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2019–The Year of Medicare for All


2019–The Year of Medicare for All

Zenei Cortez

Early in this new year, Rep. Pramilla Jayapal will be introducing an updated version of a House Medicare for All bill, buttressed by the election in November of a number of new Medicare for all House candidates. Re-introduction of a Senate bill by Sen. Bernie Sanders is also expected soon.

Nurses and other health activists are already gearing up to increase the number of co-sponsors, especially for the House bill, long known as HR 676, and push for action on the bill now that the Democrats will be in the majority again.


Universal not-fot-profit single-payer is needed but not likely with either the odious criminal R’Cons or the DINO wing of the DP in control. Their jobs? To limit any progressive/left change and accountability for corporate robbers and tax fairness, a real health-care system that places people above profits and maintaining the rule/domination of vulture capitalism! Part of their job is to deny and divert public attention from planetary contamination/pollution/poisoning, species extinctions, worldwide contamination and depletion. To allow any official investigation or shining any light on that vast crime, will anger corporate masters and “the economy” of paper and usury, so dependent on such exploitation and censorship of critical facts…what’s needed is more fantasy, scientific censorship, and lies trump exemplifies in the extreme!

The world is witnessing a drastic reduction in fertility rates that coincide with the rise of the nuclear industry, and especially the “accidents” and meltdowns contaminating the Earth!

Don’t forget to take your iodine and stop eating foods from the pacific rim and other developed nations that have been contaminated by nuclear radiation.



How to we further accelerate the “remarkable decline in fertility rates” ?


Early in this new year, Rep. Pramilla Jayapal (D-Wa.) will be introducing an updated version of a House Medicare for All bill…

Here comes Bernie’s False Medicare S. 1804 to undermine HR 676 - true Single Payer, destroying decades of work by a handful of progressives in the Kabuki Kongress and millions of supporters and activists around the nation.

Truly a disgusting act from the so-called “progressive” Jayapal who also worked mightily with corporate Democrats to weaken the original Fight for $15 law in Seattle, pushed by Kshama Sawant of the Socialist Alternative and a handful of actually progressive Dems.


Hi Emphyrio: After reading Dr. Caldicott’s report-------I am stunned with the continuing stupidity or wars and leaders. OMG, all of that disaster from Fukushima will be with us-----forever. And the clean-up? Government people F***ing over their own fellow citizens and themselves at the same time. I guess Ophenheimer was right when he quoted “…Now I am made death.” I also wonder what the U.S, and Israel think when they spread depleted uranium all over the ME—don’t they GET that it will GET them too?
As for the fertility rates—sadly I think that the world will be safer when war making countries have fewer people. And Africa has more births—but with lack of food , water and medical–they probably have more deaths.
I wish all the religious people would stop and think—if God created Earth-----why are they warring and F***ing it up? Sigh—apparently they are worshipping that Satan guy----who appears to be much more honest,


“The religious people HAVE stopped to think” that their mission is limited to waiting here on earth for their date with eternal bliss in heaven so it doesn’t matter how bad they mess up earth…heaven is their end game.

That is the full extent of their thinking.


Hi raydelcamino: After we all saw that picture of Earth all alone out in Space…it’s kind of hard to imagine a heaven–since the Earth was all alone. Maybe though, the gods are all at the edge of the universe…I just read about Ultima Thule ( Latin for farthermost…" ) Although maybe there is a brane wall and Kaluza actually exists. : ) ----- That’s from Brain Green’s book about the universe. : )


HR 676 or Bust up the Duopoly as too incompetent.


We need to be able to buy our “Medicare For All” t-shirts and become walking billboards. DFA …lets get busy and out advertise the medical profiteers. Plus DFA makes money on the sale of the shirts!!


Welcome to yet another dimension of the “externalized costs” premise of predatory capitalism. Don’t like what reality and science are telling you? Just look the other way. Externalized costs as a concept had multiple purposes, one of which is to instill acceptance of a dominator’s sales pitch and manipulation of magical thinking. If the human race survives with the planet, no doubt the premise will become recognized as something so heinous as to be guarded against with vast investment of resources and attention in education.


Hi theoldgoat: Thank you for the "externalized costs, " definition. it sounds like a brand new devil----but coated in green which in the positive sense ------------ can stand for healthy plant and tree life-----but I think it certainly causes killer ganGREEN in a pretend democracy. : (


Yes, they live in a fantasy world. I remember one of insane pieces of crap saying that she was glad my dad died ( many many years go) because he was closer to heaven. She was certifiably insane.


Medicare for all is not free but will save the government over seven hundred billion per annum.


The Earth is not alone- it is part of the solar system - remember- didn’t you study basic Earth science?


That’s an incorrect statement. I will save the people who are actually paying now for insurance and care $700 billion, maybe.

Then again, Obamacare was supposed to save me money too instead i’m paying a crapload more.


Hi mealouts----yes I know that the Earth is part of the same universe… at least up to Ultima Thule. : ) The comment was in relation to the astronaut’s comment RE: seeing Earth rise as he flew through space. : )


Have you seen reporting by concerned scientists and an article in the NYT magazine—there has been an estimated 80% die off of bugs—the article also talked about how the seas were once filled with whales and rivers filled with salmon -----I am not sure how this will be reversible.


Medicare for all should be the base. We need to take the PROFIT out of healthcare. How many people die everyday because of this corrupt healthcare system-----PEOPLE WHO DEFEND THIS SYSTEM ARE SICK IN THE HEAD. We need COMMUNITY HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS for every thousand people. And don’t buy into the corporate mindthink of what healthcare is----healthcare is having communities support each other—having open space—community gardens–support systems for people having and raising children------and a lot of this could be people volunteering in the community.

People need to understand we live in a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE. A Community healthcare system could be one dynamic to help people get beyond the indoctrination. Also we need a real understanding of INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM and THE COMMONS.


Huh? The article from the BBC you linked to says nothing about radiation or nuclear power. It’s all about people choosing to have fewer kids (finally). I don’t understand why any progressive would complain about lower fertility rates. The world TFR is still way too high (2.42 is the estimate for 2017). In pretty much every country with less than 2, they need to have fewer people in the country anyway - that is certainly true for US, all of Europe, China, and Japan. Too bad India isn’t there yet.


phew, that must be some outstanding kool aid.

the party just elevated one of the top enemies of healthcare for the peasants back to the speaker position. the only thing 2019 is going to be is yet another year of Trump! ™ fearlines and investigations that won’t be acted on. in short, same old same old.