It may be an indirect collusion that he knows is happening, even while knowing little about it nor how specific business interests worldwide (Russia, Saudi Arabia, Koch brothers), are involved. My next thought was that Trump is a Manchurian Candidate. I believe a part of Trump’s idiotic bluster is to hide something, something horribly evil. Maybe he knows that global warming and catastrophic climate change will lead to the death of millions of people, and he wants to pronounce many a crematory eulogy with “You’re fired.” Long story short: climate change denial is another form of warfare profits.

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Until american militarize is brought under control all change is futile.

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At the very least “Trump’s idiotic bluster” IS hiding the GOP’s accelerated execution of the agenda they have been pushing for decades.

Despite any fake news about the GOP having ANY misgivings about Trump, his distractions provide a second to none smokescreen that enables the GOP’s evil deeds to be completed with little or no visibility.

“War is organised murder and nothing else….politicians who took us to war should have been given the guns and told to settle their differences themselves, instead of organizing nothing better than legalized mass murder.”

Harry Patch was the last Tommy to survive the horror of the trenches of WWI. He died aged 111 in 2009.

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