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2020 Be Gone

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2021/01/01/2020-be-gone-0


the sad fact is that the mob of cretins is still mostly in power because the Democrats—pathetically-- couldn’t figure out how to defeat the worst administration and Senate seen in recent history–even managed to lose seats in the House–


One more time…

Katie Schnessel to her Trumpian neighbors “our bewilderment at your descent into madness.” “Know that these scars aren’t going away anytime soon,” she writes. “We won’t be reaching out, and we won’t be mending fences…We’ve seen your truth laid bare, and we’re horrified.”

Their ethics of expediency, laid so completely bare by their narcissism, will, like the vichy’s treason, never be forgotten EVER

Self worship such as theirs is why fragging was a solution in Vietnam


How marvelously Shakespearean are the epithets heaped upon the heads of Trump sycophants. And how well earned they are.
The madness of the King(and there is no doubt the Trump team is mining the Divine Right of Kings in demanding absolute loyalty and fealty to the Orange One) affects his subjects as well. Ms. Schnessel is well-advised to keep her distance from such ones as her neighbor, as all of us who know the MAGA’s in our circles. Dialog will not work, friendliness will not work. They are used to authoritarianism in all of its facets, brainwashed in its ways in all parts of their lives. Trump is perfect for them-a great businessman, wealthy, powerful, every move covered by the sycophantic media of our culture. Then he became a reality TV star!!! Definitely appointed by god to lead us out of the morass of multi-cultures.
It will all crumble, his buildings, like the statue of Ozymandias, will become hulks blighting the urban skyline. The people who followed him so doggedly that they died from Covid, convinced to the last gurgling breath it was all a hoax, will perhaps form a nation of their very own, led by the hard-core Trump gang.
Meanwhile, let’s review the symptoms and treatment of PTSD. The best cure is Nature-walking outside an hour a day, observing the other beings. The other cure is creativity in all of its grand forms. I’m back to writing poetry again. And drawing.
Stay safe!


My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;
Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!

Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare

The lone and level sands stretch far away


Unless and until the corporatocracy is dismantled and its greedy servants in all legislatures replaced by people who put the needs of people first, nothing significant will change except the overdue and welcomed absence of the Tweeting, Lying, Orange Psychopath.

Corporate capitalism is the main cause of the Climate Crisis and the endless wars and bloated military budgets. As long as that evil system continues, we have no hope.


The more they tell us “Capitalism is the only system that works” the more you know they are lying and have something to hide.

Trump made it very apparent how much these “elites” lie. What the people need to learn is that this lying is not limited to Donald Trump. It is pervasive across all of those Politicians in power that work on behalf of the 1 percent and there a whole lot of those.


Hi rolson:
Yes, that is the wonderful message of Shelley’s poem…
Let’s see— based on what Ozymandias created perhaps all of D.C. will be gone, except for a giant statue of a man. The last statue remaining in D.C. will be inconceivable, but this man who is contemplating America’s reality is a man named Lincoln sitting in a giant chair wondering “…What hath American humans wrought?”

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What hath American humans wrought?

Indeed Forgive us our Sins

There is Work to be done on a Grand Scale

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Another wicked bad year, 1968: Martin Luther King assassinated, Robert Kennedy assassinated, the Tet offensive in Vietnam which killed so many US soldiers that the Pentagon published the toll over a longer period. This so the public wouldn’t be so shocked, and realize what a fruitless, stupid, hopeless war it was.

And then there was the 1968 Democratic Convention orchestrated by that penultimate , machine Democrat crook Mayor Daley. All the while his thugs(officially known as police) were beating the crap out of protesters and the press. That was the night “Uncle” Walter Cronkite took the gloves off and showed what the resources of a large media organization can do when it is willing. The Mayor et. al. were served up for dinner to the nation. For appetizers there was a recitation of the Mayor’s sleazy history.

But we didn’t have Fox news around then to convince the gullible that things were hunky dorry. And the Koch’s hadn’t started to fund and orchestrate a vast right wing propaganda, think tank and influence peddling milieu. And the flu back then wasn’t a big deal.

We were still innocently unaware of the future coming of Reagan, austerity and trickle down economics.


Sorry, but attributing the democrats predictably consistant “failures” to stupidity or incompetence is beyond naive at this point.

and what do you believe leads the Democrats to such poor performance , incredibly dumb politicking(like giving up your leverage BEFORE negotiations start–as they just did with the defense bill) ,and the constant move to the right that we have experienced under Democratic efforts for the last 50 years-including but not limited by war mongering(still fighting the illegal wars started by lies and doubled down on by the Democrats)–promises to deny the people universal health care in time of pandemic no less-to enabling the destruction of our ecosystems with their energy policies (I will not ban fracking so let us build pipelines–Joe)–and the massive income inequity that was enhanced by the Obama administration when they went full Republican on us in 08 by making the Republican “tax” policies permanent–policy that fed the wealthy and their corporations while they let main street rot for 8 years in a very Republican manner(now seen again in the current failure of the Democrats to protect the American people) --the act that I believe led directly to Trump)-of course there is the possibility that the Democrats are completely compromised and all this failure is a design feature rather than an aberration --in which case we had better quit supporting them for a new institution–say a People’s Party(.org)

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Thank you, hard to match the level of social change from that era, I would add the emancipation of women too.

I really miss the honesty and sincerity of Walter Cronkite.

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Thank goodness. Now all the VBNMW “yay us!” liberals can go back to sleep. Or back to brunch.

They probably shouldn’t do both, however. They might want up with egg on their faces.

“knowingly kill over 346,000 of us”

That’s right, ALL of those deaths are on Trump. If Hillary had been elected, NO ONE in this country would have died of COVID-19. If Hillary had been elected, none of the GOP governors would have thumbed their noses up at public health precautions. If Hillary had been elected, there wouldn’t have been any superspreader frat- and beach-parties. If Hillary had been elected, Fauci wouldn’t have told us that masks don’t help prevent infections. If Hillary had been elected, Bezos wouldn’t have suppressed information about infected Amazon workers. If Hillary had been elected, there wouldn’t have been mass infections at meat-packing plants.

I’d like my “news” with a side order of truth, please.

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“…the damage they did to a now-battered country is profound…”

Will they be put on trial for it? Ask Cheney or Rumsfeld.

Well, my 2020 has been good, although: I know this a partly a joke on the one hand; and on the serious other, I know it has been bad for people’s employment and money sit! And that some have lost loved ones; and wearing masks isn’t our idea of going out… I get that the first few things mentioned are very real and bad.
But we are slowly but surely heading into climate-armageddon (YES, I am a positive human who believes that we CAN Do something, maybe; but also in touch with the reality and the science seeing that we are just not doing ANYWHERE REMOTELY LIKE ENOUGH… ) … So this year might be seen as one of the benign ones, where people discovered realer values during ‘lockdown’; esp as Black Lives Matter has got out and educated a few people about it’s raison fucking d’;etre!
But out climate is much worse than the scientists predicated right now!
We have to get rid of all those unreal and egotistical and unhealthy politicians (-in it for the wrong reasons, i.e. = almost all the Republican party and a few Democrats too!) and focus on this, ladies and gentlemen.
If the people are told the truth re our climate, that is what they will do (yes, and they have to come to their senses)
Our Very civilisation and future for our children and their children hangs on what we do NOW! Really! As it is -we are ina crisis, a catastrophe; and it is amazingly unreal and unhealthy for almost all politicians to sweep what the climate science is saying under the carpet.
And of rant. For now.
Also, spiritually-speaking to grab hold of a year and say that was bad, is unreal: we are clutching at water, yeah? It is merely a ‘marker’ only (Yes, some years in my life, e.g. 1988 were amazing, but so what (not every day was; and not every day of other years wasn’t :slight_smile: )

C’mon we can do this!

Corruption, plain and simple. It is far too consistent and predictable to be anything else.
If it was incompetence or stupidity it would not end up benefitting the same group of people each and every time, generation after generation.
People are all too willing to believe that others are dumber than themselves, and “playing stupid” has been the go-to move of corrupt politicians the world over since the dawn of politics.
After all, people are rarely criminally prosecuted or otherwise held to account for “stupid mistakes”.
They are not failing to fight for us, they are successfully fighting for the oligarchy.
And as their obscene personal fortunes can attest, they are being well rewarded for their efforts.

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