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2018 Was the Year Donald Trump Declared Total War On Immigrants


2018 Was the Year Donald Trump Declared Total War On Immigrants

Juan Escalante

Donald Trump is doing exactly what he promised to do back when he kicked off his presidential campaign in 2015. In this, his second year of office, the president’s sick and deranged racist fantasies came to life through his xenophobic policies and the rise of his deportation force. And for immigrants, 2018 can be summed up in just one word: fear.


Unless you are from Indigenous origins, we are all immigrants though many generations removed.

Donald Trump has in one way or another, attacked us all.

If not personally, he’s definitely attacked our intelligence.


Ponyboy, when you say Trump attacked “our” intelligence, what are you referring to? Trump didn’t attack the “intelligence” of the White Working Trash, his base of worshipers, since those people don’t have intelligence (not in the common sense of the word).
Trump correctly assessed the “intelligence” of the average ignorant white American and got into the White House because his assessment was correct.
When you accidentally step on dog defecation, you may feel angry and frustrated, but you don’t feel your intellect was attacked by the dog who defecated on the sidewalk.
Trump is repugnant, revolting, nauseating, etc., but he doesn’t attack anybody’s intelligence.


For nearly two years as president, we, the people of the United States of America have had to listen to the lies, the nonsense that came out of this human’s mouth, and we also had to watch as he systematically dismantled systems designed to protect and serve the masses, all the while pillaging our treasuries.

This has been an assault on my intelligence, each and every single day.

I’m sorry you can’t see this.


Maybe it is a matter of semantics, but if you feel Trump assaulted your intellect, that means you had expectations about Trump and he deceived you. But no intelligent person should have such expectations, anymore than than expecting their dog to use a toilet and then feel frustrated when the dog goes on the sidewalk.
As for the “masses”, I am not sure what you mean by masses. The masses that matter are the undifferentiated hordes of illiterate white bigots with MAGA hats on, who are the ones who propelled Trump to the Presidency, and Trump is doing for them what they want.
The focus should move away from Trump, who is merely taking advantage of a situation, to the American “White” People, who are the root of the evil Trump represents. Conceptually, that is a huge step that most people aren’t prepared to take. I am a white male, by the way.


The simple fact that this man is allowed to remain in the Presidency even one more day, should insult the being of every living soul.


" 2018 Was the Year Donald Trump Declared Total War On Immigrants"

I’m an immigrant and most people i know are also immigrants. None of us seem to think there’s a war on immigrants. This particular administration seems to try enforce the border security more than previous ones. A certain subset of the political spectrum tries their best to counter that. It’s not a “war on immigrants”.


Every day this monster is in the White House simply tells the World what the character of the American People “really” is, as distinct from the official propaganda. Never lose sight of the fact that 80% of White Americans are racist, ignorant, and bigoted enough to “worship” Trump, and to re-elect him in 2020 (by a landslide). Your compatriots, my friend, are much worse human beings than you ever thought possible, and Trump is the “proof”.


No, 80% aren’t racist, ignorant, and bigoted. And no, 80% are not worshiping Trump. What would make you say that? To your comment about Trump being re-elected in 2020 by a landslide, that would position us at the Nixon landslide of 1972. If that happens all is lost for the 80% of the lower income population. We won’t recover without a peoples revolution.


Gandolf, what makes me say that are solid statistics produced by the most reliable firm in the business, Pew Research. Please consult their website and find out for yourself.
In fact, 80% of white voters is approximately the share of votes Trump got. Not just that, about one in four of those whites believe it was a mistake freeing the slaves. 25% of 80% is one in 5 - this means one in five White Americans wouldn’t mind re-enslaving the blacks. The vast majority of those whites are working class, not professionals.
The lower income population lines itself up with fascism and racism, this is always the case, not just in the US but everywhere.


Made me check those stats. Trump got about 58% of the white vote, 8% of the black vote and about 30% each of the Latino and Asian vote. I guess fascists and racists in all races and colors.


Please don’t confuse “percentage of votes” with “percentage who support”. Although about 60% of whites voted for Trump, a much higher percentage of whites “support” Trump. The reason is that not all people who support Trump showed up to vote. Minors in Trumpists households, for example, are Trump supporters but are not reflected in Trump votes.


Good point.

Them 8% and 30% are prolly higher too.


Our numbers don’t match because you referred to 80% of the people, not 80% of the voters. And there is a big difference. One in five bigots isn’t 80% either. But your message is still relevant regardless of the exact numbers. I still don’t agree that it is the lower income people that tend to be fascists. But I can check it out.


Ok, yes, I refer to the people, not just the voters.The reason is that conservative ideology runs in the family. Kids in a conservative home will usually become conservative when they grow up. The reason why conservatives preserve the ideology of their parents (while liberals tend to change more) is that conservatives are less likely to receive good quality education that challenges them to think critically. So, even if some people don’t vote conservative because of their age, they will eventually, statistically speaking.
As for fascism having its base of support with the working class, Noam Chomsky and many others have done work in this area.


This whole immigration/ wall thing is nonsense. Mcconnell could, if he had the balls, force enough Rethug Senators to vote with the Dems to override Big Orange’s veto on this issue. It would back down an ignorant bully and let the government move on. There would be two years for the yahoos to forget who voted for what. And if McConnell did it a few more times Trump would lose his shit mentally and be forced to resign bringing in a compliant Pence MConnell could control. McConnell has to be the stupidest most ineffectual leader in decades…