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2018: The Year We Must Strive to Become Very Stable Geniuses

2018: The Year We Must Strive to Become Very Stable Geniuses

Rebecca Gordon
On seeking new (and very old) habits for a new year

I would add educating ourselves. What do the people who support Trump want? Why is it worth supporting a person like Trump who clearly is unqualified to be president and maybe dangerously unstable. What makes it worth it? We must get beyond that they were conned. Most weren’t conned, their views are largely in sync with Trump’s. These are our neighbors, the people we work with, the people who send their children to the same schools that our children attend. How is it possible that our visions for the United States are so different? The US is a country full of people who have little in common except for a willingness to follow the US Constitution. That is really all that binds us. But now we are finding out that millions of people do not want to follow the US Constitution after all or their interpretation of is is very different from the interpretation that has been made many times in the courts. What do we do now?

Decades of “proud to be an American” while in the background the PTB claw away resources, rights and opportunities with the wet dream of Citizens United; undermines education and pours fuel into a marketing system in politics that makes it the perfect fetish rather than governance and civic engagement.

Always turn some attention and effort to and strengthen critique of the selling of the American mind to being in perpetual self-arousal and state of fetish consumption.

I’m also reminded that the etymology of the word ‘genius’ is largely ‘spirit’ - hence that which is ‘ingenious’, an expression and attribution in conversations of delighted recognition of superb efficacy, is something that is processed in the human mind and heart - ‘in spirit’.

Rebecca may you find peace. And thank you for this.

Many no doubt will want to add to this list here, and I’ll offer one up for consideration.

There was a poster, a participant on this forum for many years - Dream(something) - and I’m very sorry I can’t recall his/her name, that at the end of every comment would write: "Life is (something that was context related to the body of the comment,) and then “It is always best to forgive.”

I’ve found myself thinking very often of late of that person, and that profound wisdom, here closer to the end of my journey than the beginning. My own inability to embrace the wisdom of that healing advice has no doubt shortened my life, hardened my heart, and hurt others that were not party to the original harm that begged for forgiveness.

Whether that poster was attempting to moderate the behavior of all of us here as we explored this new form of social interaction, whether they were reminding themselves of redemption found from their own personal tragedy, or whether just trying to impart a simple message that would go so very far in improving the human condition, or all of the above, I don’t know.

Forgiveness, the ability to forgive, is probably not separate from wisdom.