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2018 Starts With “Record Lows In Arctic Sea Ice Extent”


2018 Starts With “Record Lows In Arctic Sea Ice Extent”

Andy Rowell

And so it goes on. The data does not lie. The Arctic is dying before our eyes.

And as it melts, we enter a vicious circle: the more it melts, so the less heat gets reflected, so the more the planet warms. And that affects us all.

At the end of last year, scientists issued repeated warnings that the region was warming faster than it ever had previously.


"As the Independent reported in the last few days: “A ship has made a winter crossing of the Arctic without an icebreaker for the first time as global warming causes the region’s ice sheets to melt.”

The tanker contained liquefied natural gas and was the first to make a crossing from South Korea to northern Russia in the winter months."


Big oil has been waiting for this for decades! I’m thinking, they very much wanted sea ice to melt away. Now, they have unobstructed access to drilling in the Arctic Sea!


Had not thought of this, you may have a very valid point, and one of the reasons for hiding their climate change findings.


not only have they awaited the ice melt, big oil has for years sent ice breakers to destroy the ecology. stop the madness! NOW!


For a while now I’ve been telling climate change deniers to go tell the people of Alaska there’s no climate change, but beware, you might get knocked on you’re can.
This information and similar info. this year sure makes it look like we are “over the cliff” to stop or slow the effects.


Despite all the warnings, fossil fuel burning continues to increase. It is predicted that carbon dioxide emissions were 2% higher in 2017 than in they were n 2016. Still waiting for the final numbers to come in. This is quite discouraging since from 2014-2016 emissions were flat giving rise to hopes that global emissions had finally peaked. But it seems that was false hope and emissions ares still trending upwards, even after the Paris climate agreement was signed by just about every country in the world.


Methane is another problem w arctic melt etc. Go to


Besides climate change and global warming very few people are discussing Climate Engineering and Geoengineering which as been going on for decades.

US EPA Scientist Fired For Trying To Tell The Truth About Climate Engineering And Fluoridated Water
February 7, 2017


And in other news, the DNC, the Democrat party and main stream news is relentlessly warning us about the Russian menace and how dangerous they are to our way of life. Quick now, vote another trillion dollars to the production of nukes and the most modern and effective killing machines ever seen. That will save us.


Most people in Alaska simply don’t care- They are connected at the hip to that almighty Oil dollar which butters their bread- How pathetic…


Where I live we smashed the record for highest temperature for February, and highest temperature for this date - the latter by 10 degrees F/more than 5 degrees C. No temperatures down even close to normal are on the forecast horizon.


I was down in Morgantown on business today (drove down from Washington pa)
It was 83. And they’re expecting 80 again tomorrow.


It’s been a pretty cold winter in the northeast with a severe cold wave back in the end of December and early January (which was not attributed to climate change by scientists) but now we are getting some really high temps. Record highs in the US now outnumber record lows by at least 2 to 1. That is a clear indication of climate change because the ratio used to be 1 to 1 before the middle of last century.


You’re probably right about Alaskans that live in cities and towns. For the people who live in the bush, it’s a different matter. A large part of Alaska is/was a frozen swamp (think permafrost), when the land and rivers are frozen, it makes travel much more easy. When they thaw, not so much. Some areas are only accessible by very expensive bush planes when this happens.


The vast majority of Alaskans live in either Anchorage or Fairbanks- I was born there and spent most of my life in Anchorage while working on the North Slope-
Alaska being so dependent on Oil makes it A slave for the Big Oil and Republican vote- I always voted what was best for the Country but Alaskan’s know who butters their bread…And in A way you can’t blame them. The State went through virtual seasonal poverty before the leases at Prudhoe were auctioned off- Those were tough times if you didn’t have A good State or Government job or were lucky enough to have A decent fishing site or boat license…


Northern New England set to be in the upper 60’s today. Upper 20’s to lower 40’s would be normal temps.


Most Americans typically only see the weather from their back porch. While New England and the upper Ohio valley have both had relatively normal winters, the rest of the nation has experienced temps way above normal.
I’ve said for years now that we in western PA do still have winter, however, our winters are far shorter than they used to be, most lasting only about 6 to 8 weeks the last two decades. This year is very typical of our new normal, as winter really didn’t kick in here until after Christmas and has all but ended by the second week in February.
Winters are shorter, summers are longer. Exactly how climate scientists told us it would happen thirty years ago.


It’s ironic because this region does seem to hold on to almost “normal” seasons while at the same time being in the center of continuing to drive global warming. The gas boom is going great guns here and coal mining is defended like a god given right. Meanwhile the predicted effects of global warming continue to intensify all around us. You can envision Alfred E. Newman as Don Blankenship (or Bob Murray) saying “What? Me worry?”

Meanwhile pipelines with nautical names decree that, after all, we’re just a sacrifice zone. What a con.


Actually, the “severe cold wave” was hardly that. Only a few record daily low temperatures were set - mostly in Minnesota, and I think one day in Toronto, and only by a degree or so.

Mostly, it was an average to only slightly below average winter in W. Pennsylvania (although February is going to end up being much above average). Erie had their record lake-effect snowstorm but that was due to a unusually warm lake temperature relative to the air temperature. The warming climate is distorting people’s perceptions so that what was previously regarded as a normal winter cold spell is now regarded as bitter cold: